Campbell hopes to be part of GB squad

Tue, 29 May 11:17:49 2012

Sunderland striker Fraizer Campbell admits he would be honoured to receive a Great Britain call-up for this summer's Olympics.

While there has been some negativity from the home nations outside England to the prospect of a combined side competing at London 2012 the attitude from players has been more positive.

The 24-year-old Campbell could be a contender, with GB boss Stuart Pearce well aware of the forward's talents having coached him at England Under-21 level, and he is excited about the potential opportunity.

"If I get picked to play I would be honoured, because it'll be the first time for years that a GB mens' football team has been entered into the Olympics," he told "It's something that will go down in history and a unique occasion so I would be delighted to be a part of that.

"I don't know what to expect and that's the most exciting thing. It's fresh and new. I can't see it being anything other than a great experience, if I am picked.

"A lot of names have been mentioned in connection with the squad, and if they all come down it will be a great team to watch and hopefully play in. If I'm not involved I will focus instead on just getting myself ready for coming back in pre-season."


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  1. Mr Comma - you need to get out more.

    From Beefy, on Sun 3 Jun 9:19
  2. HI my name is Beefy i have everything, career as a­ banister a beautiful wife a big posh house loads of­ money and lots of jolly good pals that,s why i come­ across as aloof and pedantic with a superiority­ complex . The only drawback in my otherwise perfect­ life is i have to wear a syrup!. Beefy you have a­ massive ego and a lot of it is in the public domain,you­ reap what you sow!. If you don,t snipe people might­ not snipe at you but if that,s what you want then­ that,s what you get.

    From , on Sat 2 Jun 20:29
  3. Drat - Kit has sussed me out! Detectives in Sunderland­ have so far managed to figure out that I am on the dole­ and living alone in my bedsit in Byker with no friends­ and only a wig for company. Is it any wonder it took 27­ years to find John Humble?

    From Beefy, on Sat 2 Jun 18:08
  4. Isn't it funny that Beefy didn't say: ­ IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS FOR ALL SUNDERLAND FANS:­ I've just washed my hair. Suggests to me that­ he sends it out to get it washed. Mind you who am I to­ talk - I'm bald and proud of it - no wigs and no­ merkin either Beefy. But then, that's something I­ really don't want to know about.

    From Kit, on Sat 2 Jun 16:24
  5. Beefy, hope you remembered to hang it on the line to­ dry!!!

    From Joseph, on Sat 2 Jun 15:33
  6. IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS FOR ALL SUNDERLAND FANS: My­ hair has just been washed.

    From Beefy, on Sat 2 Jun 11:20
  7. two,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wigs

    From , on Thu 31 May 22:32
  8. Comb over beefy that nearly has a comma in it .Do you­ wear to wigs at work?.

    From , on Thu 31 May 22:28
  9. Beefy,infatuated with commas and apostrophes !!

    From Joseph, on Thu 31 May 21:41
  10. Toupee Beefy, sorry, Touche Beefy - keep your hair on­ chap. We're talking about a player wanting to­ represent his country at the Olympics not SAFC or NUFC.­ Just for once do you think that the NUFC fans could try­ supporting the British players we have and not try to­ score some petty minded points because there was a­ difference in league position? If you had some British­ players rather than all of the French ones you might­ get excited by the Olympics too. So there's no­ need to pull your hair out over this, just stay calm.

    From Kit, on Thu 31 May 17:50
  11. Comma Comma Comma Comedian

    From Beefy, on Thu 31 May 12:40
  12. Beefy,-firstly its not your hair it came in a­ packet!,secondly i have no idea whats going on at­ Sunderland ,whats going on at Newcastle?and by the way ­ you will never need head&shoulders,bald guys don,t­ get dandruff !

    From , on Thu 31 May 10:47
  13. Mr Comma - you seem to have some sort of fascination­ with my hair. Is it because nothing exciting is­ happening at Sunderland? Or is it because Newcastle­ United are head and shoulders above you again?

    From Beefy, on Wed 30 May 18:35
  14. Kelvin-bear in mind Gyan was signed on the back of a­ good showing at the world cup ! A certain amount of­ caution should be applied.

    From julian, on Wed 30 May 16:15
  15. Well he might as well 'cause he'll never get­ another England cap. Has Heskey signed yet?

    From cameron, on Wed 30 May 14:22
  16. Beefy plays RUGger for WIGan but the coach wont play­ him cos he has hairpeice!.

    From , on Wed 30 May 10:54
  17. Ha ha ha Paul Daniels ......those would be magic­ signings then Beefy would they ?....or a trick....y­ winger ?

    From KELVIN, on Tue 29 May 19:23
  18. you are right Julian ....a lot of the smart money could­ be laid out on the back of the Euro's. MON playing­ a canny game as he always has done re his budget and­ signings.

    From KELVIN, on Tue 29 May 18:37
  19. Nov 17th- I think a lot of PL team scouts will be­ paying close scrutiny to the upcoming Euros .

    From julian, on Tue 29 May 15:47
  20. Beefy you could borrow his rug! yours is a very poor­ fit!.

    From , on Tue 29 May 14:29
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