Villa target Martinez again

Thu, 24 May 08:03:19 2012

Aston Villa are poised to make a second attempt to secure the secure the services of Wigan boss Roberto Martinez as their new manager, Press Association Sport understands.

Villa owner Randy Lerner remains a big fan of Martinez even though the Spaniard rejected the chance to take charge of the midlands club 12 months ago.

Lerner is searching for a hungry and emerging figure to revive Villa's fortunes and maintains that Martinez fits the bill.

Martinez's desire to play an attractive style of football has also impressed Lerner after fans were critical of the approach of the sacked Alex McLeish.

Lerner is aware of the interest of Liverpool in Martinez and knows he runs the risk of being delivered a knockback by the 38-year-old for a second successive summer.

But it is understood Lerner has received sufficient encouragement to believe Martinez would at least discuss his proposals and hopes he can offer an attractive package and picture of Villa's future.

Paul Lambert (Norwich), Brendan Rodgers (Swansea) and Gus Poyet (Brighton) are other potential candidates on Villa's radar as they search for a fourth manager in two years.

Lerner flew back to England two days ago from America to step up the managerial search.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had been the bookmakers' favourite to replace McLeish but he has opted to stay in Norway with Molde for family reasons.

Villa insist the former Manchester United striker was never offered the job after he was interviewed last weekend by Lerner.


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  1. Simon Grayson, isn't a bad shout, would much prefer­ him, to failed premiership managers such as Steve Bruce­ or Mick McCarthy, lets face it whoever gets the Villa­ job will be expected to work miracles, he wont get any­ money and probberly have to sell Darren Bent, Mr­ Lerner, is more worried about the balance sheet then he­ is keeping our premiership status.

    From craig, on Wed 30 May 0:07
  2. @Zippy #23 - I agree with you that it was "get a­ manager now, think about whether he's the right one­ later" with Who(?)llier and McLeish, but I­ don't think what is happening now is deliberation­ and planning, I think it's desperation. Every day­ there's a new name, some of them quite sensible,­ and some totally ridiculous. Until Lerner comes clean­ on how he intends to get a "hungry manager"­ who will have to starve because he won't be giving­ him any money, I can't see how any potential­ manager can take Aston Villa Football Club seriously.­ Names like Solskjaer are total fantasy. The man would­ be mad to take over the mess we are in.

    From probablygraham, on Tue 29 May 9:25
  3. Now Kevin... did you accidentally click the­ 'premier league' tab again?... I understand­ the frustration, but I think you're going to have­ to get used to that 'championship' button :-3

    From Jeff Bridges, on Mon 28 May 21:28
  4. Liverpool will get Martinez, the Wolves have really­ done well in signing that guy youve never heard of, me­ reckons the villa will go for Naybody that mythical­ geordie manager, really, who keeps telling Learner the­ Villa are a big club!! and to wait for that big­ reputation to come along and sign up, you'll end up­ with Mike Bassett at this rate.

    From KEVIN, on Mon 28 May 20:56
  5. Just heard that the Board are looking at David­ O'leary to come back with John Gregory

    From Gary, on Mon 28 May 19:46
  6. The last two managers we've had were rushed­ appointments & look what we got. One was in severe­ danger of expiring in the dug out & the other was­ simply clueless. Now that the board are showing some­ diligence & not rushing into things, People are­ complaining that things are moving fast enough. The­ names being bandied around for the job are merely who­ the press consider to be in the running so pay it­ little attention. The time to be huffing & puffing­ or praising is when the board actually announce who got­ the job.

    From zippy, on Mon 28 May 14:02
  7. Its pin the tail on the Manager, and todays lucky or­ unlucky name is wait for it, Roberto DiMatteo, tomorrow­ it will be another name, anyone else belief this is­ becoming laughable, we are a laughing stock, our so­ called Chairman and Chief Exec, haven't got a clue,­ so Mr Lerner do us a favour and go talk to people who­ have, like Deadly Doug, for all those people who are­ putting money on Rafa Benitez, why? he ain't going­ to come he would want a massive wage and then loads­ more to spend on players, simply not going to happen,­ lets be realistic we, whoever takesover is going to­ have a massive job on his hands, squad is week, and­ thin, and to many players aren't good enough for­ the club, please don't bring in a Steve Bruce or­ Mick McCarthy, both these managers are bottom half of­ premiership managers, i would rather take a chance on a­ lower division manager, who has had a fairly good track­ record, then a failed premier league manager looking­ for another big pay day.

    From craig, on Sun 27 May 23:29
  8. Just heard a report that Board are talking to Terry­ Connor who is tipped as next manager

    From Gary, on Sat 26 May 22:10
  9. Ray Wilkins, Andrew? Don't you think we were­ negative enough last season?

    From VillanD, on Sat 26 May 13:47
  10. wakee up guys learner will not spend so the only choice­ is MacDonald

    From mike, on Sat 26 May 8:08
  11. David Platt became the great player he was,because of­ the footballing brain of Gordon Cowans, is this a­ possible dream team ? Other than the Villa men, I would­ go for Ray Wilkins, as he is respected widely in the­ game and has a point to prove

    From ANDREW, on Sat 26 May 7:24
  12. What would entice Platt back to Villa Park, a chance to­ become a manager, and not be just a coach, he is on­ £10,000 a week at Man City, we were paying McClueless­ £25,000 a week so i think we can improve his contract,­ i do agree about the money situation, but there are­ alot of smoke and mirrors about that, continual blaming­ MON for that is ridiculas, surely Mr Lerner must­ realise the squad isn't strong enough and needs­ renforcing, or he will be a Chairman of a Championship­ club come this time next season.

    From craig, on Fri 25 May 22:41
  13. wouldn't surprise me if they go for di matteo if he­ doesn't get job at chelsea.

    From swanbiff, on Fri 25 May 18:50
  14. Lee Clark. Or, if we really want an ex Villa man, Dean­ Saunders.

    From Mick, on Fri 25 May 18:13
  15. suspect lerner wont offer enough to attract a top class­ man. god knows who we will get.

    From bornagainvillaman, on Fri 25 May 15:43
  16. Craig, can I ask you what do you think would it take to­ entice Platty to leave the wealthy Man City on what is­ most likely a huge wage, to move back to Villa where he­ would earn next to nothing (in comparison to Man City)­ with no money to buy players,

    From Emma Roids, on Fri 25 May 13:17
  17. Why are we bothering with going for Martinez, if he­ turns Liverpool down he ain't going to come to­ Villa thats for certain, Lambert doesn't want to­ leave Norwich, he is doing a Solksjaer, leading us on­ so he gets a bid wage rise in his new contract, so­ forget him as well, i want the next Villa manager to­ want to come to Villa for the right reasons not for a­ big pay day, i would also prefer him to have Villa in­ his heart and therefore want to bring success to the­ club, my suggestion is David Platt with John Gregory as­ director of football, both these guys have Villa at­ heart, Platt has just won the league at City, and­ Gregory is the only Villa manager to of taken us top­ and stay there for 4 months, Platt would also be able­ to attract some decent players to the club, i know alot­ of Villa fans will think i am from Mars or something,­ but at least you know these 2 guys would put 100% into­ bringing success to the club, can you honestly say all­ the other managers who have been mentioned so far would­ come to club for the right reasons?

    From craig, on Fri 25 May 0:00
  18. Prefer anybody as long as it is not any of the names­ that have been linked with the job apart from OGS.

    From Terry, on Thu 24 May 23:10
  19. we need a Villa person to be a villa manager, peter­ withe or the chap at chelsea I forget his name

    From rahul s, on Thu 24 May 21:14
  20. Martinez is Still our first choice after 12months, he­ would do a good job Keeping Wigan up for eight years­ is amazing no disrespect meant Imagine what he could­ do at Villa Park withthe backing of the supporters

    From Angela, on Thu 24 May 19:55
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