Premier League - Martinez decision on Tuesday

Sun, 27 May 09:18:00 2012

Liverpool's hunt for a new manager could be over after it emerged that Roberto Martinez was set to announce his future plans on Tuesday.

2011 Wigan Roberto Martinez - 0

Press Association Sport understands Wigan will hold a press conference this week in which Martinez is expected to announce whether or not he will stay. The 38-year-old met Liverpool's owners in Miami on Thursday to discuss the managerial vacancy and was apparently not put off by the huge challenge that would face any new manager.

However, it is understood Martinez has not made up his mind completely whether to accept that challenge and has given himself until Tuesday to do so. Wigan chairman Dave Whelan claimed on Friday the Spaniard had received an offer from Liverpool's principal owner John Henry after their meeting.

Doubts emerged over Whelan's interpretation of the situation, with the Reds refusing to comment amid the general belief no formal offer had been made.

Martinez's appointment would doubtless divide opinion among Liverpool supporters, some of whom may have been expecting a bigger name to be recruited to replace the sacked Kenny Dalglish.

But captain Steven Gerrard has already pledged his full support to Martinez should he get the job. Gerrard, preparing for Saturday night's England friendly against Norway, was a big supporter of Dalglish but cautiously welcomed the idea of Martinez taking charge.

"We'll have to wait and see," said the midfielder. "My focus has been on the game. I'm aware Roberto Martinez has been talking to the club but all I've heard about him is positive. If he is going to be the manager, he's got my full support."

Throughout the process, Whelan has insisted it was not a foregone conclusion he would lose his manager to the club's north west rivals, claiming there were still some issues - mainly surrounding working under a technical director - to be overcome before Martinez would even be in a position to accept.

"He went to Miami and had a very constructive meeting with the owner of Liverpool," the Latics chairman told Sky Sports News. "They're going to talk again on Tuesday. They've made Roberto an offer and he has agreed to consider it.

"He's said, 'What are my responsibilities?' These are American owners and the rules and regulations are a bit different from what we English set down. Roberto is a seven-days-a-week, 12-hours-a-day worker and I don't know whether they realise how hard he works."

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  1. Do you L'pool,Manu,Chelski,Manc,Arsenal&Spurs­ fans have nothing better to do, than slag each other­ off? Why dont you start screaming about this lot of ­ SCUMBAGS in Poland & Ukraine..... "We"­ should be walking out on it now....... YOU HEARD IT­ HERE FIRST.

    From brian j , on Mon 28 May 22:11
  2. Fick off with all this Martinez stuff already . Every­ day its the same story written with slightly different­ words. Martinez has been interviewed along with some­ other candidates, thats it !! Dave Whelan wants to­ know in the next couple of days, i assume so that he­ can try and find a new manager, hey Dave, i will let­ you into a secret, if its not Liverpool or Aston Villa­ it will be the next half decent side, Martinez is­ leaving Wigan during the close season,during next­ season or at the end of next season so get out there­ and find yourself another manager.

    From stephen, on Mon 28 May 21:18
  3. Comment 217 Bill your a nob!! i don't know which­ glory hunting band wagon team you claim to support but­ also put alongside the scores against Man U, Man City,­ Chelsea and Arsenal this season rather knocks your sad­ silly comment in the head!! as i said your a nob!!!

    From john g, on Mon 28 May 21:07
  4. Barry Fry is now also in contention according to local­ sources.

    From mark, on Mon 28 May 20:33
  5. to paul @231 U r miserable jealous lad ur poor­ littlepoodle club unable to win anything remarkable 4­ ages what ever u won nobody can remember as it was­ before Jesus Christ. LOL Stop winging about, be a man­ LittlePoodle - are LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!

    From Mr Uncle Vovan, on Mon 28 May 20:32
  6. Earlier in the month I posted that either Martinez or­ Rodgers would be barmy to take over Liverpool at this­ stage. Both will enjoy a sensible response from thier­ respective Chairman if they stay where they are. Both­ have time on their side.

    From nov17th, on Mon 28 May 18:22
  7. Martinez has got too much class to manage an idiotic­ club like that

    From Oleg, on Mon 28 May 16:45
  8. Re225. Yes Im sure. Appears I know more about your­ club than you do. Why am I not suprised. You only­ started supporting Chelsea when Abramovic took charge. ­ Well done, keep waving those little blue flags. And­ well done on finally winning the champions league after­ more than 12 managers and 500 mill in players since the­ prem began. Win it 5 times and you'll get to keep­ it for more than a season. But still. You can just go­ out and spend another fortune on a couple of­ mercenaries. Small club.

    From Paul, on Mon 28 May 15:37
  9. I wish we had a younger manager instead of this old­ fart we got. Steve keane of blackburn maybe available­ soon so fingers crossed.

    From donkeyderby, on Mon 28 May 15:34
  10. Hey media, we, the readers, don't give a­ monkey's arse about what Whelan has to say about­ what UKSV and Liverpool's plans are. Enough,­ already. Quit interviewing him.

    From BTM, on Mon 28 May 14:44
  11. Chelsea 23. trophys a shade short i think. only 32­ though lol.

    From a, on Mon 28 May 14:43
  12. post 225 lets see. 5 champions leagues. 18 premier­ leagues. 3 european super cups. 7 league cups. 3­ europa leagues. 4 championships. 15 community shields­ thats 55 trophies.including the champions league cup­ that stays at anfield. ok your turn.

    From a, on Mon 28 May 14:40
  13. Why is brendan rogers and fsg in new jersey at the same­ time coincidence or what, Swansea are denying it but a­ strange coincidence.i think.and no sign of brendan in­ wales.

    From a, on Mon 28 May 14:36
  14. paul ! 223 you seem very eager to prove things about­ liverpool ! and you think liverpool have won more than­ chelsea And man city put together !!! are you sure ???

    From Andy, on Mon 28 May 14:32
  15. I should actually correct myself, Chelsea have won­ about the same in complete trophies and shields that­ Liverpool have since the prem began, the difference­ being Chelsea have paid through the nose for the­ privilage, and employed 3 times as many managers to do­ so. People overlook the shevchenkos and kezmans,­ complete flops on coming to chelsea, and 50 mill on­ Torres. Thats not a big club, its just a rich club. ­ If that gives you the basis to mock Liverpool, it makes­ you pretty sad. As for Man city. Apart from last­ seasons title and 1 fa cup. What have you win since­ the premier league started? You'd barely make mid­ table without arab owners. Which you'll eventually­ have to come to terms with.

    From Paul, on Mon 28 May 12:31
  16. Who ever gets the job, for the first time in a few­ seasons Liverpool wont be judged on what its previous­ manager/player has achieved, unless they pull a fast­ one and hire hansen, seeing as he knows everything sat­ in the MOTD studio. Martinez isnt my favoured choice,­ I'd rather Van Gaal for the hot seat. But if its­ to be martinez, its a new foundation, recently arrived­ owners who actually take the running of the club­ seriously, so serious they gave Kenny 120 mill to play­ with, although only 35 mill actually came from their­ own pocket, its reasuring that a younger hungrier­ manager with hopefully a better grasp on tactics and­ being fluent in Spanish will grab hold of our squad and­ give us the mental fortitude we've lacked since our­ 2005 CL win. We have many Spanish/south american­ speaking players, so having a manager fluent in their­ own language will also create a Unity our past squad­ had with rafa. I also hope having a younger manager,­ he'll be braver in bringing Sterling suso Cody and­ morgan into the affray. That was one of a few mistakes­ Kenny made. Spending so much on players we didnt need,­ and overlooking promising talent from the academy. If­ you follow the trend of the souless clubs like City and­ Chelsea who just go for the Bingo shot and employ who­ ever is currently winning trophies no matter how much­ it costs, then Liverpool would need a bigger manager­ than Martinez. But Liverpool, could be good for­ martinez and vice versa. The Liverpool way died when­ Fagan paisley and Shankly left the club. Fans and ex­ players have used the term trying to cling onto the­ past, hoping it will benefit the present. But football­ is a different beast these days. SO hopefull the fans­ will abandon calls for martinez to fit " their­ ideology ". So long as martinez respects­ Liverpool FC and what it HAS achieved, i think he's­ entitled to be able to mould us into his vision. We­ have a good enough squad with 2 new players to win the­ title.

    From Paul, on Mon 28 May 12:26
  17. I'm fed up of hearing what Dave Whelan is making up­ and the media buying it. All anyone knows apart from­ Martinez and Henry know. Is that he had a interview.­ Which Liverpool has also said four others was getting­ or having. So was Whelan also in all the other four­ interviews to hear that they wasn't getting the­ job?

    From Saalemnok, on Mon 28 May 12:07
  18. Fantastic the Wigan manager thats right the Wigan­ manger will decide if he wants the looserpool­ job........

    From kevin, on Mon 28 May 11:59
  19. What I find humerous is the last 3 posts all lamenting­ Liverpool for not being a big club........... Chelsea­ won their first ever champions league trophy because­ Bayern missed a penalty. City won their first title in­ decades. And neither are big clubs, just clubs with­ wealthy owners. Liverpool have won more trophies since­ the prem began than City and Chelsea combined, and City­ didnt even manage to crack the Europa league last­ season. Its about time the wanna be's got it into­ perspective. LIverpool are a big club because we have­ tradition based on success. If United fail to win­ anything next season and dont make the top 4, they wont­ be considered a small club, because like Liverpool they­ have history. And neither Liverpool OR United had to­ buy it. Football didnt begin with the creation of the­ premier league, its a shame those glory hunting­ trollers who plague Liverpool stories conviniently­ overlook it. lol @ Liverpool the so called small club­ winning more than Spurs Newcastle Arsenal and United­ combined last season. Oh how small we are lmfao. Cant­ wait for the start of next season, everyone starts from­ Zero points. New manager to come few more signings,­ europa cup and top 4 to aim for. Not so bad to build­ from.

    From Paul, on Mon 28 May 11:52
  20. Shankly, Paisley Dalglish .....Martinez? hmmmmm­ don't quite sit with the previous 3. Then again he­ is good at fighting relegation. Maybe that's why­ he's the favourite. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    From John, on Mon 28 May 9:32
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