Premier League - Blackburn owners 'confused' after relegation

Wed, 23 May 16:04:00 2012

The future of Blackburn manager Steve Kean may not be decided until next month after co-owner Venkatesh Rao admitted everything was in "confusion".

Chelsea 2 Blackburn 1

Speculation about the Rovers boss has increased following the club's relegation from the Barclays Premier League, but despite the Scot travelling to India to meet executives of club owners Venky's, his situation remains unclear.

Kean was back at the club's Brockhall training ground yesterday and Rao - pictured left - said a decision on his future may not come for a while.

"Still everything is in confusion so I would say in the next month we will have a proper situation to talk about," he told Sky Sports News.

"In the next month let us see what happens. We are talking about various things, so many, about the manager, about the players, about staff, about the club.

"Nothing will be said right away so I would say kindly bear with us for some time and then the whole picture will be clear."

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  1. Just take a long hard look at these two­ individuals?????? would you let them run anything you­ owned?? LOL.

    From steve f, on Fri 8 Jun 7:28
  2. Bill son dont be bitter just because the donkey lashers­ let you down mate it doesn't suit you!!

    From steve f, on Sun 3 Jun 18:13
  3. The best thing happened last season, Blackburn sack Big­ Sam and go down, West Ham hire Big Sam and go up! ­ Please Blackburn keep Kean, we would all like to see­ you where you belong, Non League. LOL.

    From Bill, on Sun 3 Jun 7:29
  4. OWNERS have plans to have a few million chickens­ slaughtered, once sold they can get rid of the one who­ told them ta get rid of BIG SAM as he wanted ta be­ their COCKREIL!!

    From Leo, on Thu 31 May 14:07
  5. ps forgot to wish Barry all the luck in the world­ fighting against his illness!!

    From steve f, on Fri 25 May 13:15
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Love every bit of it when BR got sent down.

    From 4Ech, on Fri 25 May 8:39
  7. John, dont really dislike the clarets in fact went to­ sheffield to watch them in the fa cup when MacDonald­ carried Alex Elder on his back half way down the pitch­ to score?? (think it was Elder?) and my father god­ bless him played the organ in the centre spot for many­ years so although we were both Rovers through and­ through we never let on in their and went to school­ with Barry Kilby new knew his family and his grandad­ Charlie was a real gem at the Stanley. So got history­ with your side and yes your probebly right Jack was a­ real gentleman and the first great benefactor to the­ premire league can only wish he was still around today­ and not the people who sold us out.There's always­ two sides to every story but to do what the family did­ to the club is and will always be remembered by the ­ supporters, Jack with fond and happy memories and his­ kids with distaste!!

    From steve f, on Fri 25 May 5:44
  8. steve- ur so reasonable on the clarets site-calm down!-­ incidentally we have won more championships than you-­ As you were the first to benefit from 'big­ money' from uncle jack, you were the first to buy a­ title. The Venkys are just part of the same process- by­ all means bemoan their clear incompetence but at least­ aknowledge you benefitted from the infusion of­ non-football generated revenue. I must in all fairness­ add that uncle jack gave out of love, not to promote­ his own ego and BRFC were in his heart and not his­ celebrity CV.

    From John, on Fri 25 May 2:26
  9. To all the supporters:- just take a proper look at the­ picture above and ask yourself why you continue to give­ these two idiots in Cheap Indian suits, pony tail and­ earings is beyond any reasonable comprehension. These­ two are supposed to represent whats good about the­ English Premire League?? they look like a couple of­ wide boys from the Tandoori Nights Peckham. !!!!

    From steve f, on Thu 24 May 13:36
  10. Andy??are you ok or out of school early mate?? all the­ chicken jokes were about 12/18 months ago and­ wern't even funny then! Nurse nurse Come on you­ claruts is out of his jacket again??. for a club who­ have just finished half way down the championship and­ lost both times home and away in the prem! not won it!­ nd havent beaten us since Rourkes Drift youve got a­ very big mouth pal. LOL

    From steve f, on Thu 24 May 13:32
  11. I thought Blackburn were already a cricket club..all i­ ever heard on the Radio was "..and blackburn have­ been hit for four again"

    From Andy, on Thu 24 May 11:26
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    "The Club is well and truely plucked..hanging on a­ wing..we are trying to get a breast of things. our­ manager is a complete kok, tings may get hot and spicy­ and it could egg the fans on"

    From Andy, on Thu 24 May 8:39
  13. Looks like Blackburn is going to be turned inot a new­ chicken factory.

    From Coach Dragon, on Thu 24 May 5:53
  14. yes they are confused and so they should be we ­ they now nothing about football they might have­ thought they were buying a cricket ground..

    From david, on Thu 24 May 5:30
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    What's the confusion, Keen is not a manager,­ Blackburn simply are not good enough to be in the­ Premiership, to honest they shouldn' t even be in­ the football league. If they had kept Big Sam that­ would be a different story. Please note Blackburn go­ down (Under Keen's management), West Ham (Under the­ management of Big Sam) go UP. For Blackburn, League­ One next, then League Two, then Non League. As long as­ the club is owned by Indian's it is a downward­ path, cos Indian's know NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!

    From Bill, on Thu 24 May 4:32
  16. When was the last time you heard the owner of a company­ say that his business was in confusion (even if it­ was). Sends a great message to his employees and­ customers (all of whom will be jumping ship). Not only­ do these people know nothing about football, it appears­ they have no business sense either. Rearing chickens to­ turn into fast food in India must be a doddle.

    From Mustafa, on Thu 24 May 2:10
  17. An eggsit for Steve?

    From TruthRaider, on Thu 24 May 1:17
  18. An eggsit for Stave?

    From TruthRaider, on Thu 24 May 1:17
  19. confused about your stay at blackburn? stop destroying­ a culture where you dont belong to..

    From john t, on Thu 24 May 1:04
  20. Why did they fire BIG SAM? Now West Ham have replaced­ them in the Priemier league!

    From Nicole, on Wed 23 May 22:00
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