Premier League - Paper round: Spurs eye Martinez

Sun, 29 Apr 05:47:00 2012

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has shot to the top of Tottenham Hotspur’s list of potential replacements should current boss Harry Redknapp leave for the England national team.

2011 Wigan Roberto Martinez - 0

Martinez looks to be leading Wigan to safety, helped in no small part by a 4-0 thrashing of Newcastle on Saturday, and Spurs are said to be impressed by his passing style and confidence under pressure (The Sun).

“There is no doubt that Martinez is heading for the top and he has been impressive again this season,” a Spurs insider said.

Meanwhile, Wigan chairman Dave Whelan will not stand in Martinez's way if the manager is offered a bigger job this summer.

"He's doing a magnificent job," Whelan told Radio Five Live's Sportsweek. "I've always said Roberto will go to one of the top clubs in Europe and when that time comes he will leave Wigan with my blessing."

David Moyes has also been mentioned with the top job at White Hart Lane but luring him away from Everton is thought to be harder than getting Martinez.

Fresh from the news that Gareth Bale may quit Spurs if the club fail to secure Champions League football next season, Redknapp has been forced to admit that Luka Modric’s exit could be inevitable (The Sun).

Manchester City and Chelsea are both showing an interest in the Croatian and, with only four English teams allowed to compete in the Champions League, holding on to both Modric and Bale could be tricky.

Even if Spurs finish fourth in the Premier League, Chelsea could qualify ahead of them for the Champions League if they beat Bayern Munich in the final on May 19.

“I would be lying if I said I was sure Luka will stay,” Redknapp said. “You don’t know. It was vital we kept him last summer. But I don’t think that we will have to do the same as we did then with Gareth Bale.

“It’s different with Luka. But I certainly would not see Gareth Bale wanting to leave. At this moment he is happy, a big fish here. He is still learning the game, a young boy, and this is where he needs to be. You would like to think Luka will still be here, though you never know.”

Bale, however, seems to have different ideas; claiming just yesterday that he could leave if the club fail to earn a place in Europe’s biggest competition.

Manchester United are planning a £10 million deal for Iceland’s Gylfi Sigurdsson after monitoring the Swansea loanee carefully in recent weeks.

Sigurdsson has been on loan at Swansea from German club Hoffenheim since January and has reportedly impressed United enough to entice Sir Alex Ferguson into making a play for the 22-year-old (Sunday Mirror).

Chief United scout Martin Ferguson and United assistant boss Mike Phelan were at the Reebok Stadium to watch Sigurdsson when Swansea took on Bolton, as the Red Devils continue their desperate search for midfielders after being forced to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement in January.

The Icelander has scored seven goals in 14 appearances for Swansea, and enjoyed 18 goals in 42 appearances during his previous two-year stint in England with Reading.

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has said he is keen to stay at Stamford Bridge for the rest of his career (Sunday Mirror).

The 33-year-old has one year left on his current contract and will open talks at the end of the season.

“I love Chelsea and, ideally, I will be here longer than just one more season,” the England midfielder said.

“I look at people like Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs at Manchester United and see what they are still doing and I would love to do the same for Chelsea. I want to emulate them.”


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  1. This is the next Liverpool maanager.

    From Greg, on Fri 4 May 11:39
  2. Re no 61 you know nothing about football, what Martinez­ has achieved with ,in the main ,ordinary players is­ absolutely phenominal. Bottom line he is Wigan thro and­ thro because of his relationship with DW and that­ relationship does not exist anywhere else inthe Premier­ league.

    From pie-eater, on Tue 1 May 19:38
  3. Les hope DW has the conviction to fulfill Robertos­ dream for one more season and keep the team together­ because we all know he is destined for better things,­ then good luck to him.Asfor the West Brom aspirations­ they have had 2 previous managers with the same­ phylosophies ie Mowbray and DiMattao but sacked them­ before they had the chance to imoplement their ideas so­ why would Rob Martt want to go there,

    From pie-eater, on Tue 1 May 19:30
  4. How many Managers have a Chairman with so much­ faith.Stick with the devil you know Roberto.

    From Luke Cunliffe, on Mon 30 Apr 17:28
  5. Well looks like he wont be going to Spurs now - would­ have been a bad move anyway you look at it.

    From John, on Mon 30 Apr 11:11
  6. Roberto Martinez is a good manager. As a Man United­ fan, I'm disappointed Wigan Athletic won against­ us, but well done ! 4-0 against Newcastle United !­ I'm sure Wigan could be in top 10 soon if they keep­ playing like that !

    From LukeManUnited, on Sun 29 Apr 23:11
  7. as you can tell Newcastle fan but they should look at­ our rivals Martin O'Neill, or Paul Lambert I think­ better than Roberto(still a brilliant manger) but Wigan­ have a better team than both Sunderland (have 3 good­ players rest are average) and Lambert(mostly­ championship players).

    From Adam The Magpie, on Sun 29 Apr 23:02
  8. ''and, with only four English teams allowed to­ compete in the Champions League, holding on to both­ Modric and Bale could be tricky'', This­ isn't a new idea, why sound so surprised?? and­ isn't 4 more than enough?

    From Beltenebros, on Sun 29 Apr 22:31
  9. Martinez would be better off staying at Wigan. They are­ starting something speical.

    From Alan, on Sun 29 Apr 21:03
  10. what do you call a man with a rubber toe?

    From Will, on Sun 29 Apr 21:03
  11. Martinez did great with Swansea earlier in his career­ but I can't fully understand why Spurs would go for­ Martinez right now as he has been consistently­ finishing near the bottom of the PL and scraping out of­ relegation. Wigan under Martinez have developed the bad­ and risky habit of playing poor and patchy during the­ season and then only really turning it on near the end­ of the season when they feel under some pressure to do­ so. For this reason I would be worried if I was a Spurs­ supporter. Martinez needs to prove with his current­ club Wigan that he can perform more consistently at­ the beginning and middle of the season not just at the­ end, before going on to manage a high flying club like­ Spurs who have a greater expectation and history right­ now.

    From Mark Bell, on Sun 29 Apr 20:18
  12. Roberto, one of our Three Amigos. Please stay at Wigan,­ we need you more than Spurs and remember, 'Arry­ hasn't even been offered the England job yet.­ Roberto, guisantes permanecer en el Wigan. Te queremos­ allí.

    From Richard, on Sun 29 Apr 19:25
  13. Spurs have overperformed whatever their fans­ think.Their ground is too small (like Liverpools) so­ they cannot match the wealth of clubs like United or­ Arsenal.Their Owners cannot spend like City or­ Chelsea.Consequently they cannot match the Transfer­ Fees or salaries of the Big Clubs.Bale then Modric will­ go.Of course they will then have money to spend but it­ is always hard replacing great players.Martinez has­ done well on limited resources but it will be a­ tremendous challenge for anyone to get Spurs into the­ Top 4 next season

    From Harry, on Sun 29 Apr 19:10
  14. But Tottenham is not a "big" club...fact.­ (Juande Ramos comes to memory when he had everything at­ Sevilla, he beat the hand that fed him and look at him­ now?? where is he?? is he still alive?? ) Stay at Wigan­ Martinez your legendary status can only get bigger as­ your team gets better. Top Top Manager. Enough said.

    From , on Sun 29 Apr 15:32
  15. I thought Tottenham had an ex Real Madrid or Barcelona­ manager in their sights. Now it's ex.... Wigan!

    From vailsy, on Sun 29 Apr 14:00
  16. WIGAN, Good club, good owner, good supporters and a­ fantastic manager, why on earth would he ever want to­ leave. Owner and manager trust each other, what a great­ combination. I see Wigan going places. From a TOON­ fan.

    From Yvonne M, on Sun 29 Apr 13:16
  17. As a Crewe Alex fan I really hope he stays where he is­ - I don't think he's right for England. Too­ close to Kevin Keegan's tactical nous for me. If­ Rednapp does go though, I'd have thought Chris­ Hughton or Gus Poyet would have been thought of much­ more.

    From Jason, on Sun 29 Apr 13:13
  18. NO NO NO NO! Martinez strikes me as a different kind of­ man. He's part of the Wigan culture. He is a true­ leader. He has the backing of the owner and supporters.­ DON'T be lured away by the money and promises of a­ "big club." How many young talented managers­ have to crash and burn? Stay with Wigan at least until­ you've made Wigan a permanent prem side. You­ can't put a price tag on that!!! You'll be a­ legend. There will ALWAYS be good opportunities for a­ man with your character.

    From jaimetown, on Sun 29 Apr 13:08
  19. definitely better than harry

    From Omar, on Sun 29 Apr 13:05
  20. The way Spurs are playing lately Martinez could make­ the team!! tell him to bring his boots.

    From Rog, on Sun 29 Apr 12:59
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