Premier League - Swansea play down Rodgers talk

Tue, 29 May 15:50:00 2012

Swansea insist a meeting between manager Brendan Rodgers and chairman Huw Jenkins had already been scheduled well before the Northern Irishman became the bookmakers' favourite for the Liverpool job.

2011 Swansea City Brendan Rodgers - 0

The club have denied suggestions in some quarters that Rodgers cut short a trip to New York in order to return home to talk to the chairman after rumours began to surface of the Reds' renewed interest.

Rodgers, along with his wife, was a guest of the Football Association of Wales for Sunday's friendly against Mexico at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Press Association Sport understands Rodgers is speaking with Jenkins on Tuesday afternoon but that the meeting is not as a direct result of new speculation about the 39-year-old.

Liverpool's apparent interest will no doubt be discussed at their get-together but as yet Swansea say there has been no approach from the Merseysiders since they were turned down a fortnight ago.

On Monday, Jenkins dismissed the Reds' renewed interest as "pure speculation" and the club issued a statement to stress their position had not changed from two weeks ago, when Rodgers turned down the chance to speak to Liverpool.

"We would like to clarify the speculation in the press surrounding our manager Brendan Rodgers," the statement read.

"We would like to confirm that there has been no contact from Liverpool and nothing has changed since our previous statement on the issue."

However, the statement did little to quash speculation and overnight Rodgers moved ahead of Wigan's Roberto Martinez as the bookmakers' favourite.

It is believed Rodgers initially turned down Liverpool as he did not want to become involved in a lengthy process, with up to 12 names being linked with the post at the time.

But there is growing belief in Wales and his native Northern Ireland that he would now be more receptive to an approach with the list of candidates having been whittled down.

PA Sport

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  1. Lean Machine, I go down there all the time as my family­ live there so I do know where Swansea is, Ive supported­ Chelsea since 1972, Steroid man I hear you have a small­ p---k, must be the steroids. lol

    From nigel, on Wed 30 May 12:31
  2. Bill Shankly _ Carlisle, Workington ,Huddersfield ,­ Wouldn't stand a chance according to some of these­ comments. Bob Paisley , No managerial experiance ,­ Wouldn't stand a chance according to some of these­ comments. Joe Fagan , No managerial experiance .­ Wouldnt stand a chance according to some of these­ comments . Nuff said

    From Reg, on Tue 29 May 22:25
  3. any chance of liverpool going for steve keane at­ blackburn....please

    From Tony, on Tue 29 May 22:11
  4. the only martinez pool should go for is jackson­ martinez from columbia plus lucas from san paulo - this­ would be the world's most potent strike force.­ lucas is similar to suarez but hits the net !

    From stanley, on Tue 29 May 21:44
  5. Pep Guardiola's brother is Suarez's agent. ­ Terms have already been agreed.

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 29 May 21:24
  6. It will be a GAMBLE, and I mean THE GAMBLE of the­ century to get a manager like Martinez or Rogers! What­ are these Yankees thinking?!?! Are they prepared for­ some soccer, or what?!?! This game is called FOOTBALL­ and the teams playing has to be managed from top class­ managers in order the team to be successful! We are not­ Wigan, we are not Swansea....WE ARE LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL­ CLUB and we deserve at least Rafael Benitez!

    From jovany, on Tue 29 May 21:23
  7. @peter Liverpool still feukked Chelsea 4-1 at Anfield­ and wasn't that 2 seasons on the trot Liverpool­ have had the full 6 points from Chelsea in the league?­ Don't really see why you've got a bug up your­ backside about putting down Scousers; did one run off­ with your wife or something?

    From Richard Bold, on Tue 29 May 20:43
  8. What a nothing story. Brendan Rogers has already put­ himself out of running and Swansea say nothing has­ changed. So what is the story here? It's the press­ trying to make speculation into reality. And I thought­ Martinez was going to commit or decline today; where­ was the press conference for that?

    From Richard Bold, on Tue 29 May 20:38
  9. comment 37 liz thankyou for the aka hulk but hes is­ going to chelsea to team up with eden hazard isnt he,­ fair comment about most sucsessfull 55 trophies i was­ reliably informed earlier, yes liverpool ha a great­ side in the 70s and 80s bur we are in a new century,­ and your team are stumbling from problem to problem,­ the american owners are not the answer football to them­ is a buisiness they would not know a top manager if one­ bumped into one, liverpool fans yearn for the glory­ days to come back, but they are not a top side on or of­ the field now

    From peter, on Tue 29 May 20:31
  10. just been on news rogers has met john henry for a­ second time today

    From buddy, on Tue 29 May 20:22
  11. comment 36 chris your right there liverpool had a thing­ of promoting from shankleys backroom staff, bob­ paisley, joe fagan, and then roy evans, which worked­ out well with paisley and fagan in particullar, they­ were very sucsessful, and dalglish from his first stint­ as boss, but approaches to martinez and rodgers smacks­ of mediocraty,

    From peter, on Tue 29 May 20:20
  12. All you manure scum posting on this site you wone what­ this season and were in how many finals. Is that­ right you not going into the transfer market this­ summer because it cheeper to buy refs and linesman and­ be sure of a result .

    From Gary, on Tue 29 May 20:16
  13. @comment 15..Peter... aka Dr David Banner/Hulk...Re­ History books..LFC are still the most successful­ british side...end of..and i am surprised all the­ armchair Man City fans have raised comments as to­ Liverpools demise..Think back not so long ago to what­ your status was premiership wise or even the league­ below..there was enough money pumped into your team to­ win the premiership way before the last game..and yet­ you nearly screwed up and let the other crew in..There­ were a lot of LFC supporters including myself that­ raised a glass to City after the QPR about­ kick someone when they're down..all that said id­ still rather it be you guys before Manure or Chelski­ next season..nuff said

    From LIZ, on Tue 29 May 20:14
  14. As a Liverpool fan I'm mortified that names like­ Martinez and Rodgers are favourites. Are we going back­ to the Roy Evans era?

    From Benita, on Tue 29 May 20:01
  15. Why are all the manc planks having a go. It might have­ only been the league cup but i'm pretty sure thats­ one trophy more than scumanchester united added to­ their trophy cabinet this season. Now i'm not­ saying we had a better season than them, but we did win­ more silverware, end of!

    From steve, on Tue 29 May 19:54
  16. avenue T,you forgot,derek hatton,an that old­ druggie,paul,;hey larr;mc,cartney,and derek acorra, an­ his spirit mate sam.he could even play sam an no one­ would see him.12 men an there in with a shout,

    From Stuart Ricky, on Tue 29 May 19:28
  17. Some Scousers that want a job. Rick Astley, Hilda­ Ogden, I know she is dead but so is the team. Tom Baker­ can time warp you back to the 70's, actually most­ Scousers still live in that era. Joey Barton. Cilla­ Black with her wonderful surprise surprise, and it­ would be a flaming surprise if Liverpool win the­ championship again. Stan Boardman, forget the chippy­ they should bomb Anfield and start again. Edwina Curry,­ enough said. Ken Dodd, he already has diddy men so no­ need for the girls that already were the shirts. Rex my­ fair lady Harrison, seems they have a connection to­ fairys anyway down at the bottom of Anfield. William­ Patrick Hitler, yes he is the nephew of good old Adolf,­ which being Liverpool is about right.

    From Avenue T, on Tue 29 May 19:19
  18. Not really, it's more subtle. I couldn't fit­ "we've won it, have we? no we've lost­ it" on an icon...

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 29 May 19:16
  19. get king ken,thats ken dodd you loosers,hahaha

    From Stuart Ricky, on Tue 29 May 19:04
  20. Im sure shanks will be turning in his grave after a­ month of l.f.c going no where & having to scrape­ the bottom of the managers barrel to come up wiv 2 more­ loser's to manage the club...I would consider­ fowler & stevie mac now we need serious help &­ experience

    From JASON, on Tue 29 May 18:55
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