SFA stand firm over Rangers punishment

Tue, 24 Apr 18:04:35 2012

The Scottish Football Association have stressed they need to implement rules "without fear or favour" following a backlash from Rangers fans and administrators over sanctions against the club.

SFA chief executive Stewart Regan stressed the club's punishment - a 12-month transfer embargo and £160,000 fine - was decided by an independent three-member panel in conjunction with the disciplinary procedures approved unanimously by members less than a year ago.

Rangers have called for an immediate appeal to the judicial panel's punishment, which centred on a disrepute charge relating to their financial affairs, and Regan vowed the SFA would act with "integrity" and in the game's best interests as they await an official appeal.

In a statement, Regan said: "I can fully understand the fear and frustration felt by all Rangers fans throughout the most difficult period in the club's history.

"The Scottish FA has a responsibility to all its members and must implement its rules without fear or favour."

Administrators Duff and Phelps claim the punishment seriously hinders chances of achieving a sale of the club and accused the panel of acting against the interests of the national game.

Regan said: "It is important the Scottish FA, as the governing body, works in association with the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League to reinvigorate the national sport.

"Rangers have been part of the fabric of Scottish football's history and are integral to its future prosperity.

"The Scottish FA must act with integrity and with the best interests of the game at heart. It is with this in mind that we await any appeal from the club."


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  1. why no leuges taken away if in wrong

    From alexander, on Thu 26 Apr 20:16
  2. it amazes me that celtic fans want rangers to fold or­ is it because its the only way they can win aleague­ without rangers there or with pionts deductions thats­ how it sounds to me

    From GEORGE, on Thu 26 Apr 8:12
  3. Scottish football will survive,if something is rotten­ you cut it out .this odious esablishment is a cancer to­ our game kill it before it does untold damage.The SFA­ administer the rules as agreed by all member clubs­ including the rancid one.Go and stop your threats­ against commitee members you are the problem not them­ the game will survive.Its football your bigotry and­ hatred will not be missed The SFA work and help all the­ clubs that adhere to the regulations.YOU 100% GUILTY go­ and go now.

    From JOHN, on Wed 25 Apr 20:57
  4. Is there even one Rangers fan willing to­ speak up and­ acknowledge that the Club's financial­­ mismanagement has brought the game into disrepute and­­ that they should be punished for this?

    From Mauch28, on Wed 25 Apr 19:15
  5. So its true then Tom .... first hun 2 admit .....­ rancid are going & they are bigots .... a rite good­ cleansing for u

    From Hoopy, on Wed 25 Apr 18:18
  6. james how do you make out there will be no bigots or­ are celtic leaving as well.

    From Tom, on Wed 25 Apr 18:14
  7. And for rancid supporters to scaremonger that the SPL­ would not survive without them - are more deluded than­ first thought. Altho, u all believed minty had the­ best interest of your club @ heart - proved wrong. ­ Then believed the Whyte Knight would rescue your club -­ proved wrong. So believing that the rest of the clubs­ in the SPL are down the tubes without u .............­ will b proved just as wrong.

    From Hoopy, on Wed 25 Apr 18:10
  8. Soome of us call the judgement going towards justice­ ................. overdue just like rancids bills

    From Hoopy, on Wed 25 Apr 18:04
  9. I suppose Jabba's going to resort to the old Lamb­ Bhoona, just like the rest of us. Take him a while to­ adjust to paying for it himself.

    From Paddy Sewer, on Wed 25 Apr 17:09
  10. David give us an idea of what the typical rangers fan­ would deem to be a fair punishmentfor this mess.

    From Paddy Sewer, on Wed 25 Apr 17:07
  11. well done spl same for livingston and same for rangers­ i hope, cheating filth

    From john, on Wed 25 Apr 17:01
  12. No tax paid,no accounts filed,no teams paid for­ transfers,no suppliers paid for services rendered,no­ police paid.Lied, cheated,stole charity money and they­ say the S F A have an agenda against them.MY GOD they­ should be sine-died from football forever.even by a­ quirk of fate they do survive they are tainted­ forever.Dignity,Respect,Tradition,Culture never came to­ mind when anyone thought of this putrid organisation As­ JIM TRAYNOR said yesterday there are YEARS of hurt­ ahead if they do manage to live on in some form or­ another By rights they should BE GONE.

    From JOHN, on Wed 25 Apr 16:47
  13. willam more to life than tv money better crowds no­ bigots great

    From James, on Wed 25 Apr 13:42
  14. they cheated and still lost the league to Celtic, how­ bad are rangers?

    From kenneth, on Wed 25 Apr 12:33
  15. How can it be fit and proper to have two governing­ bodies handing out punishments to the same club they­ dont seem to care if they are hurting the rest of the­ teams in scotland or is it that the SFA see Rangers in­ the lower leagues as a way of getting more money to the­ smaller clubs with the away support Rangers have . None­ of them seem to reallise u cant get a payment if you­ force the club out of business h ow will they get the­ fines paid. Its a game at the moment who can kick the­ hardest the SFA or SPL, who will they turn on when they­ have killed Rangers and scottish football is left with­ only one club that keeps biting the hand that feeds it,­ where will the other clubs be when they lose the money­ from the Rangers away support must of them are on the­ verge of folding as it is how will they survive with no­ tv deal and only half of the away support money they­ get now. The SFA have a museum that claims they­ invented the game they will soon have to put up a sign­ that says we also killed it in scotland. I cant wait to­ see it

    From David, on Wed 25 Apr 11:58
  16. And Quite right too Without Fear Favour

    From stephen, on Wed 25 Apr 11:00
  17. what rules did rangers football club break if it was­ before the takeover there is not thing been proved if­ it is after it was not the club but craig white who­ would not play the money and the sfa let him take the­ club over

    From LAWRENCE, on Wed 25 Apr 10:22
  18. Surely there are some Rangers fans who are willing to­ speak up and acknowledge that the Club's financial­ mismanagement has brought the game into disrepute and­ that they should be punished for this?

    From Mauch28, on Wed 25 Apr 10:14
  19. This is not a conspiracy against Rangers, it was a­ conspiracy by Hun directors and owner to cheat and­ intentionally mismanage funds and club resources in­ criminal ways........

    From Jamie, on Wed 25 Apr 2:12
  20. Rangers supporters are blaming everyone but the real­ culprits, their own directors and owners who have­ criminally mismanaged and cheated there club. Point the­ finger where it really belongs- at your so called­ leaders who have created this mess for you and your­ club. You have no one to blame but them..........

    From Jamie, on Wed 25 Apr 2:09
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