Nadal demolishes Tipsarevic

Fri, 27 Apr 18:22:00 2012

Top seed Rafael Nadal raced into the semi-finals of ATP Barcelona with a 6-2 6-2 win over Janko Tipsarevic.


Nadal turned in a below-par performance in seeing off Colombian wildcard Robert Farah on Thursday but on Friday looked much more like the player who is on a 32-match winning streak at his home club in the Catalan capital.

The world number two will next take on compatriot Fernando Verdaso, who progressed after opponent Kei Nishikori retired at 4-2 down in the opening set.

The Spaniard raced 4-0 up in the first set with two breaks as Tipsarevic struggled to find an answer to his serve.

The Serbian world number eight managed to secure two holds as he sought form for the second set, and should have added a break.

However he threw away all three of his chances as Nadal took five straight points to close out the set.

The momentum remained with him as he took a love game to break at the start of the second set, but he was broken back for 2-2.

His response was clinical: three games in a row – two of them on the Tipsarevic serve – saw him serving for the set, and he secured the hold to win.

He cracked consecutive aces to seal victory against the eighth-ranked Tipsarevic and told Spanish television he had been especially pleased with his performance in the first set.

"I think two 6-2 sets against the world number eight is a fantastic result," added the 25-year-old French Open champion.

"Tomorrow I am in the semi-finals and I'll have to play at my best to have a chance so let's see what happens."


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  1. @ You're the 'dumby' to fall for the bait!!

    From M, on Sat 28 Apr 16:04
  2. to M ... u must wait until ferrer match finish to say­ that .... raoinic lost today dumby !! lol

    From Hicham Magdy, on Sat 28 Apr 15:05
  3. maybe sasa but i doubt it, it was said last year he­ wouldnt win so i wouldnt bet against him this year­ either, this is his surface and we will see first how­ he does in rome and madrid then the picture should be­ clearer.

    From ralph, on Sat 28 Apr 12:29
  4. Half a brain wants to spank Andy Murray

    From John, on Sat 28 Apr 12:11
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Just lighting the touch-paper here: Just watch Nadal­ get spanked by Raonic soon.....!

    From M, on Sat 28 Apr 11:53
  6. Ralph@ You can call me full, but this year other gay­ will win RG

    From Sasa, on Sat 28 Apr 11:25
  7. @Half a Brain: This is a board about Nadal; what is­ your obsession with slating Murray? Could it be love??

    From M, on Sat 28 Apr 10:52
  8. You've gone off your nut Sam, none of them is­ playing at Barcelona.

    From John, on Sat 28 Apr 10:16
  9. meanwhile Murray got spanked by a lowly ranked player..

    From Half A Brain, on Sat 28 Apr 9:55
  10. Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastico

    From thebladeofblade, on Sat 28 Apr 7:49
  11. i expected a slightly tougher game, but this is no­ surprise. well done again!!

    From Nora, on Sat 28 Apr 2:48
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Vamos Borg Vamos Novak and Vamos the king of kings­ roger federer yes Vamos the almighty federer!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 28 Apr 0:39
  13. VAMOS RAFA I LOVE YOU you are playing outstanding­ tennis !!!! :D

    From Stephanie, on Fri 27 Apr 22:07
  14. the storm ionel will be rafa, this is his surface and­ the bull will be raging in RG in order to collect his­ 7th crown, only a fool would think otherwise.

    From ralph, on Fri 27 Apr 21:07
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Better for Rafa to enjoy now, soon the storm will come!­ No chance at RG!!

    From IONEL, on Fri 27 Apr 20:58
  16. the stupid sam parikh said before that borg is better­ than rafa cause he played with a woden rackest .... i­ think in his time all other players had used the same­ wooden rackets ..... but what show the greateness of­ rafa is that he is the first player since borg to­ defend roland garros more than once .... only­ bruguerra and kuerten did it once in the last 30 years­ that show that roland garros is the hardest grand slam­ to defend specialy that the players these days are more­ pro than in the 70sso when rafa win it 6 times and­ domiante all the clay court season for the last 7 years­ prove that he is the greatest

    From Hicham Magdy, on Fri 27 Apr 20:42
  17. Well done to Rafa!! I hope he and David make the final­ again and he defends his title and also wins at Rome­ and Madrid!!

    From sarah37729, on Fri 27 Apr 20:30
  18. 'demolishes' is such a harsh word...

    From Goran, on Fri 27 Apr 19:57
  19. ah, sam parikh, the spokesperson of the mong people

    From webbski, on Fri 27 Apr 19:38
  20. Yes David his pills are clearly not working.

    From alchemist, on Fri 27 Apr 19:36
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