Whelan turns up heat on Martinez

Mon, 28 May 16:47:45 2012

Liverpool managerial front-runner Roberto Martinez is due to have further talks with the Merseyside club's owners on Tuesday but Wigan chairman Dave Whelan is trying to force the issue by bringing forward the date he wants a decision from his manager.

Last week Whelan said he would give the Spaniard until June 5 to make up his mind, with the Spaniard returning from his holidays on Tuesday.

However, Whelan has now said he wants to know by this Thursday what Martinez's plans are.

"Roberto has told me he is speaking with Liverpool again on Tuesday," Whelan told ESPN.

"I have now made it clear that I want this sorted out by Thursday at the latest as we have to get on preparing for next season."


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  1. The previously churned out Yahoo garbage quoted it as­ being by Tuesday, personally I dont like the idea of­ Whelan pushing his Manager forward by talking up his­ good points and openly saying Liverpool have his­ blessing to approach Martinez. Then Getting pushy­ because they dont chuck him bundles the following week.­ He's basically conducting his business in public­ by announcing the region of contract buy-out would­ start around 3 mill. Its making Liverpool look cheap,­ but people need to remember, Liverpool have done­ nothing except hold discussions with Martinez. LFC and­ FSG have not been leaking stories via the media about­ what they're doing step by step. This has angered­ some of the " need 2 know now " crew. Even­ an ex player who has Liverpool to thank for his­ inflated status on MOTD is picking holes in FSG's­ ability to manage a football club. Which is fine for­ him to say as a Mirror sport journalist, knowing J­ Henry and Tom werner wont be coming out to ridicule his­ article. But he is becoming part of the problem with­ our club and supporters. He is a good friend of­ Dalglish, and although states he was saddened by his­ sacking understands why, so what is he whinging­ about!?!?!. Its not a job at the local burger joint,­ its a multi million pound position with one of­ footballs most prestigious clubs, and after Fenway­ listened to the supporters cries for Dalglish after­ Hodgson, I dont think they'll be clamouring to­ re-hire hodgson because a large portion of the kop want­ them to. People need to accept. THEY OWN LFC, THEY­ ARE THE ONES MAKING MONEY BASED DECISIONS, its us who­ pay to watch, but ultimately its THEY who get it in the­ neck from US when things dont go as promised. So Give­ the owners credit for being cautious. The Euro's­ are coming up, our squad will be on call, as will other­ clubs. And the prem doesnt start until the 18th of­ August. Its not even June yet. Personally I hope FSG­ give the job to Van gaal. With 2 top pla

    From Paul, on Tue 29 May 10:14
  2. No rush fellas - the Euros will stop all the big­ transfers happening as players put themselves in the­ shop window, Hazard notwithstanding, so wheeling and­ dealing can wait. No need to hurtle into a decision,­ and FSG can pick the right man for the right job and at­ the right price.

    From Gareth, on Tue 29 May 9:07
  3. latest news, martinez remains at wigan..john henry,­ don't think bout other manager, just bring rafa­ back..defenitely he will agree..

    From najib, on Tue 29 May 7:40
  4. Latest news on next Manager .......................LFC­ Board want Jimmy Tarbuck, Ken Dodd and Stan Boardman to­ manage the team on the basis that the boys will be­ laughing their socks off rather than hearing the­ merchant of doom Dalglish give one of his famous team­ talks

    From Gary, on Mon 28 May 23:17
  5. Why is Dave Wheelan being unreasonable, he gave FSG­ permission to interview his manager who is under­ contract at Wigan, the interview has taken place----is­ he now expected to wait upon FSG`s convenience?

    From BROKK, on Mon 28 May 23:12
  6. this is lies it was reported days ago whelan gave him­ while this thursday

    From Robin, on Mon 28 May 20:13
  7. More running commentary from Dave Whelan, I do wish he­ would give it a rest, at least until decisions are­ made.

    From Robin S, on Mon 28 May 19:22
  8. he wants his compansation sortedout by thursday he­ means

    From buddy, on Mon 28 May 17:41
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