Premier League - Oasis singer rocks up as City win

Tue, 01 May 00:31:00 2012

Rock star Liam Gallagher, one of Manchester City's staunchest fans, gave an impromptu press conference to amused reporters after City's 1-0 win over Manchester United took them to the top of the Premier League table.

2010-11 FA Cup - Final - Manchester City v Stoke City Liam Gallagher in the stands. - 0

Wearing sunglasses and beaming a huge smile, the often irascible former frontman of Oasis was in party mood, saying: "What do you want to know lads? ... top of the league. Well done City."

He said he spent some time with Diego Maradona during the match - Maradona was there to watch his son-in-law Sergio Aguero play for City - and then joked that he loved City manager Roberto Mancini.

"I love him, he's so cool, he's almost as cool as me," he said to ripples of laughter.

City's Belgian captain Vincent Kompany, who headed the only goal of the game to give City their victory, walked into the media room where Gallagher hugged him, shouting, "Viva La Belgium" before walking off with his arm around the player.

Oasis, who have since broken up, proclaimed their affinity to City at the time albums such as Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory were riding high in the charts, while City were languishing in the lower divisions.

The band, formed by Gallagher and his brother Noel who wrote most of their songs, once played at City's old Maine Road Stadium in 1996, long before Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan bought the club and pumped in a fortune to turn them into contenders for England's No.1 club.


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  1. He is a typical city nob

    From hugh1, on Wed 2 May 10:35
  2. Henry Ore, don't you mean psychology? Psychosis­ is what Fergie showed in his rant.

    From John, on Wed 2 May 1:35
  3. I've been a supporter of Man Utd all my life but­ have little animosity towards City (not a manc). While­ Man City are my rival club their performance throughout­ the season has been terrific and while it hurts to say­ it, they deserve the title in my mind. Man Utd dropped­ the ball far too often, especially last couple of weeks­ for me to feel that they genuinely earned to be called­ champions again.

    From Richard J P, on Wed 2 May 1:34
  4. Up the City!!!! Id LOVE to see Scum united have a­ trophy-less season! What an absolute joy it was, to see­ Fergie spitting his dummy out! Flithy Scum b**tards got­ exactly what they desrved! And Im not even a City fan!

    From jon, on Tue 1 May 23:16
  5. See by reading the ugly comments on here there are a­ lot of bitter sad old trafford fans throwing a tantrum­ as usual when things dont go their way,

    From Ann, on Tue 1 May 22:21
  6. these Galagher bros are real tossers

    From STEVEN, on Tue 1 May 22:06
  7. So many times yahoo errors and doesnt show my comments.­ there is no offensive content. It just doesnt show. Its­ always so difficult to find comments one mad days­ before to see if there are new comments. Not much point­ in anything here really! Dont understand the point of­ posting comments here.

    From Chris W, on Tue 1 May 22:01
  8. Liam is mental. He doesn't try to act like a­ tosser, it just comes naturally.

    From Leo, on Tue 1 May 21:50
  9. And NHS resources get cut in offensive area.

    From Tanks, on Tue 1 May 21:38
  10. Come on, put the Lucky Russell mascot badges in tut bin­ now.

    From Tanks, on Tue 1 May 21:30
  11. He's a galloping gonad

    From TheReal-ALFGarnett, on Tue 1 May 21:25
  12. It's RUSSELL WHEELDON, WATFORDS FRIENDLIEST MASCOT­ (refer to match brochure 1986 vs Norwich)

    From Tanks, on Tue 1 May 21:16
  13. You burned him with the BLUFF call psychosis and­ he's never going back again.

    From Tanks, on Tue 1 May 21:13
  14. He should hyphenate his name: Liam Gallagher-Tosser

    From Jimmy, on Tue 1 May 21:05
  15. He's a cockney now anyway! I used to worship him­ when i was a little scally manc! Now i've got older­ and (hopefully) more mature, he just seems like a right­ twonk! I live in the land of the sheep shaggers now­ (lincoln) And thank god the likes of liam are far­ behind me! But i LOVE manchester still after all this­ time! I just don't miss the twonks like liam!

    From Tony77, on Tue 1 May 20:04
  16. 195....afraid not. Manc born and bred. Maybe I dont­ know much about football, you could be right, what I do­ know though is that I took my Swedish girlfirends­ father to city vs burnley a while back (he suddenly­ became a city fan, soon be a few cockney blues too i­ should imagine), there were obvious protestations from­ me (sorry your city, it means I complained, sorry­ possibly still confused, its means I dint like it n­ fat) . City went 2 down and fans left !!! We were then­ treated to 2 'die hard' blues telling our­ guests they used to sit there smoking crack. Somehow­ the citeh fans thought this was impressive. My guests,­ myself and the children sitting round them didn't.­ Oh yeah, classy. Your an embarrassment....and you know­ it !

    From La Riviera Kid, on Tue 1 May 19:40
  17. He only sings when he's winning.

    From Barry, on Tue 1 May 19:26
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    180, you know f-uc-kall about football or are you irish­ american and call it soccer ? wayne rooney was leaving­ and then demanded 250k , he got it end of. says more­ about the footballers who want to leave manure ,

    From Andrew, on Tue 1 May 19:17
  19. another bitter manure fan on here, forgetting that it­ was them who ruined english football by going with the­ premier league idea because they could make the most­ money out of it. time to wake up and admit that anyone­ can do it. and how many years did it take for anyone to­ come through from the manure acadamy? just got to love­ the way you truly believe you are underdogs. hilarious.

    From mattoid, on Tue 1 May 19:17
  20. You lot should give him a break, its flipping hard­ singing that bad, try it, it really hurts your throat.

    From Robert, on Tue 1 May 18:37
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