Championship - Leeds confirm investment talks

Tue, 29 May 11:47:00 2012

Leeds United have announced that they are in investment talks, with reports that two parties would be interested in a potential takeover.

FOOTBALL Leeds United Elland Road - 0

The Championship club finished 14th last season in a turbulent campaign which saw manager Simon Grayson axed and replaced by Neil Warnock.

Leeds, who last played in the top flight in the 2003/04 season, said they were in talks to establish the quality of offers, with a view to the long-term future of the club.

“Further to media reports on Tuesday morning, the club can confirm that talks are taking place regarding investment for the long-term future,” a statement read.

"The club has always publicly stated that it would welcome potential investment, but has maintained a belief whereby the quality of the investor is the most important factor in terms of the long-term development of Leeds United.

"No further comment will be made at this stage.”

The Leeds United Supporters’ Trust had earlier confirmed there was serious interest in the club.

"We have spoken to two groups who are interested in buying Leeds United," a statement read.

"At this stage it is not possible for us to go into details about our conversations with these groups, as with a firm offer on the table we would not want to jeopardise any current negotiations."

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  1. "We have spoken to two groups who are interested­ in buying Leeds United," a statement read. - Tesco­ & Sainsbury's, they want to build a superstore­ at Elland Road. MOT

    From Bill Payer, on Sun 10 Jun 8:10
  2. Lets hope that Peter Ridsdale is not involved. Ken­ Bates has done fantastic job in rescuing this great­ club of ours but is not getting any younger and cannot­ continue forever. We need sound investment in the clubs­ future with Chairman Ken overseeing any changes in­ ownership so all his great work is not undone. Many­ Thanks Mr Bates from all true Leeds fans who­ acknowledge the great job you have done.

    From Stephen, on Sat 9 Jun 17:47
  3. Martin No25, Leeds belong where they are, a team­ nowhere near resembling the greats of yesteryear . You­ are not a great team, middle of table obscurity is what­ you deserved and it's what you got. Stop living in­ the past and cheer the lads on to glory next season,­ with a trip to League 1 at the end of May.

    From Nuttyworker, on Tue 5 Jun 21:35
  4. How sick would a lot of people be if we were to get­ investment and started rising again to where we belong.­ People only hate Leeds because they are not allowed to­ support them you have to be born with Leeds blood in­ your viens a bit like royalty........MOT

    From MARTIN, on Sat 2 Jun 18:18
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    oi sheep dippers utd you wont even get a play off place­ next season,but you'll get a couple of cups from­ home bargains.hahaha

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Jun 12:27
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    wouldn't buy you shower for a quid,your fans­ deserve nothing apart from counting sheep.hahaha

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Jun 12:24
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    get jethro tull as your manager cos you shower just­ live in the past.

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Jun 12:22
  8. Another attemp to denagrade leeds,,,,erode them even­ further...These people do not have Leeds in their­ hearts

    From Brian, on Thu 31 May 21:37
  9. a) Bates is doing this to not buy players(again)using­ the speculation as an excuse or b) There really is­ a consortium(led by Pearson)

    From ray, on Wed 30 May 20:49
  10. message 8-youre on the wrong page,queers like you­ should be on the man utd website..........MOT.

    From horrible hobbit, on Wed 30 May 17:40
  11. It's an Australian,every time you throw him away,he­ comes back & hits you on the head.

    From Anon, on Tue 29 May 21:48
  12. Someone pinch me am I dreaming.

    From Paul, on Tue 29 May 20:48
  13. Bates saved the club ? are you sure ? i think the­ massive support and revenue stream from such a good­ gate helped ! Kb is just a f@#£ing parasite ! Rentboy­ out of our club is the best news i have heard in a long­ time ! #OVERTHEMOON

    From Stuart, on Tue 29 May 20:22
  14. Scroll down on the Leeds page Andy and click on more­ news bud M.O.T tis there......

    From Lottolee, on Tue 29 May 20:05
  15. Yeah, yeah... 'investment', 'takeover',­ or just another smokescreen to cover a lack of quality­ signings when the transfer window is closed and the­ season kicks off again - with the excuse that Leeds­ fans put off the potential investors... PS What has­ happened to the Yahoo! Message Boards?

    From Andrew, on Tue 29 May 18:56
  16. and I'm sure there would be a couple of lads­ knocking about to help me get away, lol

    From dave, on Tue 29 May 18:47
  17. How about I go get myself a gun (I know where) and­ splatter Bates's brains all over the interiopr of­ his motor? I might get life but I also might get a team­ to be proud of.. Anyway, I could plead extenuating­ circumstanses. There were another 40,000 considering­ this action but I decided first end of story, ;-)

    From dave, on Tue 29 May 18:40
  18. Love the optimisim by fans on here cmon boys lets see­ what happens with it MOT

    From jim, on Tue 29 May 18:34
  19. No 8 - I take it that's a picture of yourself then,­ it has gay written all over it

    From , on Tue 29 May 18:11
  20. Lol that's from someone who obviously loves himself­ and what do you look like er G......... ­ M.O.T

    From Lottolee, on Tue 29 May 18:03
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