World Cup 2010 - My 2 Rand: Should Capello go?

Mon, 28 Jun 11:14:00 2010

England's defeat to Germany in Bloemfontein raises major question marks about Fabio Capello's future as England coach.

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An awful decision saw Frank Lampard denied a clear goal that would have made it 2-2, but England can have no excuses about the fairness of the result - Germany were much the better team throughout.

Does the buck stop with Capello, who is on a massive £6 million a year contract, or should the players take the blame for the defeat?

If Capello goes, who should replace him? And which players need to be brought into the set-up to help change things?

You can vote on Capello's future on the homepage but leave your comments on what England need to do next in the comments box below.


Davidnoble4: "The truth is that England do this at every tournament and, even if the manager is sacked, they will just do it again. It's time to change the structure of the game in England, not the manager."

Sarah.whitmarsh123: "Get an English manager for the England team whose heart and soul is for the country, then we might get somewhere."

Phil P: "Capello is the right man for the job. His record is very good and the Premier League is to blame for England's problems."

George M: "The manager should be held accountable and someone who understands the players should be brought in like Harry Redknapp."

Suzie: "The buck stops entirely with the overpaid, over-rated, one-footed players who, if they were really any good, would be able to play any system requested by their manager."

Kitleyboy: "Capello is only the conductor and the orchestra is to blame. The reality is the current players do not have the passion or desire to represent their country."

Garry: "Anyone who says we need an English manager is bonkers. No Englishman is anywhere near as good as Capello. We must stick with the Italian."

John: "I don't think this is Capello's fault as he can only work with the tools he is given, and these are pretty blunt ones. If he does go, however, I would like to see Hodgson given the job."

Andrew: "With or without Capello, England are not a good enough side because of the strength of the Premier League, which is based on foreign players."

Stella: "Capello should be sacked and so should Wayne Rooney. The striker has been a disgrace along with Terry."

Ensemble: "The manager can only prepare the team. Once they cross the white line it is down to them to perform and it is not the manager who has let the nation down."


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