Green claims deal in place with HMRC

Sun, 27 May 09:33:02 2012

Charles Green could be moving closer to a takeover of Rangers after claiming he has reached an agreement with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs over the Ibrox club's debts.

Green, the preferred bidder for Rangers, said he has an informal deal in place with HMRC to repay the debts in part through a Conditional Voluntary Agreement (CVA).

"HMRC have given us the nod but we need it in writing," the former Sheffield United executive told the Daily Record.

"We are in the very final stages of completing the CVA and that's expected very, very shortly."

The newspaper reported that letters the club's creditors seeking agreement to the CVA - worth a total of £8.5million - will be sent out on Monday.

Green's next move would then be to meet with Celtic counterpart Peter Lawwell ahead of a summit of SPL clubs on Wednesday, at which possible sanctions for Rangers if they fail to agree a CVA will be discussed.


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  1. coopa do you want a spade? here have one, im enjoying­ watchin the gers trying tae dig thumselves oot a hole­ HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I can feel your­ pain!!AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha­ ha ha ha ha ha

    From Joey, on Mon 28 May 11:13
  2. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Jist watched the re-run of the scotland game­ there....PLAYER OF THE YEAR....Charly farly­ MULGREW....AT FAULT WAE THE 5 OF THEM.....jist shows­ you the state of the TEDDY BEARS are in.....when that­ is PLAYER OF THE YEAR..P.S...thot EDU was man of the­ match....different CLASS ....:).

    From , on Sun 27 May 19:45
  3. Hey Reidy 12,,,,,Is that not what all you clowns said­ when wee whitey took over ?

    From Klim, on Sun 27 May 19:24
  4. Victory for the PEOPLE is nearing completion \o/­ \o/ \o/

    From , on Sun 27 May 14:04
  5. Paedo harbouring scum are in for a rude awakening from­ their wishful thinking hopes and prayers,cant wait for­ the hilarious fallout hahahahahahaha

    From , on Sun 27 May 13:14
  6. rancers update! fat sally local has been voted best pie­ shop in britain, greig the bakers govan.

    From George, on Sun 27 May 13:02
  7. LMAO...@ the sellik dross....shytn themselves in case­ the GLORIOUS escapes anything.....TOSSING AND TURNING­ bhoyos....better get more hospital beds in.. just­ incase it goes PEAR SHAPED...LMAO toooooo funny­ haaahaahaa...can actually smell there FEAR fae­ HERE....QUALITY:):):):):)

    From , on Sun 27 May 12:54
  8. Lets hope that The CVA is actually nearing agreement­ and that this situation can be moved forward. Football­ in Scotland has been the biggest loser (Davina no need­ for you to host this series) and having this debacle­ has overshadowed everything else. Next season can only­ be better, but only if it is football that we can­ discuss on a week by week basis.

    From Graeme, on Sun 27 May 12:04
  9. If there's nothing in writing & the daily­ ranger is reporting this tale,then i suggest rangers­ fans don't go shouting for knighthoods­ yet,personally i think charlie green is just buying­ time before the blender is turned on

    From CHARLIE, on Sun 27 May 11:59
  10. There should never be an agreement between Rangers and­ the Tax Man that lets Rangers pay them less than they­ should. The rest of the Country pay there taxes ,,why­ should Rangers Football Club get away with paying less ­ The whole Rangers fiasco stinks of a deal with the SPL­ ,SFA ,,and the Tax man to get Rangers out of the Sh­ --they have gotten themselves into. Myself and my wife­ have agreed not to renew our Season Ticket at­ Kilmarnock if Michael Johnson ,our chairman,gives in to­ Rangers wishes and allows them to remain in the SPL. ­ Fair play ,honesty andintegrity seem to go out the­ window with these chairmen when it comes to money ­ [Killie John and Killie Ann]

    From , on Sun 27 May 11:28
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