Ligue 1 - Amalfitano leaves Reims for Newcastle

Wed, 23 May 18:05:00 2012

Newcastle United have signed Reims midfielder Romain Amalfitano after his contract expired with the promoted Ligue 2 club.

Everton 3 Newcastle 1

The 22-year-old will officially become a Magpies player on July 1.

His arrival was confirmed by the Magpies on Wednesday afternoon, although no details of the length of his contract have been released.

Amalfitano, whose older brother Morgan plays for Marseille and France, said: "I am very happy to be a Newcastle player. I have seen a bit of the city already and it is a change from France, but one I am really looking forward to.

"When a club like Newcastle wants you to play for them, it can only be a good thing.

"I have taken the opportunity to play in the Premier League and cannot wait to get going."

An attacking midfielder, Amalfitano previously played for Evian in the second division.

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  1. All these mackems can talk of is beating us.The few­ times they've been on top cannot count for much­ because it is "FEW" ..... I really would­ like for you to be up there with us.... well, nearer to­ us so that you dont feel so inferior. However, all of a­ sudden i realise Ashley is not as bad as we thought, in­ fact, we may yet convert him into a GEORDIE..... he­ certainley knows business after all. Wonder what you­ Mackems will have to say at the end of MAY next year.

    From brian j , on Tue 29 May 17:28
  2. Here are the official stats for Newcastle and­ Sunderland over the last 20 years (Premier League­ only). The first figures are Newcastle and the second­ Sunderland. Discuss. Games - 692 - 418 Average points­ per game - 1.49 - 1.05 Total Goals for - 996 - 442 ­ Total Goals against - 885 - 606 Goals per game - 1.43­ - 1.009 Goals for per season - 55.33 - 38.36 Goals­ against per season - 49.16 - 55.09 Average Goal­ Difference - +111 (5th best in PL History) - -184­ (worst in PL History) Won - 177 - 112 Lost - 229 -­ 201 Draw - 186 - 104 Ave lost per season - 12.72 -­ 18.27 Ave draw per season - 10.03 - 9.45 Ave won per­ season - 15.38 - 10.18 On a 38 game season it equates­ to Newcastle average 57 points per season and­ Sunderland 40 (both rounded up) over the whole 20­ years. On this years table Newcastle's average­ points would have put them 7th whilst Sunderland would­ have finished 16th. NUFC v SAFC Records (good or bad)

    From JAMIE, on Sat 26 May 23:13
  3. That girl joseph really is a nasty piece of work. Foul­ & abusive language seems to be her norm when­ commenting on all sports blogs. Every comment is the­ usual repetitive swearing & name-calling. She must­ not realise - nobody has informed her because they feel­ sorry for her - how completely ridiculous she is, even­ to her own kind and the fact that the EPL fans are­ laughing at her. Still, I suppose she is more to be­ pitied than scorned.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 26 May 14:47
  4. more frogs legs

    From William, on Sat 26 May 13:26
  5. Kenny-you're so right.I have sleepless nights about­ not having an airport, I've smashed ornaments off­ the walls at the thought of being in the shadow of the­ mighty toon, I've took overdoses because we still­ have cobbled streets linking us to the civilised world­ and a rail network put together by Hornby, I've­ slashed my wrists because we don't have a cathedral­ and cried myself to sleep because we are not a real­ city.Nevermind Kenny, I'll stagger on. In the­ morning I'll wake up a smb ,just as I will the next­ and the next-you on the other hand will wake up an­ idiot,just as you always have and always will.

    From julian, on Sat 26 May 0:51
  6. Cuttlefish. Ok. TOOL

    From SHAUN, on Fri 25 May 18:52
  7. El pendejo se vuelve . Sabes que eres Shaun ? Un gran­ hijo de puta!! Haahaahaahaaaa

    From Cuttlefish, on Fri 25 May 18:18
  8. Joseph man. Get a life. Bin Sunderland and join the­ ranks of THE TOON. Up here, we're the best there­ is. It's just­ soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obvious fool

    From SHAUN, on Fri 25 May 12:37
  9. Nazi. End of? Yeah that'd suit you wouldnt't it­ if we never mentioned it again? If we never mentioned­ the FACT that despite getting your first choice manager­ you still couldnt close that gap even though you­ constantly predicted our run of good form would end and­ that you'd overtake us once your messiah got your­ superstar squad playing properly. Every single stupid­ prediction that you spewed out of your thick poisonous­ head proved to be wrong. You are a joke nazi, a tragic­ pathetic joke. FACT.

    From Tony Vulture, on Fri 25 May 9:03
  10. So Joseph, no problem accepting that this season we­ have 'comfortably' finished well above you but­ the real thorn in all makem side's is the fact that­ even with being down in the Championsip that one season­ our following, TV appearances, structure and overall­ how we are percieved in UK & Europe is all on a­ much grander scale. sorry but thats the reality you all­ have to live with. C'mon why don't you change­ beyond the normal cross dressing and come over to a­ proper club so that when you are in Benidorm you­ don't then have to have a hang up about being­ called Geordies

    From David H, on Fri 25 May 8:44
  11. End of? I don't think so you fool. You lot lauded­ the 'Top Dog' nonsense over us for 3 years,­ retribution time.

    From cameron, on Fri 25 May 7:04
  12. Beefy, what 20 points?, this seasons over, gone ,you­ finished above us,top dogs, end of !!

    From Joseph, on Thu 24 May 21:48
  13. at the end of the day who are sunderland playing in­ europe this season? Swansea ha ha

    From andrew, on Thu 24 May 21:13
  14. Joseph - which of the 20 points is most painful for­ you?

    From Beefy, on Thu 24 May 20:37
  15. @joseph can i just remind you that Newcastle easily­ beat chelsea 2-0 who then went on to beat barcelona and­ bayern to become champions of Europe now then were not­ saying we are world beaters but it would be fair to say­ we could be europe beaters.

    From gary, on Thu 24 May 15:49

    From james, on Thu 24 May 15:26
  17. Good to see us investing in a young lad with potential.­ Meanwhile down the road at the stadium of shyte yet­ another player is released into the lower leagues after­ failing to make the grade. Sundirtylands youth system­ and scouting system is a joke. Mind you SAFCs first­ team isnt something to aspire to is it? Unless of­ course you want to scrape for points at the bottom of­ the premier league whilst playing in a squad chock full­ of journeymen playing under an overrated manager.

    From Tony Vulture, on Thu 24 May 10:44
  18. joseph shut up and grow some, or I u mad that Bednter­ is leaving sunderland???

    From Phil, on Wed 23 May 23:18
  19. CaMORON,I never said anyone said it,but it will happen­ !! Just generalising, you stupid boy !!

    From Joseph, on Wed 23 May 22:10
  20. DOHseph, exactly who said anything about­ 'world-beater' you cick thunt. I didn't,­ and fromafar didn't, that makes YOU a liar.

    From cameron, on Wed 23 May 22:03
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