Premier League - Hazard chooses Chelsea

Mon, 28 May 20:43:00 2012

Belgian star Eden Hazard has decided to join European champions Chelsea, the Lille playmaker said on his Twitter feed.

2011-12 Ligue1 Lille, Eden Hazard - 0

The 21-year-old is considered one of Europe's best young players, and he has already been given an emotional send-off from his current club Lille, with whom he won the Ligue 1 title in 2010-11.

And, after teasing fans for several days and saying he would reveal all on Monday afternoon, he finally made his decision, saying in French: "Something promised, something due - and I will join the champions of Europe."

He confirmed his decision in English in a subsequent Tweet.

Hazard had been mulling over offers from Manchester City, Manchester United and the Blues, with the West London side emerging as favourites after he reacted positively to their Champions League victory.

Before Chelsea's win Hazard had said he was interested in moving to one of the two Manchester clubs.

He is expected to cost around £25 million, plus wages of £170,000-a-week.

Belgian star Eden Hazard has decided to join European champions Chelsea, the Lille playmaker said on his Twitter feed. - 2

Hazard had said he would choose the team that guarantees him the most playing time in his favoured 'number 10' position.

He said last week: "I scored 20 league goals also had the most assists in the league (16), and I never believed I could possibly come up with such a fantastic set of statistics.

"Certainly I could not have made such a decisive contribution had the coach at Lille not changed my position.

"It is all down to that. I have always dreamed of playing the No 10 role, and wearing that number on my back, and you can see what a difference it makes from how many goals I have scored and set up for others. That will be a consideration when I decide on my club. Where I will play will influence my thinking on who I should join."

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  1. I would prefer Hazard to stay because he is now the­ star of the club. Remember what happened when D'­ Drogba left us?

    From Kuol, on Mon 7 Apr 15:14
  2. On his Twitter account he said he is joining a­ champions league winner, not european champions­ Chelsea. Both Chelsea and Manchester United are­ champions league winners. He just excluded Manchester­ City, but who is he joining out of other two we­ don't really know, do we? Reporters jumped to a­ conclusion before even thinking about his statement.

    From George, on Sat 2 Jun 6:07
  3. MUFC Champions by 9 points, Time for a name change!!

    From graham, on Wed 30 May 19:56
  4. BLUEBULLY: "If the scoucers paid £35M for Carrol.­ Just how much is­ Hazard really worth? £100M?" ­ No, it just means Andy Carroll isn't worth £35M.

    From rockandrollmachine, on Wed 30 May 13:27
  5. If the scoucers paid £35M for Carrol. Just how much is­ Hazard really worth? £100M?

    From BLUEBULLY, on Wed 30 May 11:35
  6. I'm slightly baffled, what are all the Liverpool­ fans doing on here commenting on players joing the top­ teams in the PL? Your NOT a top team any more. World­ class players want to 1, play in the CL, 2, play in­ Europe and 3, have a chance of winning a major trophy,­ you lot don't fit any of those.

    From Richard Ellis, on Tue 29 May 20:15
  7. afternoon anfailed, nice to see that the famous­ yoonited "history" aint worth shyt in the­ transfer market eh?? ahahahhahaha - YOOO-N-I-T-E-D ­ cant afford no transfer fee with a nic nac paddywack ­ who nicked all the gold furgies off to gresty road

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Tue 29 May 18:45
  8. anfieldstar does come up with some s,hit, United 37­ points ahead of liverpool, he is just not worth taking­ notice of, Liverpool are a nothing team who everyone is­ laughing at, they cant even find a manager, so who can­ take anything serious from them.

    From hugh1, on Tue 29 May 18:33
  9. Surprise! He must know something we don't. maybe­ just maybe Pep Guadiola must have swung the deal!!

    From John B, on Tue 29 May 15:45
  10. My be he is another torres who knows,anyway good luck­ hazard.

    From mohamed, on Tue 29 May 12:19
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Net value is the most important thing.That means what­ debt have you got and take this away from your­ value.This makes United the wealyhiest club in the­ Country.Just so your clear Liverool may have a smaller­ debt than United but their value is small United have a­ bigger debt but their value is an incredible £1.7­ Biliion.That is why every top Manager is running away­ from Liverpool FC and the likes of Mourinho and­ Guardiola will want the United job

    From Harry, on Tue 29 May 12:17
  12. Georgieboy who exactly wants to leave CITY?, everyone­ wants to stay, there might be a couple of changes but­ nothing to severe, all the major work as been done­ before the fair play rules kick in, one quick question­ will you really wear next seasons shirt, it makes the­ "grey" shirt from awhile back look like a­ classic.

    From Stephen, on Tue 29 May 11:08
  13. Dear 9 POINTS, just to be clear MANCHESTER CITY are­ CHAMPIONS of the PREMIERSHIP, CHELSEA are EUROPEAN­ CHAMPIONS and FA CUP holders, and LIVERPOOL are LEAGUE­ CUP holders, and utd have THE WORLD'S BIGGEST DEBT,­ now go and have a nice holiday because you need it,­ I'll be back next season to carry on the jolly­ banter, TTFN.

    From Stephen, on Tue 29 May 10:56
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hazard to Chelsea strictly for the money. Then they­ play Man.City and De Jong breaks his leg. Out for over­ 12 months. Di Matteo sacked. Pep in strictly for the­ money. No silverware. Roman unhappy. Pep out. Avram in?­ My crystal ball is never wrong.

    From malcolm, on Tue 29 May 10:39
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    man c and chelsea and liverpool wont be in the top 4­ next season, trust me. some of the top players want to­ leave man c. chelsea to old. and liverpool, they are­ finished for a few years.

    From Georgeyboy, on Tue 29 May 10:29
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Anfieldstar, doesn't matter what you say mate, we­ will always be light years ahead of Liverpool. You keep­ having a go at United and don't panic about your­ own club. Uncle Malc, you got up, time to sign on? ­ Chelsea haven't got a manager so how are they­ challengers? If Di Matteo is the manager, can you see­ Hazard defending in a 1-9-1 formation?

    From Christian, on Tue 29 May 10:27
  17. as a city fan i welcome this great signing for chelsea,­ great to see another great player beyond yooniteds­ clutches, this could help chelsea leapfrog yoonited and­ challenger city so its all good. i hear furgie was at­ the playoffs watching crew ahahhha no doubt he is­ looking for the next phil jones.

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Tue 29 May 10:23
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Just one point about all these comments regarding­ Hazard, has he signed? no word from Lille or Chelsea. ­ He needs bringing down a peg. Chelsea should leave­ their bid until the last minute of the window and then­ offer €10 million transfer fee, £55,000 a week wages­ and the number 12 shirt.

    From Christian, on Tue 29 May 10:22
  19. Anfieldstar have you heard your jealousy lol Man Utd­ are the richest club in the world under the financial­ fair play rules and can have whoever they want. If­ Fergie bids for a player he gets him but if Loserpool­ bid for young and Jones and offer more money they still­ choose to come to Utd. You have such a short memory and­ forget we got two players Queen Kenny wanted and they­ said no to the sinking ship. Even poor managers are­ turning you down and you will end up with one who has a­ lot of experience in fighting relegation, just what you­ need lol

    From MUFC Champions By 11 Points, on Tue 29 May 10:17
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Just heard something that got me thinking about the­ quality in French football leagues. Joe Cole has been a­ massive hit at Lille. This is Joe Cole....not exactly­ the best player to grace the premier league and getting­ on a bit now.

    From Christian, on Tue 29 May 10:16
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