Green claims deal with HMRC

Sun, 27 May 08:29:52 2012

Charles Green could be moving closer to a takeover of Rangers after claiming he has reached an agreement with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs over the Ibrox club's debts.

Green, the preferred bidder for Rangers, said he has an informal deal in place with HMRC to repay the debts in part through a Conditional Voluntary Agreement (CVA).

"HMRC have given us the nod but we need it in writing," the former Sheffield United executive told the Daily Record. "We are in the very final stages of completing the CVA and that's expected very, very shortly."

The newspaper reported that letters the club's creditors seeking agreement to the CVA - worth a total of £8.5million - will be sent out on Monday.

Green's next move would then be to meet with Celtic counterpart Peter Lawwell ahead of a summit of SPL clubs on Wednesday, at which possible sanctions for Rangers if they fail to agree a CVA will be discussed.

As he prepares to take control of the club, Green criticised the management of the previous two owners, Craig Whyte and David Murray while outlining how he would do things differently by appointing independent directors to the board.

He said: "The problem with the club historically is there has been no corporate governance.

"There was no accountability, no corporate balance.

"What we need to do is get people who haven't got shares on the board so they are not influenced by the share holding.

"When they make a decision then it's made on the basis of what is proper and what is right, not what is in David Murray's interest or that of David Murray holdings or in the interest of Craig Whyte."


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  1. if rangers go t***s up then where is scotish football­ going to end up? does anybody realy think celtic are­ good enough to entertain scottish football dont think­ so . so ha ha ha tims youve no sodding chance of next­ years title

    From David, on Wed 6 Jun 18:53
  2. this charlie (big potatoes) green will do his walking­ away soon once the rankers go NUCLEAR. anyway, this­ character hasn`t even bought the shameful bigoted club­ he is just the preferred bidder as was bill miller. ­ seemingly 20 backers from around the world...don`t make­ us laugh seemingly a cva agreed...don`t­ make us laugh seemingly investors can­ double their money when the good ship dignity is­ floated on the AIM stock market...don`t make us laugh­ this is LIQUIDATION PURE AND SIMPLE if ­ they are lucky, because when the NUCLEAR explosion­ occurs it will certainly end all talk of rescue­ packages. CHEATS, BIGOTS, RACISTS­ SINCE...WHENEVER!!!

    From , on Tue 29 May 9:33
  3. wind up merchant is what he is! he must own the tax­ office ,Walk-away fc & Nuff n helps too !

    From chris, on Sun 27 May 12:02
  4. Is he going to meet peter lawwell for a tap by any­ chance.

    From No1, on Sun 27 May 9:47
  5. I claim to have seen little green men running around­ murray park.

    From No1, on Sun 27 May 9:46
  6. No.3 Because they are in the same Lodge. DUH wake up­ and smell the coffee.

    From DAVID, on Sun 27 May 9:27
  7. Lys your are like a philadelphia lawyer keep up your­ investigations good reading.

    From No1, on Sun 27 May 9:25
  8. why does he want to meet peter lawwell

    From No1, on Sun 27 May 9:23
  9. mr green has got to be david murray in disguise after­ the bulls**t form duff & duffer this guy comes­ along and outdoes them sevenfold !!! if this charade is­ made into a film its got to be a blockbuster,i think­ the title should be 'total bulls**t'­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From anthony, on Sun 27 May 9:01
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