Sagna confident Van Persie will stay

Sat, 26 May 09:09:37 2012

Defender Bacary Sagna is confident Arsenal can keep hold of captain and star striker Robin van Persie this summer.

The Holland international is likely to be in demand this summer following a season in which he scored 30 Barclays Premier League goals to fire the Gunners to third place and has been linked with champions Manchester City.

But Sagna told the Daily Mirror: "I'm confident Robin will stay. He was a complete professional from the beginning until the end (of the season) and helped us into third.

"We want to keep him. Everyone is so grateful to him for what he's done for the club and how important he is. He is our captain and takes his role and responsibilities very seriously. He gives everything as a player and captain."


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  1. almost everyone says he is going.don't believe­ everything you read.i think it is still 50-50.if he­ stays wicked. if he goes a bit gutted but arsenal will­ find another.

    From George, on Wed 30 May 16:27
  2. In spite of RVP attributes... you have to admit, he­ really held up the progress of a few of the other­ players.... the worst thing for me was his­ "screaming for the ball while in an offside­ position" .... Bye VAN ... we look forward to a­ more united team.

    From brian j , on Tue 29 May 17:06
  3. I couldn't agree more with Uche on players'­ stand when it comes to transfer rumors or facts. High­ caliber Arsenal players such as Cesc Fabregas, S Nasir,­ and now RVP following the trend, isn't he? Shame­ this is for players to so unprofessionally play hide­ and seek on rumors of transfers! Such behavior is not­ only lacking shrewdness, but also confidence on­ one's worth, ironically! But they have always ended­ up in some sort of professional regrets one way or­ another after leaving, haven't they? Adebayor­ reduced his playing capacity in his concluding moments­ at Arsenal, only for him to despite his­ bustling-to-impress forms at City, Madrid, and now­ Spurs, he journey-wandered and almost currently­ choice-less, pleading for space at the Lane! Alex Hleb,­ Cesc, even Thierry Henry no doubt, pearls at the­ Emirates, but painfully reduced their rates in their­ travels, didn't they? You needn't the mentions­ of the Nasirs, Clichys and God helps even the­ ungrateful Vierra, who seems to be doing the undoing­ bidding from his former club. In the current RVP saga,­ the choice is surely his to stay or quit, but his own­ destiny is only definitely in his own hands to mold,­ nurture and mature. There have been calls here and­ there, even from his former skipper, Cesc, who­ testified and joined in calling for caution and a host­ of others. It took the Grace of God for instance for­ Fernando Torres to manage and rediscover his Liverpool­ form at Stamford Bridge, with Carrol at the other end,­ just as Shevchenko couldn't entirely! But whatever­ the situation with RVP at Arsenal, he's got to be­ professional in his decision. If he goes, nonetheless,­ Arsene and Arsenal have always produced enough­ replacements, haven't they? Meanwhile, Arsenal­ should continue to focus on the busy, highly­ competitive summer transfer market than an individual­ of the team. The Arsenal team work brought those van­ Persie's goals, didn't they?

    From Jim Roggo, on Tue 29 May 13:48
  4. If he wants to go, just get rid of him ffs. Im a gunner­ through and through, but Im sick and tired of this­ blackmailing while saying everything will turn out­ nice. There is not one player in the world who you can­ trust anymore.

    From NothingMan, on Tue 29 May 7:27
  5. i love RVP but if he really want to leave? then adius.a­ lot of people on 20k a year are loosing their jobs or­ getting less to stay in job & here is a player who­ was offered more money to do what he love for one of­ the best team around & he is sulking? no player­ should worth more than 150k a week & should not be­ bigger than the club, the time might come when the­ ordinary people paying their enormous wages wont be­ able to afford even a 1 game ticket. then what?­ footballers might have to look for another profession­ IN ARSENE WE TRUST

    From ladi, on Tue 29 May 1:18
  6. wengers not helping he needs to get buying he is so­ tight you would think it was his cash pull your finger­ out mr wenger or we will lose van persie

    From JOHN, on Tue 29 May 1:05
  7. I hope so because I am sick and tired of this exodus.­ When the service of a particular player is needed most,­ he is off to another club. Is this how Arsenal is going­ to put a stop to trophyless season? From Emma,­ Lagos-Nigera

    From emmanuel, on Mon 28 May 6:14
  8. #8 it is not my brief to comment on what goes on at­ barca but how many times i wished our arsene had given­ cesc that guardiola treatment when he was at arsenal.­ oh yes same wishes with that blundering theo, diaby,­ nasri and RVP. they were all world class players who­ were too indolent to give of their best to arsenal FC­ and exploited our manager's personal style of­ seemingly never reproaching his players. all five­ played together for two full seasons and we don't­ have a single trophy to show??? most other trophy­ winners could not boast that many world class talents­ in their team. I guess sagna was merely answering­ questions put to him and he gave his honest opinion­ about RVP. What I am sure off is that arsene will­ secure an outcome that is most beneficial to arsenal­ FC. the legacy and destiny of the player is in the­ player's own hands. we shall support the team­ whoever plays for arsenal FC.

    From SANCHEZ, on Sun 27 May 11:28
  9. Latest news.... if you believe the NEWSPAPERS.......­ "Money doesnt interest me, i want to win­ trophies".... like i said before ...... he's­ playing you for fools. Get rid. take the cash &­ sign people who want to play football for the club­ & fans at ARSENAL. Arsene cannot be blameless­ either..... Sometimes too pig headed. He should have­ had that defence sorted long ago.

    From brian j , on Sun 27 May 11:21
  10. better cup in 7 seasons...u now cup in­ nation and club...go real,barca or man city...

    From Rosse, on Sun 27 May 9:18
  11. You biased GUNNER supporters, why can you not see Van­ Persie is playing you for fools. Offered 5million on­ top of fantastic wage rise & he cannot make his­ mind up......

    From brian j , on Sat 26 May 17:21
  12. Am a realist, i hope you are right , as the same was­ said about Nasty Nasri.

    From Patrick, on Sat 26 May 16:28
  13. I hope you are right sagna,

    From Patrick, on Sat 26 May 16:26
  14. well, he's gone off to prepare for the euro's­ now hasnt he? he probably wants to focus on that rather­ than transfer speculation...

    From Matty, on Sat 26 May 14:54
  15. RVP's silence is to raise the price. Whichever way,­ Arsenal will always come out better. Trophies will­ come. Definately not after 44 years or 50 years.­ Trophies will come. We have good books. We believe. We­ can do it.

    From Alex A ., on Sat 26 May 13:04
  16. @Habanero, comment 2, I agree. Fabregas is one of­ the best midfielders in Europe, but he's not­ getting enough playing time with Barca. Mabye thats why­ he made that comment last week, telling Van Persie to­ stay at Arsenal. Now Fabregas knows that when you­ leave Arsenal for another club, you are probably going­ to sit on the bench. Perhaps Fabregas is even­ regreting his move?

    From Daniel, on Sat 26 May 12:51
  17. We should sell him now he must be worth at least 10­ million more than Torres and he'll probably get­ injured in the Euros and miss most of next season

    From andrew, on Sat 26 May 12:23
  18. Habanero, Cesc played nearly 50 times for Barcelona­ last year. That is not a bit part player. Give our­ former captain some respect. I for one will not­ begrudge him playing for his hometown club. It must be­ a dream come true for him and he is showing it with­ some fine consistant performances.

    From eoin, on Sat 26 May 11:53
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    #2 that was a cheap attempt to court popularity. most­ professional players will be proud to be holding­ cesc's four trophies since he left arsenal. star­ player at arsenal yes. bit part player at barcelona?­ arguable.

    From SANCHEZ, on Sat 26 May 10:50
  20. We have bought PODOLSKI now Arsene needs to buy 3 or 4­ more WORLD CLASS PLAYERS to guarantee RVP stays and­ then we will be serious title contenders for 2012-2013.­ arsene must stop being a feeder club to the likes of­ man city. 8 years without a trophy would be TOTALLY­ UNACCEPTABLE......... HUNTELAAR would be a good­ starting point for keeping RVP thats for sure!!!!!!

    From Flick the Bean, on Sat 26 May 10:29
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