Bundesliga - West Brom in Rangnick talks

Wed, 30 May 15:28:00 2012

West Brom have held talks with former Schalke and Stuttgart boss Ralf Rangnick as they step up their search to find Roy Hodgson's successor, Press Association Sport understands.

Ralf Rangnick - 0

Rangnick, 53, has emerged as the clear favourite to take over from new England head coach Hodgson. But reports that the Baggies have already made a formal offer to Rangnick are premature.

He first met with Albion officials when a guest of the club for the final home Premier League game of the campaign with Arsenal on May 13. Compensation would not be an issue as Rangnick has been without a club since leaving Schalke eight months ago because of exhaustion.

He nudged ahead of Birmingham boss Chris Hughton after it emerged the Championship club were looking for around £2 million in compensation.

Blues were also prepared to turn down Albion if they approached asking for permission to speak to Hughton who would then have had to resign to force the issue.

Rangwick had two spells at Schalke, leading them to the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2010-11, in addition to a four year stint at Hoffenheim.

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  1. Oh god he's back, and a new name to boot.

    From Paul C, on Thu 7 Jun 9:26
  2. WB are talking to? talking to? talking to? talking to?­ talking to? talking to? talking to? talking to? talking­ to ? in the interim Norwich have made a formal approach­ and been given permission to hold talks with­ Houghton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have confirmed thay can­ meet the compo, where doe's that put WB in the­ eye's of the Prem lesser clubs!!!!!!!!!!! and what­ affect doe's this have on the players { the good­ few that is } no wonder the likes of Malumbu wants out­ with 3 years still left on his­ contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who's next to­ go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!! WB are and always will be a team that makes­ the prem numbers up mid table or lower like next­ season, average players at the club will be happy to­ take the piss every week others like Malumbu want­ better.

    From Ray, on Wed 6 Jun 21:44
  3. Read my previous blog Ray4, Pearce would not have­ provivded RH with the funds to go to the next level so­ RH would have gone anyway would have gone anyway, Like­ I said previous some players will be happy to stay in­ mid table take their wages week in week out other­ players want the next level and thats why Malumbu wants­ out, a couple of others will follow suit, I can see the­ Baggies losing touch with where they finished this­ season and will take a backward step instead of a­ forward step, the England managers job was a good get­ out for RH.

    From Ray, on Tue 5 Jun 13:17
  4. duh i fink he sacked RDM, Megophone, Robbo ..and he­ also appointed them .... cannot have ya cake and eat it­ !as IF they were THAT good, then why did he fire them­ and pay them off ? its just looking very bleak for us­ at the moment ..., but whoever it is coming i think­ will have to work with the already backroom team of­ downing and kiely, and that could be a massive problem­ why noones coming to the baggies and please no appleton­ back, still havent recovered from his disaster of wet­ spam game

    From Richard Head, on Sat 2 Jun 20:02
  5. To me Phil, it is just taking TOO long, tehres a lot of­ vacant premier league clubs of our standards seeking­ the same type of man oops coach ... and Peace i think­ KNEW about Hodgsons departure LONG before the fans did­ ! it is just taking TOO long, i recall the man saying­ we are always looking at the next coach well, to me the­ pages must be BLANK, again we sometimes have to take a­ RISK in life, rather than end up being the also rans­ ... and how many of teh existing team want to stay­ around whilst such indecision ? the Olsons, who we­ cannot do without, the odems, who, we can forego, and­ even the excellent Mozza ... the boards had more than­ enough time to appoint a well groomed coach for premier­ league status

    From andrew w, on Sat 2 Jun 19:54
  6. Can anyone tell me how many bad manger Peace has­ appointed and how many time he has sacked them when it­ has been needed. Matteo did a great job for us but­ lost his way so he was replaced by Hodgson who keep us­ in the prem when we were in free fall megson did a­ great job taking us into prem Robson the great escape­ Mowbray again good job. All did a great job for us at­ the time but were replaced when needed Hodgson left for­ England job wish him good luck but the Albion have­ always said the appoint a manager and the start looking­ for his replacement that to me is good planning. As to­ players most teams have someone like Ashworth manager­ do not go buy players anymore new way of football. As­ for boddo dont worry you can still lose a derby you can­ lose to Blues.

    From Philip, on Sat 2 Jun 19:20
  7. i cannot believe HOW long it is taking this out of date­ chairperson to appoint someone, other clubs are­ appointing quickly, and we are scrapping the barrel­ or will be ! Peace needs to decide what he wants to­ do, sell up and pocket his 30 million or get to­ running the club to be semi successful and mid table­ premiership side by taking the risk every now and­ then of course most people will want to be a manager ­ NOT a coach, and will also want to bring their OWN team­ with them, whereas Peace wants ALL control and to use­ existing staff

    From Boing Boing, on Sat 2 Jun 15:30
  8. Easiest job in football cleaning the dingles new stand­ there will be bugga all in it

    From allan billingham, on Sat 2 Jun 15:23
  9. No 18 SJS. Fact is if Rangnick was a good manager, why­ has he been out of work since September last year and­ why would he want to manage Sandwell Town, surely he­ should be taking on a top European club with real­ potential and above all - money.

    From Boddo, on Sat 2 Jun 9:59
  10. Boddo All I can say is that at least we bury our dead­ in West Bromwich-unlike Wolverhampton where they dress­ them in custard yellow and play them as the lone­ striker!!!!!!

    From SJS, on Fri 1 Jun 18:03
  11. 2 0 5 1 boing boing west brom will get who we want­ not like the dingles who got a nobody

    From N ATTWELL, on Fri 1 Jun 15:33
  12. All this talk of Hughton, Rangnick et al - has no-one­ sussed that now Brendan Rodgers (who still sounds like­ a bad cabaret turn) has moved his entire staff to­ Liverpool Steve Clarke is now probably going to be out­ of a job? Steve Clarke at the Baggies . . . . . we­ could do a lot worse - like Appy, for all his loyalty­ he's a managerial disaster, McInnes isn't­ mature enough in managerial years, and Big Nige just­ isn't good enough. All the ex-prem managers should­ remain so, the Holloways, Browns and others

    From Silver Badger, on Fri 1 Jun 13:33
  13. they continue to DRAG their feet over an appointment,­ there is NOT a LONG list of people wanting the job, and­ that will accept the terms of peace and ashworth ...­ and now we have Swansea and possible Norwich ALSO­ searching for like managers, THIS should have been done­ a MONTH ago ... IF the overseas manager OOPS COACH is­ appointed then he will have to achieve decent results­ in opening games

    From andrew w, on Fri 1 Jun 13:17
  14. No 13 philip. Point is none of the Sandwell Town­ supporters had ever heard of him until he became the­ cheapest option.!!! Hughton would have been the best­ man for you - knows the area, the teams, the­ supporters, has managed Newcastle - a brilliant manager­ and every ones choice until this crout came up with no­ compensation to pay. Deal Done.

    From Boddo, on Fri 1 Jun 13:03
  15. LoL ENVY what for doing something the Dingles could not­ and as for what Rangnick has done (semi-finals of the­ Champions League in 2010-11) not a bad start i would­ not be unhappy with Hughton or Rangnick but still­ cannot get away from the fact when we start looking for­ a manger at least they dont all run away laughing like­ they did at the Dingles

    From Philip, on Thu 31 May 19:47
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    No 10 Pure envy my son. You had a master with Hodgson­ lets see how you fare now. Remember you were in the­ bottom three when he took over. One good season and out­ of the woodwork they come - resurrected from the dead.

    From Boddo, on Thu 31 May 19:23
  17. No 9 SJS. Quality manager - what the hell has he done.­ What you really mean he is a cheap option to Hughton. ­ I am surprised he even new who West Brom were!! He­ should love West Bromwich.

    From Boddo, on Thu 31 May 19:19
  18. LoL Boddo it not 12 month ago the Dingles could not­ give the manager job away for the love of money. They­ should now finish turn the stand into the lego land­ attraction at least that way Wolverhampton would have­ something to be proud of.

    From Philip, on Thu 31 May 17:18
  19. Boddo old son-you can whine on all you like but at­ least we can attract a top quality manager to the­ Hawthorns; unlike you inbreds at the custard bowl who­ are going to struggle to attract an ex manager from­ Greggs the bakers whilke you languish in the nearly­ league!!!!!BOING!!! BOING!!!

    From SJS, on Thu 31 May 16:37
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Boddo mate, why do you keep commenting on Albion fan­ pages when you are a Wolves fan? Is it simply to get a­ reaction? In which case grow up lad and concentrate on­ the Dingles.

    From Paul C, on Thu 31 May 15:24
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