Martinez made offer by Liverpool - Wigan owner


Fri, 25 May 15:55:00 2012

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Wigan Athletic's Roberto Martinez has been "made an offer" by Liverpool's American owners who are searching for a new manager after sacking Kenny Dalglish, Wigan chairman Dave Whelan said on Friday.

Martinez flew to Miami after holidaying in Barbados to meet Liverpool's principle owner John Henry and, according to Whelan, is set for a second meeting on Tuesday.

"He had a very constructive meeting. They made an offer and he has agreed to consider it," Whelan said on Sky Sports.

The Wigan manager has won plaudits for keeping the modest north-west side in the Premier League for the last three seasons and for playing an open, expansive brand of passing football.

The Spaniard is odds-on favourite to succeed Dalglish in the Anfield hotseat after the Scot was sacked following a lacklustre Premier League campaign where they finished eighth. A League Cup triumph and FA Cup final appearance did not spare him.

Whelan questioned whether his manager would accept the job should he be asked to work under a sporting director and not have full control at the club.

Liverpool sacked director of football Damien Comolli in April and former Bayern Munich and Barcelona coach Louis van Gaal has been linked by British media with the vacant position.

"I am still not convinced it is a foregone conclusion, because they put their points on the table and Roberto put his," Whelan also told ESPN.

"He listened to their points, but I think they also listened to his and I think they are coming to terms with the way English football is run.

"Roberto wants control over football matters and that includes transfers, and if they agree to that, then I can see him becoming the Liverpool manager.

"If they agree to let Roberto take responsibility for the transfers than I think he will go there and I can see that Liverpool have set their sights on him."


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  1. waste of space. We WILL by mid next season be at the­ bottom of the premiership, and the team supporters will­ have another season of hurt if this martinez takes­ over. He is useless, and we are wasting our time as the­ americans who know nothing about football will take­ this loser on.. They do not care about the supporters­ at all, and are only in this for the money, which they­ will end up losing I hope if they sell up. We need­ someone with good experience... not a below average­ manager..

    From JEREMY, on Sat 26 May 23:53
  2. Agreed. Dave Whelan seems to see himself as the village­ gossip. I don't expect RM will be too pleased that­ his 'private' conversations with his chairman­ seem to get broadcast to any media outet willing to­ listen.

    From Robin S, on Sat 26 May 13:29
  3. i appreciate we have made some cuts behind the scenes,­ but i did not realise that we had employed Wigan's­ chairman as our press officer!

    From busybee, on Sat 26 May 10:23
  4. Oy, Whelan, shut it. It's not up to you to make­ these anouncements. Leave that to LFC or Martinez

    From PAUL, on Fri 25 May 22:42
  5. take the offer martinez, we need a good manager like­ you, and quickly as well before some idiot like AVB­ comes!

    From swanbiff, on Fri 25 May 18:16
  6. Pep says come and we go for Wigan's bottom flight­ manager is this the Liverpool we know?

    From Mark Smartt, on Fri 25 May 17:32
  7. Its Roy all over again at Liverpool and FSG are still­ taken advise from the old managerial flops, Martinez­ will flop and there will be saying: give him more time,­ what top player would play for him, you fools.

    From Mark Smartt, on Fri 25 May 16:58
  8. maybe in 3 or 4 years time this may have been a good­ appointment, now iam not so sure,yes he will put­ good foundations in place, but i wonder if roberto will­ be strong enough to deal with some of the personalitys­ at the club, if he takes the job i will be ok with­ that, if he does not then thats ok also, right man for­ the job yes but at the wrong time of his career.

    From C.Warman, on Fri 25 May 16:22
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