Gerrard urges league focus

Tue, 24 Apr 10:46:18 2012

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard admits the club's league performances have fallen below the standards required.

Sunday's defeat to West Brom means the Reds have won just five times this season at Anfield, where they have dropped 27 points, and it has left them eighth in the table.

And Gerrard has urged everyone to forget about the forthcoming FA Cup final and focus on getting back on track.

"We know our league form hasn't been good enough, particularly in the second half of the season," he said.

"We have to concentrate on getting it right - and forget about Chelsea in the FA Cup final."


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  1. Well if the game at West Brom is anything to go by. ­ Getting to the box is not a problem, Taking a shot is­ not a problem. Simply getting it in the goal. Can they­ not aim for the woodwork maybe they would get it in. ­ When they aim for the goal they hit the woodwork...give­ it a try. Give the young lads a run out Sterling,­ Coady, Texeira lets be honest they can't do any­ worse and our season is cabbaged now anyway. Not­ going to get relegated, not going to get fourth so we­ have nothing to loose

    From Yvonne, on Thu 26 Apr 9:30
  2. I think you are a little late, urges on league should­ have started at beginning of season not the end. You­ are past playing for points you are playing for pride­ now, its all upto dalglish and whether he can pick a­ team of eleven without change which i very much doubt.­ Don't under estimate norwich we tried that with the­ others and we got stuffed, changes are required­ starting with attitude to winning.

    From keith f, on Thu 26 Apr 6:35
  3. Am losing faith. Time for big changes me­ thinks.......PLEASE......

    From steve, on Wed 25 Apr 19:02
  4. I think that Raffa should be asked to come back as the­ new owners care about our club. kenny should move back­ upstairs with poss Carra as assistant manager

    From PHILIP, on Wed 25 Apr 16:54
  5. Players will be too focused on Cup Final and hoping to­ avoid injury. Opposition will be up for it and win­ every time.

    From Delphi, on Wed 25 Apr 16:17
  6. The main problem with the current side is ,apart from­ Gerard & Suarez , we have no flair players . These­ are players who Dalglish had in his 1st spell as­ manager . Players like Barnes , Beardsley , Houghton ,­ Nicol Hansen all players who were comfortable on the­ ball . We now have a very fit side who work hard but­ with no end product . There is just not enough goals­ coming from other players . We have bought a player­ who was a star player at his previous club Blackpool ,­ but lacks pace & whos return of goals is nothing­ like it was at Blackpool. We have Henderson who's­ return is worse but at least he has age on his side .­ Downing plays when he feels like . Carroll although­ great at Newcasle has struggled to adapt ,maybe next­ year. Bellamy great when not injured . These players­ all bought by Dalglish . So who is to blame ? You can­ make your own minds up !!!

    From DAVE, on Wed 25 Apr 15:24
  7. Battling for eighth in the league cracking season­ deluded bin dipper liverWHO fans

    From Glenbuterol, on Wed 25 Apr 12:35
  8. to comment No 11, your spot on mate & you maybe­ right about rafa, had he been in charge with the new­ owners, who knows what might have happened. YNWA. never­ forgot the 96.

    From ANDREW, on Tue 24 Apr 20:15
  9. Global LFC. I think the absence of Lucus has been­ key to the midfield problem this season, what do you­ think? he was just proving to be the player we all­ hoped he would be.

    From whocaresanyway, on Tue 24 Apr 17:21
  10. I love Stephen Gerrard & Jamie Carragher, they have­ been the backbone of the club for years. With the­ exception of Suarez & Reina, I just don't think­ the rest would care if the club was relegated, their­ wages are more important to them than playing for the­ badge on their shirt. Gerrard has carried a lot of­ injuries this season & Suarez's absence from­ playing this season along with the stigma surrounding­ the club, the season has just gone from bad to worse. ­ Let's hope the FA cup is destined for Anfield's­ trophy cabinet, but I am not too sure where the goals­ are going to come from, and who will score them. But­ after supporting the club for nearly forty years,­ It's too late change my team now, I'm hoping­ for a better season next year, but I can remember­ saying that for the last three seasons. Maybe Raffa was­ the right man for the job, just a shame his era was­ with Hicks & Gillette , if he had been in charge­ with these new owners, it could look a whole lot­ rosier.

    From whocaresanyway, on Tue 24 Apr 17:17
  11. Bit late now you dope! What the hell was going­ thrrough you head the rest of the season?

    From Yvonne, on Tue 24 Apr 16:23
  12. There's an over reliance on Gerrard and Carragher. ­ Time for the club to admit that they are in the­ twilight of their careers and there is a need to groom­ replacements. Ok in defense but there is no obvious­ replacement to Gerrard.

    From Universal, on Tue 24 Apr 16:20
  13. Pls, let someone tell me what is the problem with­ Liverpool, Daglish would act quick before the fans­ start rant.

    From Michael, on Tue 24 Apr 16:00
  14. I was thinking the opposite, forget about the league­ (this season), and concentrate on the FA Final against­ Chelsea.

    From Brains7733, on Tue 24 Apr 12:15
  15. no point blaming Stevie G... has been the best player­ at the club for years and has dug us out of many a­ hole. Battle cry is as good now as the last time so­ lets stop slagging off the team and get behind them.­ Check the stats as well by the way, its not all doom­ and gloom, we just needs a couple of class strikers and­ stop wasting the chances we create, and there have been­ many, [West Bom game is a prime example] ... we have­ been so wasteful in front of goal. The team is not the­ same as the golden era, and not as good as Rafa's­ team of the Champions League triumph, but is still­ better than the 8th place we are in at the moment. ­ Keep on building, it will come good.

    From ROD, on Tue 24 Apr 11:59
  16. Please Liverpool players should know that all their­ fans is sharing tears because off their posistion in­ the league table. Now othere club fans use Liverpool to­ curse. For example: Some do say instead off being­ liverpool fan is better to be alone then when ever i­ heard such i feel the pain so much.Now my question is­ this: WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? please let someone answer­ this both players/Fan.

    From john, on Tue 24 Apr 11:58
  17. No good crying about it now, get this season out the­ way start afresh, just keep going till end of season,­ if we play like we have againt chelsea in the final I­ think we will white washed. Can't live on or in the­ past got to live for today and for those overpaid­ players not performing don't let the door hit them­ on the back of the head when they go. And as for­ shuffle the team dalglish pick it stay with it,­ otherwise come cup final Torres will have the last­ laugh, I truly believe he will punish us unless we go­ out and play, no favourites kenny pick the best­ performing there are NO friends in business.

    From keith f, on Tue 24 Apr 11:55
  18. i have been a liverpool supporter for 60 years and this­ one of the worse if not the worst uninspired,­ unimaginative uncommitted overpaid of them apart from­ the few players who know and care what this club is all­ about, to the rest get out there and sweat and bleed to­ repay the best supporters who,s hard earned money helps­ pay your inflated wages. ken/ coleshill warwickshire.

    From KEN, on Tue 24 Apr 11:01
  19. Should have been thinging the same thoughts 34 games­ ago, far to late now.

    From , on Tue 24 Apr 10:50
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