Liga - Mourinho vows Madrid dominance

Wed, 23 May 09:01:00 2012

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho believes his team have played the best football in the world this year - and says they will only get better.

Jose Mourinho Real Madrid - 0

The Spanish champions on Tuesday announced they had agreed a contract extension that will tie Mourinho, who signed an initial four-year deal when he joined the club in 2010, to the Bernabeu until June 2016.

"I'm sure Real Madrid gained many supporters throughout the world this year because we played the best football in the world despite not winning the Champions League," Mourinho said on "But we did win the toughest league title with fantastic football, and I think that's what's most important. We have to keep it up."

The 49-year-old led Madrid to the Copa del Rey crown in his first season in charge and in the campaign just completed he guided the club to their first Primera Division title since 2008.

Mourinho's men crashed out of the Champions League at the semi-final stage in each of the last two terms, but he claims they nevertheless will have gained many fans due to having played the best football on the planet.

"At the start of the campaign that's just finished I told my men I did not want to prioritise," he added. "I didn't want to choose one championship over another. I've always said we have to improve collectively and individually, and that we must play football to win both games and supporters."

Madrid got their hands on a 32nd Primera Division title after a record-breaking 2011-12 season.

They became the first Spanish club ever to reach 100 points in a top-flight campaign, finishing nine clear of Barcelona, while their tally of 121 league goals was also a record.

Their success saw Mourinho become the first coach to win the league in Spain, England (Chelsea) and Italy (Inter Milan). And, ominously, Mourinho reckons the Madrid squad is still improving.

"I've always said this squad is young and that its' best years are yet to come," the Portuguese added. "It isn't a squad with players on the verge of extinction or playing their final years of top tier football. The club, with its incredible social reach and structure, can adapt to the times and to what we're trying to do."


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  1. for me..... the greatest team in football - Barcelona ­ the best conter attacking team in­ football - Real Madrid the luckiest­ team in football - Chelsea

    From skywalkertw01, on Mon 28 May 11:10
  2. mourinho things a change of manager at barca will­ affect the team.he is a dreamer.BARCELONA WILL PROVE­ HIM WRONG AND HE WILL LEAVE REAL MADRID UNCEREMONIOUSLY

    From Grace, on Mon 28 May 10:31
  3. those who thing greatest barca is finished are­ dreamers.Barca is still barca.real won only a single­ title this season while braca won 4 titles.World club­ cup,Spanish super cup,European super cup and the copa­ dela rey. halla barca.

    From Grace, on Mon 28 May 10:20
  4. The view of a neutral. Barcelona style of tiki taka­ football is just boring but it does get the job done. I­ don't think they will find a better manager than­ pep. Real Madrid are just plain thugs. they use­ aggressive tactics on and off the pitch to beat Barca­ but when they have finished hacking down everyone, they­ do play beautiful football. Real Madrid therefore will­ dominate the next three seasons before Barca make a­ comeback to become kings of europe again. ps. why­ don't all you fans start cheering on Spain at the­ euros instead of squabbling over Real and Barcelona

    From Kwame jamal asembo, on Thu 24 May 20:04
  5. No, Bayern Munich played better than Real Madrid as­ proved in two legged champions league­ semifinal......Bayern could have thrashed Real Madrid­ if they were clinical in front of goal.

    From Shank J, on Thu 24 May 19:21
  6. I hope next season barca will play for ball possession,­ without scorlng. ball possession outside the penal.­ area is against you, not with you . it is just waisting­ your time this tiki taka is B. S.

    From , on Thu 24 May 15:31
  7. pep is a baby coach.he is born in a well formed team­ that is already making history,he profits from its high­ that he sees that the team is aproaching its­ end he steps down fast to avoid failure and­ defeat.instead fo him to prove himself in other leagues­ he shires away in the name of rest.he knows that barca­ is the hand work of Rijkaard.He has fulled the fans and­ is afraid of facing the real real challenge of a real­ coach that is,going to another league.So is he really a­ profesional?Mou on the other hand,takes a team that has­ been down and raises it,stood by his words no mather­ the criticism,but still does not get tired inspired the­ preasure and criticisms he has gotten.He has not only­ done it in his home country portugal but in­ England,italy and in spain.Is he a profesional and the­ same like Pep.Answer for yourself.......... .

    From gladys, on Thu 24 May 15:13
  8. The current rise of Real Madrid is inevitable and I am­ sure barca knew this and the rise became obvious with­ real's performance in Copa Del Rey e lclassico­ (camp nou match).

    From Aaron, on Thu 24 May 12:35
  9. Am not a Barcelona fun but i don't hate them either­ .. but the true is that Barcelona's time to Drizzle­ has come to an end,.. i mean who ever thought that­ Real Madrid would lose track looking at the Football­ they were playing 10 year back (for those of us­ who've been watching Football for a long tym )....­ believe me" Barcelona will not have as many funs 2­ year from now... mark my word.... Real for lyf...

    From Mwasha, on Thu 24 May 12:08
  10. there is no doubt real is the top dog right­ now......the pass pass till you sleep football is not­ gona work soon.....pep knows it.......thats why he­ borrowed legs.....kikikikikikikikikiki.........real for­ life

    From Realamplified Mamb, on Thu 24 May 7:03
  11. barca is rotten......i do not see a big challenge­ coming from them next seas.......with that­ said......real wil most def win again the 33rd la­ liga......real for life

    From Realamplified Mamb, on Thu 24 May 6:55
  12. the problem with barca fans these days is...... They do­ not want another person to brag only if its their coach­ and players saying said mou wil not deliver­ he wil run away.....but contrary its pep who has run­ away giving fake reason.....,if you dethrone the champ­ you become the champ......mou has bragging­ rights.....don t twist it yahoo....real for life

    From Realamplified Mamb, on Thu 24 May 6:48
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    How can M claim so? Is he satisfied with just one La­ Liga cup while he lost Copa and Champions League and­ other consequent trophies? We believe if he and the­ Real had won three or four caps (like Barca in last­ years) he could have claimed so. He seems more like a­ hysteric person than a coach ;-) Barca will be his­ nightmare till he 2016!

    From mustafa, on Thu 24 May 5:35
  14. You can fool some Peoples sometime but you can't­ fool all the Peoples all the times

    From cole, on Wed 23 May 21:25
  15. I donot normally like Barca .but have to say Barca­ plays most beautiful football at moment .the rest have­ to defend very hard and give up most possession to them­ because of their superior skill.,.madrid is a team­ among those undoubtedly .not to offend madrid fans.we­ all know this Mardrid is not same level as current­ Barca .from a neutral .

    From chen s, on Wed 23 May 21:22

    From cole, on Wed 23 May 21:20
  17. Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho believes his team have­ played the best football in the world this year­ .....aahhhaaahhh GOOD FOOTBALL YOU SAID ?? HOW MANY­ RED CARD ? really funny

    From cole, on Wed 23 May 21:18
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Look at the blind fools below. Like u know everything­ he thinks. This site is overwhelmed with glory-hunter­ fans.

    From Tk, on Wed 23 May 18:38
  19. The arrogant mouthy coach has started bragging again.He­ was on the verge of quitting Spain after his team was­ constantly humiliated by Barca before he was able to­ beat Barca without Villa,Abidal,Pedro and a fit­ Pique.Remember,his first win over Barca was the match­ that featured Barca's second goalie and without­ Abidal as well.This cocky coach was eyeing Chelsea and­ Man city not knowing that the UCL he failed to deliver­ to Chelsea will be delivered by Di matteo while Mancini­ won the Epl.He failed to beat the Bayern the only top­ team aside Barca his team has faced in 2yrs.He's­ obviously staying because Guardiola his eternal nemesis­ is no more in charge of Barca.Frankly,does he think­ other big teams in Europe wont like to win the UCL come­ next year too? Swallow your pride man!

    From Eros, on Wed 23 May 18:19
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    ha ha. he will fall flat on his stupid face next year­ when Barca will be back and thrash his team. Madrid are­ thugs, not footballers

    From avanish, on Wed 23 May 17:14
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