Premier League - Torres: Abramovich convinced me to stay

Mon, 28 May 16:19:00 2012

Fernando Torres has revealed the faith shown in him by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich helped persuade him to carry on at Stamford Bridge.

2011-12 Premier League Chelsea Fernando Torres - 0

The striker, who was on Sunday named in Vicente Del Bosque's Spain squad for Euro 2012, had shocked the Blues with an outburst following the triumphant Champions League final, attacking his treatment by the club and threatening to quit west London this summer.

However, four days ago the 28-year-old backtracked, insisting he had simply wanted to play more last season when his "mind was like a rollercoaster" and that he was happy at Chelsea.

Today he revealed that Abramovich's trust convinced him to stay.

Torres told reporters at a press conference: "I had a conversation with the owner of Chelsea and he trusts me.

"His confidence is total and that is what I needed to keep fighting and continue to be essential for the team."

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  1. It's his cash, so you get the feeling that­ Abramovich really wants to be the team selection­ manager and dictate the style of football they play­ himself... But why would he have a dog and want to bark­ himself? - may not actually be a lot stopping him from­ doing so though...

    From Aye,, on Sat 2 Jun 12:22
  2. Torres is a fine footballer..he has been messed about­ with at chelsea..he needs to go to a club like spurs­ ..where he would be in his element..he would be 30+ a­ season..or to everton..

    From POPPY, on Tue 29 May 20:27
  3. Staying at Chelsea coz they wouldnt get the 50million­ back they paid for him haha

    From HILARY, on Tue 29 May 9:17
  4. No son it was the wage increase you stopped for so tell­ the truth for once

    From Peter Judd, on Tue 29 May 7:36
  5. Torres is good if somebody feeds the ball to him. He­ can make things happen out of nothing. You see him­ play for Liverpool, He is good, got what it takes, just­ need the right dude to pass the ball to him, then­ he'll put it , were it belongs. (back of the net) ­ We've seen Torres , many times score. I'm sure­ he can do it, all over again for Chelsea. I hope next­ year, Chelsea will win the European Champions again. ­ GOOD LUCK CHELSEA.

    From G, on Tue 29 May 7:16
  6. to carry on doing what at stamford bridge???run along­ Torres, 2 sugars in mine..

    From STEVEN, on Tue 29 May 6:51
  7. Obviously Roman Abrahimovic is the only one who see­ the gem in Torres. It could be that he is reluntant to­ admit that he made a mistake in splashing 50 millions­ in you. I wish Torres well but if past experience is­ anything to go by, then we are can assuredly be sure­ that Torres will disappoint. I predict that Lukaku will­ overtake him. Please prove me wrong this coming­ season.

    From Kofi, on Tue 29 May 2:52
  8. Hey mr F. Tores, say nothing now that will hunt you in­ the future. I mean that we are all waiting to see you­ talk in the fild with football. Ok. Drogba is gone for­ good after serving Chelsea well. Can you fill the space­ he left? Let's see you next season, then we'll­ reply you.

    From udochukwu, on Tue 29 May 1:18
  9. Torres will be on fire next season with HAZARD &­ MATTA playmaking for him.........with­ DROGBA....................TORRES had to turn into the­ playmaker!! 5/1 CHELSEA for­ PERMIERSHIP.......................get on it!!!

    From Leo, on Tue 29 May 1:16
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Jokes apart, Fernando personally knows he is finished.

    From CeeJay, on Tue 29 May 0:20
  11. Where the hell did he think he was going? He could only­ leave if Abramovich decided to sell him, and who could­ / would afford his bloated wages anyway? You have to­ feel for the guy, whoever you follow, but he needs to­ get on with it and stop the sulking.

    From Colm O'neill, on Mon 28 May 23:46
  12. Its only football . i love football but worse things­ in life are going on .i had to go non league because­ of prices /wages . CHELSEA SUPPORTER i enjoy non­ league better, true football played and prices ,safety­ ect here . no rip off here .food /drink affordable ­ good family atmosphere .

    From JONATHAN, on Mon 28 May 22:14
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From JOANNE OCONNOR, on Mon 28 May 22:06
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    This is one cocky azzhole. Hope he breaks his legs­ during the Euros.

    From LarryMac, on Mon 28 May 21:41
  15. Torres made it possible for Chelsea to get to the CL­ a little respect...

    From Serge, on Mon 28 May 21:34
  16. Chelsea finished 25 points behind City and United. If­ Torres had done what he was paid for that gap would­ have been much smaller.

    From Richard, on Mon 28 May 21:33
  17. boy u r the one who is surposed to convice us to keep u­ not the other way.......we paid a fortune for u yet u­ did not do wat we expected...... we hav been patient­ with u and now u wanna talk really?...

    From alfred flowers., on Mon 28 May 20:01
  18. Agree totally with comment 1.. I doubt abramovich would­ of put it quite so bluntly but it's spot on!

    From wild woodpecker®, on Mon 28 May 19:30
  19. Hahahaah Jack that was surely part of conversation lmao

    From xKOMANx, on Mon 28 May 19:02
  20. "You don't want to leave, Fernando: the roads­ are very dangerous out there, and it would be a shame­ if you had an accident."

    From Jack, on Mon 28 May 18:28
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