Liga - Guardiola 'may quit Barca'

Thu, 26 Apr 16:58:00 2012

Rumours swirled around the Spanish press that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, distraught after their Champions League exit and La Liga troubles, may announce on Friday that he is leaving the club at the end of the season.

Pep Guardiola - 0

The vastly successful 41-year-old - whose contract expires at the end of June - had a three-hour meeting with club president Sandro Rosell on Thursday to discuss his future, the reports said.

Barca did not confirm any Guardiola news conference or announcement was scheduled for Friday but a source close to the club, who asked not to be identified by name, told Reuters Guardiola had informed Rosell of his decision to move on.

The source added that while he could change his mind at the last moment after talking to his family, it looked unlikely he would extend his four years in charge.

Rosell is desperate to persuade Guardiola to stay on and the longer he has delayed his decision the more speculation has grown he might be lured to another club with reports linking him to the Chelsea and Internazionale jobs, among others.

Other reports suggested he was in line to become the next England manager or that he was planning to take a sabbatical.

The odds on Guardiola taking over from Fabio Capello at the helm of the England team narrowed sharply on Thursday. One British betting house quoted him as 22/1 earlier on Thursday and those odds fell to 14/1.

The former Barca and Spain midfielder has preferred to renew his contract on an annual basis and waited until February 8 last year before agreeing a new deal.

He went on to capture a third straight Liga title and a second Champions League crown, as well as the Spanish and European Super Cups and the Club World Cup, and has led Barca to 13 trophies since taking over in 2008.

However, his team were knocked out of the semi-finals of the Champions League by Chelsea on Tuesday and their three-year stranglehold on the La Liga title is poised to come to an end as bitter rivals Real Madrid have a seven-point advantage at the top of the standings with four games left.

Barca's one remaining chance of silverware this season is in the Copa del Rey and they play Athletic Bilbao in next month's final in Madrid.


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  1. I predicted d fall of barca earlier dis season. How­ right i was!

    From MARCUS ASIN, on Fri 27 Apr 11:18
  2. thats what happens when you mess up with­ mou......mission seas mou should­ solely focus on our tenth euro......its been over­ due......shame pep......good luck......real for life

    From Realamplified Mamb, on Fri 27 Apr 9:25
  3. Man, some people are so classy, insulting Pep for­ thinking about leaving, yet not having the slightest­ clue as to what is up with him in his life. The dude as­ done some awesome things in a mere 4 years of coaching.­ I am not sure there are any other coaches who have­ accomplished that much in their first four years,­ regardless of what resources they had available to­ them. That being said, things did not work out this­ season, and some of that clearly falls at Pep's­ feet, some at his player's feet, and some is­ "just the way it is". Thanks Pep!

    From Adil, on Fri 27 Apr 8:59
  4. run pep run , mourinho has set fire to barca camp, run­ and hide,

    From kkkkk, on Fri 27 Apr 8:50
  5. then who's gonna replace Pep? Di Matteo?? soon,­ Barca gonna play formation 9-0-1, if you know what I­ mean...

    From Badrul, on Fri 27 Apr 8:49
  6. mourinho enters and the tough gets going

    From kkkkk, on Fri 27 Apr 8:49
  7. when the going gets tough,losers run and hide.

    From kkkkk, on Fri 27 Apr 8:48
  8. I don't get why the winning Chelsea wants to hire­ Guardiola, the coach of the losing Barcelona...­ Typically it's the other way around: Barcelona­ should want to hire Di Matteo :)

    From Denny van Varkensvlees, on Fri 27 Apr 8:35
  9. pep as been a good coach seen he took over.and as lead­ d team and club 2 many trophies leaving now went d team­ needs 2 get back and concer d world shows he s a­ failure despite his achievment.

    From umo, on Fri 27 Apr 7:56
  10. I wil respect his decision if he leaves. He needs a­ breake. I think, his over loyalty to his club and over­ confidence to this defenders paid heavy price. He­ should have bought at least two world class defenders­ in the beginning of this season. Puyol should retire­ and Barca should offload him. He has past this best and­ lost his pace and he is directly responsible for­ Ramires goal. Bring Thiago Silva at any cost and bring­ two more defenders along with one defensive midfielder.­ I think Bielsa can be a good coach for Barca. Pep is a­ great coach who is a great example of new generation­ coaches unlike Jose Mourinho who preaches hatred and­ animosity. Pep is a genuine ambassador of Positive­ football and Beautiful game people love to watch.

    From mubarak, on Fri 27 Apr 7:47
  11. Let's wait and hear what he has to say, at the­ moment, its all rumours. Most importantly, people must­ respect his decision, whatever it is.

    From merciless, on Fri 27 Apr 6:16
  12. why he wants to quit? Winners never quit. The recent­ events should make him a better coach and come up with­ better strategist since clubs are getting use to his­ tactics.

    From Sega, on Fri 27 Apr 3:52
  13. Oh look! Dream Nr Team 2 has come out of his hole­ again! "Mourinhoe?" Seriously? How delusional­ and pathetic r u?

    From Tk, on Fri 27 Apr 0:06
  14. Pep should go, he did his time, won a lot for­ Barcelona, why should he be coaching for a 100 years­ like SAF? Biesla from Atletico is the man to replace­ Pep, I think Biesla bring the same type of game with a­ different thinking, would be fun, all good things have­ to end some day, and i think Pep should try and win the­ Spanish cup final then retire on a high..

    From lorreacabo, on Fri 27 Apr 0:00
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    boo-hoo....loses and walks away, not exactly the­ manager you want, who is ready to walk when things get­ a little tough. He needs to man up and start taking­ defeats on the chin and keep trying to improve. did he­ epect to win everything, every year?

    From Andrew, on Thu 26 Apr 23:23
  16. You cannot play with a 3-4-3 with 3 defenders that do­ not defend. 4-4-3 is considered risky on every day, but­ when Mascherano is your sweeper and Dani Alves is­ considered a defending player, you cannot rival any­ tall or fast player on the counter. No Abidal, Milito,­ Maxwell, or Chygrinskiy- Pique is not being started,­ and with Adriano almost invisible, and the bench having­ no defenders. You cannot raise defenders from the La­ Masia to the first team, as they require a lot of­ first-team experience. Buy good defenders and a young­ attacker-someone who plays differently, someone with a­ very powerful long-range shot.

    From , on Thu 26 Apr 23:04
  17. The English Media is taking everyone for a ride. Why­ the hell will he go to a pathetic club like Chelsea? He­ wants to take a break. Having won everything he wants­ to take a long break. That's the end of it.

    From Vikas, on Thu 26 Apr 22:39
  18. as a barca fan.. i want him to stay.. but honestly..­ pep.. if you wanna leave then say it.. it doesn't­ matter..

    From skywalkertw01, on Thu 26 Apr 22:07
  19. Think this is all media smoke I believe he will stay.­ If he was too leave I can see him going only to­ chelsea. They probably think he could bring some­ players hahaha, abramovich has the money to take messi­ to the EPL. Mourinho wont stay in La liga any longer­ than his contract before returning back. Potential­ start of a decline in spanish football...

    From Mr scott, on Thu 26 Apr 22:02
  20. @ Sydney, you need to STFU with your excuses, Pep did­ not build this Barca team, he inherited. Get your facts­ straights idiot and stop saying things that are untrue.­ Pep inherited a bad Barca team that were in third place­ and did not win a single trophy for 2 year. He got rid­ of 2 stars that were in Barca, Ronaldinho and Deco plus­ more. During Rijkard era, Xavi and Iniesta were not­ running the midfield, it was Deco and Ronaldinho.­ During Rijkard era Messi was not the same Messi that­ became of Peps era. So don't come up with excuses.­ If anything it's mourinhoe the one who is­ inheriting team, like he did with inter, inheriting the­ team that Mancini build, and like he did with madrid,­ inheriting the team that Pelgrini and perez build.­ Visca Barca. I just hope Pep stays.

    From Barcelona Dream Team #2, on Thu 26 Apr 21:30
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