London 2012 - Olympic snub for marathon record holder

Wed, 25 Apr 13:27:00 2012

World marathon record holder Patrick Makau was left out of the Kenyan men's team for the Olympics after he failed to finish the London Marathon.

2011 Berlin - Patrick Makau - 0

Wilson Kiplagat, who won Sunday's race, and twice world champion Abel Kirui, who finished sixth, will represent Kenya in London along with Moses Mosop who finished third in the Rotterdam marathon this month.

Kipsang set the second fastest time ever when he clocked two hours, three minutes and 42 seconds in Frankfurt last October.

Makau set his world record of 2:03:38 in Berlin in the previous month.

The first three woman home in Sunday's race; defending champion Mary Keitany, world champion Edna Kiplagat and world silver medallist Priscah Jeptoo were each selected for the Games.

Geoffrey Mutai, winner of the New York and Boston marathons last year and Emmamuel Mutai, who won London last year but finished seventh on Sunday, were excluded from the men's team although they had been included on a provisional list released this year.

Samuel Wanjiru, who plunged to his death from the first floor balcony of his home last year after his wife found him in bed with another woman, won Kenya's first men's marathon gold in Beijing four years ago.

Athletics Kenya will name the men's 10,000 team for the Games on June 2 at the Prefontaine Diamond League Meeting in Oregon while the remainder of the team will be named on June 23 after the final trials.


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  1. Marathon should really have 5 athlete per country if­ under A qualifier. Plus last World Champion plus any­ World Record holder who has set a WR since the last­ Olympics gets to go as well. So yes Kirui and Makau­ plus 5 other Kenyans plus Geb. Well now. What an idea I­ have. I think this is genius solution. So unfair at the­ moment. Such an injustice that such great athletes­ cannot go to the olympics.

    From , on Thu 26 Apr 13:59
  2. Well Kipsang after that amazing run in London of all­ all places and his 2nd fastest time in the world of­ 2.03.42 was and obvious choice as was Kirui having­ proved himself twice before by winning the last two­ World Championships. It is the last spot that is open­ to debate. Mosop ran well in Rotterdam recently and­ while he was going after the world record and did come­ 3rd the conditions were very difficult but he held it­ together very well and took 35 secs of his PB to run­ 2.05.03. A second faster than Kirui ran in the same­ race to come 3rd as well 2009. I wonder if that is a­ sign of things to come. Mosop seems to be very­ consistent and is getting stronger and stronger. A good­ run in London would have probably given last years­ winner and course record Emmanuel Mutai the last spot­ on the team but he finished 7th and 2.08. Same could be­ said for Makau but he dropped out halfway. As for­ Geoffrey Mutai its obvious his wind assisted time is of­ little relevance and unfortunately for him he chose an­ extremely hot Boston 2012 to impress the selectors but­ subsequently dropped out. I probably would have picked­ Makau over Mosop however. He is the fastest marathon­ runner in the world won Berlin 2011 and 2010 and­ Rotterdam 2010 all in very fast times so is a proven­ race winner. As well he has 7th best half marathon time­ ever and prodigious record at that distance. So he is­ fast and if the race is fast he is the man you would­ want. Sadly someone had to miss out. Now I have said­ that Mosop will probably go and win the whole thing.­ Good luck to the three of them.

    From , on Wed 25 Apr 22:31
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