Premier League - Newton: Di Matteo in dark

Sun, 27 May 11:10:00 2012

Roberto Di Matteo is still completely in the dark about his Chelsea future, according to assistant manager Eddie Newton.

Chelsea's coach Roberto di Matteo (C) attends the award ceremony after winning the Champions League final soccer match against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena - 0

A week after masterminding the greatest moment in the Blues' history by ending their wait for Champions League glory, caretaker boss Di Matteo has yet to discover whether he will be rewarded with the job full-time or jettisoned altogether.

Reports have suggested Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich might be prepared to offer Di Matteo a one-year contract.

But Pep Guardiola's apparent U-turn over his plan to take a season-long sabbatical may have complicated matters, with the outgoing Barcelona boss said to be Abramovich's number one target.

Newton, who helped Di Matteo deliver the FA Cup as well this season, said in the Mail on Sunday: "Nothing has changed. The situation is that we're contracted to the end of the season, June 30. We're still digesting what we've done. But nobody at the club is telling us anything. We all want what's best for Chelsea but we have absolutely no idea what the club thinks that is."

Di Matteo, who has also been linked with Aston Villa and Lazio, is reportedly concerned a one-year deal might not give him the job security he is seeking.

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  1. How can they justify getting rid of RdM? come on­ he's won the Tombola 20minute penalty shoot out RA­ said he wants beautiful football at his club, will he­ get that from a manager who only thinks of playing­ football in his own half?and imposed on Chelski a­ dour,defensive, boring culture. Not many can achieve­ that status in a couple of months. In fairness to the­ chap he had a unenviable task in taking over a group of­ players who had realised that in AVB there was someone­ who had rumbled them and wanted radical changes.­ Problem was ,too fast. I cannot see Di matteo getting­ the job, for one thing just watching the demeanour of­ the players they don't seem to have a lot of­ respect for him, most just turned away from him when he­ tried to talk to them. torres must have been assured­ that there will be a change of manager otherwise he­ would have made more noise.

    From Ray, on Mon 28 May 10:46
  2. chelsea fc now need a sufficiently experienced team­ manager to build a new team. rdm was lucky to be there­ to oversee what fate has determined. he conducted­ himself appropriately but that does not amount to being­ qualified for what i perceive to be the next stage of­ the chelsea project. rdm should hold on to the avfc job­ if it is offered to him. to sit down waiting for­ someone to pronounce on the chelsea job is mere proof­ of lack of confidence in his own ablilty to do the job­ under any circumstance. he is relying too much on a­ press campaign. the board will never concede to that.­ let him go out and prove himself.

    From sinbad e, on Mon 28 May 9:29
  3. Hi Aramovic R, I see you not hesitating to sign RD­ Matteo a full time coach for the Blues! What you have­ spend a lot and time to get was conquared with in­ three months by RDM. What acredit! I think First­ Abramovic give he Kudos!!! and Bless the Guy with­ four(4) years deal, there after you go on Transfer­ window! I say this shouldn't be self interest. If­ you fill Guardiola will come, How do you know Blues­ players will adapted to his systematic play when you­ vivedly know Bacas squard. Question! Do you wants to­ start changing coaches this season again? In this case­ the the Blues you know is better than the Red devil!

    From Reuben, on Mon 28 May 9:13
  4. If he's still in the dark tell him to turn the­ light on.

    From Avenue T, on Mon 28 May 8:43
  5. Abromo is russian - who expects him to be anything but­ sneaky? How did he become rich? RDM would do well to be­ out of there; the man has talent so go find a position­ where he will be appreciated! If I was him, I would be­ long gone!

    From Geoff H, on Mon 28 May 7:25
  6. Roberto di Matteo's tactics triumphed over­ Guardiola's. Guardiola was so beaten that he said­ he needed a year's rest. I have always thought that­ Guardiola is weak.

    From Robert, on Sun 27 May 22:41
  7. Anfieldstar, thats cheap coming from a prat like you­ int it?

    From Agent of Chaos, on Sun 27 May 21:44
  8. AVB made his name at porto. But at chelsea he was d­ flop of d decade.RDM has proven himself and he should­ be permanent.Abramovich shud see this and not to be­ unstable.

    From emmanuel davido, on Sun 27 May 21:39
  9. I believe if they offer him a one year contract he­ should not take it. He will be the Chelsea great,­ better than Mourhihno actually. And if Whoever they­ chose fails, that is when he will be vindicated. De­ Matteo is a genius

    From TJ, on Sun 27 May 18:57
  10. As a Chelsea fan, i am sick to death of the board and­­ Roman is not going to be popular with the fans if he­­ goes back on his promise. Buck and Gourley are a­ couple­ of clueless idiots, we dont want Guardiola, he­ is over­ hyped and not a proven manager. He had the­ Barca squad­ handed to him on a plate when he took­ over, he could­ have gone on holiday for a year and­ they still would­ have won things, Barca could appoint­ Barry Fry and they­ would still win the Champions­ League and La Liga and­ then Chelsea would rate him as­ a world class manager.­ Also forget about going after­ Hulk, £85 million is a­ complete joke, he isnt that­ good and he isnt worth even­ £20mil. Roberto Di Matteo­ has won 2 major trophys when­ the club looked like it­ was going to win nothing all­ season, even a 6th place­ finish seemed a lucky escape.­ He has turned things­ round and made a difference and­ deserves a 2 year­ contract minimum only the board are­ the anti climax of­ the club, they put the dampers on­ things after the­ club lifted the cup and they are­ making us look bad­ yet again with these rubbish­ standards. Reputation is­ nothing, its results and what­ works best for the team­ and fans that count, are they­ too blind to see that?­ Had the set Robbie on straight­ away, he could be­ preparing what the squad needs for­ next season­ transfer wise. The style will change now­ Drogba is­ leaving and dare i say its for the better, no­ more­ horrible long ball tactics I hope. Get it sorted­ out­ Chelsea, get some people in who know what they are­­ doing. Hulk........what a complete joke, get Hazard,­­ Richards, Cavani and Lavezzi in.

    From Agent of Chaos, on Sun 27 May 17:20
  11. di matteo shud take d offer and work for more offer at­ for big name,his name had been mention among­ d CL winner, and there4 he is also a big name.

    From emmanuel davido, on Sun 27 May 14:01
  12. RDM and Newton have done a wonderful job and I can see­ them being offered a contract for one year, if­ Guardiola refuses to take the job straight away. RDM­ would be a fool to walk away from that offer as it­ would seriously boost his appeal the season after.­ Chelsea would also benefit as he is a player's­ manager, relaxed, has a winner's mentality and is­ clever enough to use a variety of tactics, something­ Guardiloa could do with learning. Following that one­ season and depending on the results, Chelsea would face­ either an easy or a difficult decision. I'm sure­ the new manager will be set the task of at least a top­ four finish, if not the title or The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE­ AGAIN! Chelsea are faced with a dilemma and Guardiloa­ needs to set the record straight asap as he is holding­ up everyone.

    From charles, on Sun 27 May 13:29
  13. Romam A is a sneaky man with very little loyalty factor­ , Di Matteo should walk and take the Villa job while­ the chance is there, its obvious he is not getting the­ Chelsea post full time otherwise it would have been­ done by now. As usual RA wants a big name, and then he­ will interfere again, undermine the authority of the­ manger and as a result we will see another managerial­ sacking at Chelsea.

    From TTM, on Sun 27 May 11:57
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