Bent helped by his faith

Tue, 29 May 08:17:12 2012

Darren Bent has revealed his religious faith has helped him cope with missing out on England's Euro 2012 squad through injury.

The Aston Villa striker failed to recover in time from an ankle ligament injury to be chosen by new England head coach Roy Hodgson. But Bent admits reading the Bible every day helps him to deal with such setbacks.

He said: "My grandma has got me into my religion because she used to carry me to church every Sunday. I read the Bible every day before I get up! You've got to have faith.

"Wherever I go I always take the Bible with me and put it beside my bed so it's there for me to read it every day. I've been through some hard times here at Villa and at Spurs and missing out on major tournaments with England too like this one. It has been difficult, but I'm a believer that good things come to those who wait. I believe if I am patient and I have faith then more good things will happen to me in my life and in my career."

Bent added: "I still go to church when I can, although it can be hard with Sunday games. But, whenever my grandma needs me to do something for the church - to go along to an event or sign something for the church - then I'm more than happy to do that.

"I don't get any stick for my faith in the dressing room and I think the lads realise it is a personal choice of mine and they respect that. A lot of footballers have now got tattoos with hands praying and stuff like that, which can be a bit clichid, but I have got my faith and it is important to me."


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  1. Every Villa fan should be preying that our owner makes­ the right decision when it comes to appointing the next­ manager, none of the names mentioned fill me with­ belief that Villa will be much better next season, so­ far all the people mentioned are bottom half of the­ premiership managers, so ok Lambert and Rodgers did­ well in there first season, but second season is always­ the hardest, and as for Bruce and McCarthy two failed­ premiership managers not good enough for Villa, i would­ much prefer a lower division manager who has had some­ success, then failed has been managers who will be at­ Villa for a big pay day.

    From craig, on Wed 30 May 0:02
  2. Fair play to the bloke! We need more people like him­ in the world today.

    From S I.h, on Tue 29 May 17:38
  3. Don't talk to me about your special god, quote me­ scriptures and TELL me how religious you are. SHOW me­ what you do to help those in need, away from the­ spotlight. Anything else is horsesh.y.te. You seem like­ a decent man, Bent. Good luck with recovery and with­ next season.

    From Lilvillan, on Tue 29 May 17:21
  4. Hebrews 4:4 says ;"every house is constructed by­ someone but he that constructed all things is God. A­ foolish person says there is no God. Jehovah surely­ exist.

    From mabou, on Tue 29 May 16:56
  5. Thanks for telling us about your faith. I am sure it­ will make you a stronger person, and I look forward to­ seeing you play for the Villa next season.

    From Joyce P, on Tue 29 May 13:26
  6. Some would say it's all superstitious nonsense, but­ hey - we keep believing in Villa with far less evidence­ to back us up.

    From VillanD, on Tue 29 May 12:52
  7. Ok Darren, do a good turn and have a word with him­ upstairs to help you bang 25 goals for the villa next­ season, cause we really need them. Fair play to you, be­ your own man, if we sign Joey Barton perhaps you could­ get him converted and we could have a top player

    From DAVE, on Tue 29 May 12:41
  8. Good for you, Darren! God bless you, man!

    From Steve, on Tue 29 May 11:22
  9. Amen God bless you Darren,thanks for sharing that­ with us.

    From St George Anglo Saxon, on Tue 29 May 11:18
  10. Good man! keep the fire burning!

    From grant, on Tue 29 May 9:33
  11. Good to know God's on our side then. We'll be­ needing him next season.

    From probablygraham, on Tue 29 May 9:18
  12. what is the meaning of life, the origin of the universe­ and all that stuff? simple - WE DONT KNOW.

    From bornagainvillaman, on Tue 29 May 9:07
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