Euro 2012 - England 'worse than Shakhtar Donetsk'

Wed, 23 May 12:27:00 2012

Football statisticians Infostrada have ranked England as the 18th-best team in Europe after comparing national teams with club sides.

Roy Hodgson - 0

After Bayern Munich beat the Netherlands in a friendly match on Wednesday, the football boffins decided to analyse the 16 countries that will compete at Euro 2012 and judge them against their 'Euro Club Index', which scientifically analyses hundreds of thousands of matches from the top divisions in all European nations as well as Europa League and Champions League games.

The Index takes into account all matches played over an eight-year period, but with recent results carrying more weight than older ones. The most recent result has 20 times more impact than one from three years ago.

England came in behind Ukrainian champions Shakhtar Donetsk and just in front of Spanish side Valencia.

Interestingly, world champions Spain are only fourth on the list behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United, but just ahead of Manchester City who have quickly closed the gap on rivals United due to their title-winning run this season.

Find a table of the top 25 teams below, plus information on how the other Euro 2012 teams fare.

Football statisticians Infostrada have ranked England as the 18th-best team in Europe after comparing national teams with club sides. - 2

Infostrada Sports / Eurosport

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  1. england have no chance of winning anything with the­ "nervous breakdown" hodgson in charge

    From Stuart, on Thu 14 Jun 10:19
  2. Where's the 'never-say-die' Chelsea winning­ spirit (that got them the domestic'Cup' and The­ European club Championship) going to come from, to­ inject into the English national team? Well,­ according to the 'experts', John Terry, Frank­ Lampard and Ashley Cole of Chelsea Football Club,are­ all too old and/or racist to win anything for­ England... The last time England won anything was­ 1966 when all the sweet F.A. and the new manager were­ all talentless teenagers who subsequntly never achieved­ anything... That goes for their lone­ representative who could actually play a bit of­ football, but sadly did it with "I'm forever­ blowin' bubbles, and just like West Ham they fade­ and die..."

    From Aye,, on Sun 27 May 12:17
  3. The backwards step 'the old geezers' made in­ appointing an equally elderly and mediocre manager will­ likely result in the expected = 1. The England Football­ team will continue to NOT win tournaments or important­ international matches, let alone any quality silverware­ 2. Very good young players will continue to be­ mis-managed and become de-motivated. 3. The supporters­ and general public will be very disillusioned by the­ even lower status of England in the world rankings...­ The future is looking very gloomy indeed for English­ national football teams. Shame...

    From Aye,, on Sun 27 May 12:04
  4. why are england playing in army surplus gear. from­ stusabio 26/5/2012

    From Stuart, on Sat 26 May 20:43
  5. James 299 when did Scotland start playing­ football????????????

    From ADAM, on Sat 26 May 16:34
  6. So basically what this is saying is that we'll be­ out in the quarter finals along with Portugal and­ Sweden, sounds about right, sadly.

    From Drew, on Fri 25 May 16:44
  7. We have got the crisps and the beer in, and the sand­ bags to stop the floods with 5million Scots pishing­ themselves laughing at your next attempt to play with­ the big boys .. good luck.. dont let us down .

    From john sloop b, on Fri 25 May 8:23
  8. England will not win the euros. FACT. I hope they do­ but its better to set your sights low then enjoy the­ highs as and when they come, if they come.

    From seth, on Fri 25 May 1:28
  9. shocked to see england as high as man utd­ 3rd above spain holland germany and italy???/, come on­ who compiles this rubbish!!! probably a man utd fan eh?­ lol

    From Chris, on Thu 24 May 23:05
  10. where are Bristol Rovers? Better than Greenland i bet.

    From paul, on Thu 24 May 22:35
  11. Where is Scotland, or do they not play football­ anymore?

    From JAMES, on Thu 24 May 22:32
  12. lets just all admit england are not a team just money­ grabbing players who just like wearing the shirt

    From Dave, on Thu 24 May 22:19
  13. Oy yes Matt lots of green eyed Scots,we did get cheated­ by Czech filth but Iam a Brit Scot and did show class­ when England were beaten by the Argentina Maradonna­ "Hand of God".Remember that one Matt?How did­ you feel when you seen it?Aye thats right Matt just­ watch your team doesen't get beat with cheating­ scum in Euro this year.You better hope the Ref is on­ the ball and doesen't get paid off.

    From Thumbs Down=Thumbs Up, on Thu 24 May 21:08
  14. Roy 'The Startled Owl' Hodgson is gna drive­ that team right into the ground

    From Monkey, on Thu 24 May 21:07
  15. So amongst the National teams England is seeded 5th Not­ bad seeing that is all the counts in the forthcoming­ event.

    From Mark, on Thu 24 May 21:02
  16. as Disraeli once said there are lies, damnded lies and­ statistics

    From Mark, on Thu 24 May 20:53
  17. Just like our Rugby Union sport, Football is managed by­ old stagers who cannot see beyond the end of their­ noses, self importance dominates and when it comes to­ the national team they are not prepared to even­ recognise that we need modern influence. Capello was­ never going to achieve high status in the job, he was­ too military minded and out of touch. Cries for an­ English manager were heeded but very cautiously in­ Hodgson's appointment but when you think about it­ there are clubs in our PL that cannot find a competent­ coach/manager wherever they look. So, it all points to­ a serious decline in the skills of our players and­ coaching staff, Foreign players will be outnumbering­ home talent considerably over the next few years and­ the only managers we will tempt to these shores will be­ washed up multi-club mercenaries looking for a few­ mills before they return home to retire.­ Internationally our game is shot, and our rankings­ slide is more than justified. Nothing will change until­ our game is given a radical overhaul -two foreign­ players only per team, a culture of modern enterprising­ game in our coaches. If not, just witness the big fat­ cheque players romping back home with their millions­ whilst we try and find eleven decent players amongst­ our ranks.

    From Ray, on Thu 24 May 20:44
  18. With Captain Pugwash in charge we are already on board­ yet another sinking ship

    From Colin da Truthteller, on Thu 24 May 19:25
  19. First things First this article is a load of rubbish­ for many reason to many to even go into and Secondly­ why is anyone slagging us off england yeah they aint a­ brilliant yeam but they never have been The media build­ up englands chances so they are obviously going to­ under-perform and if they aint doing that then there­ slagging them off for a change wudnt it just be nice TO­ LET THEM JUST GO GET BEHIND THEM NOT BUILD THEM UP OR­ DRAG THEM DOWN AND MAYBE IF IT WASNT FOR OUTSIDE­ PRESSING WE ACTUALLY MIGHT START PLAYING AS A TEAM­ EVERY1 SLAGGING OFF MANAGERS DECISIONS WELL I FEEL­ SORRY FOR HIM AS NO MATTER WHAT HE GETS IT IN NECK ALL­ THIS AND THEY HAVENT EVEN KICKED A BALL YET

    From Gary, on Thu 24 May 18:42
  20. Real Madrid better than Barcelona?

    From , on Thu 24 May 18:23
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