French Open - Women: Venus limps out in Paris

Wed, 30 May 18:07:00 2012

A subdued Venus Williams left the French Open in the second round when she was soundly beaten by third-seeded Pole Agnieszka Radwanska 6-2 6-3.

Venus Williams French Open - 0

Former world number one Williams, who has won seven Grand Slam events but is rebuilding her game and her life after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, got into her stride only at the end of a one-sided match.

Radwanska dominated the court and went 5-1 up in the second set before Williams began to fight back.

The American, watched by sister Serena who made a shock first-round exit on Tuesday, won the next game to love then broke for 5-3.

With light rain beginning to fall on the Philippe Chatrier court, Williams was one point from winning the next game but Radwanska got to matchpoint when she scooped the ball over the American's head, leaving her standing.

A forehand mistake by Williams finished off the match in exactly an hour.

World number one Victoria Azarenka looked more like her usual dominant self at the French Open when she demolished German qualifier Dinah Pfizenmaier 6-1 6-1 to ease into the third round.

The Belarusian, who was made to work hard in the first round against Italian Alberta Brianti, needed just 55 minutes to crush the world number 198.

Azarenka lost the first game but went on to reel off 11 in a row as she overpowered her 20-year-old opponent.

"I didn't really know my opponent today, and it took me the first few games to kind of understand what she does and what kind of game she plays to adjust a little bit," Azarenka told reporters. "But after a few games I started to find my better rhythm. Definitely played much better today."

Next up for the Australian Open champion will be Canada's Aleksandra Wozniak.

"She's a tricky opponent," Azarenka said of her next test. "I definitely have to come up with good tennis in my next round."

Roland Garros Day 4 - Wome

US Open champion Samantha Stosur, the runner-up here two years ago, raced to a 5-0 lead before beating American world number 112 Irina Falconi 6-1 6-4.

"I thought it was a good, solid match," the Australian sixth seed said. "I was happy with the winners that I hit. I thought you could always hit a few less errors... Overall, I'm quite happy with it."

Local favourite Marion Bartoli suffered a surprise 6-2 3-6 6-3 defeat against Croatia's Petra Martic.

The eighth-seeded Bartoli, a semi-finalist at Roland Garros last year, served 14 double faults as she crashed out in two hours and 12 minutes against the world number 50.

Bartoli came from a break down in the second set to level the tie but she never looked comfortable on Court Suzanne Lenglen under threatening skies.

Martic served an ace on her second match point to set up a third-round meeting with Spanish 29th seed Anabel Medina Garrigues.

Ana Ivanovic, the 2008 French champion and a former world number one, was happy to reach the third round too, after losing at the first hurdle here in an injury-plagued 2011.

"Last year probably was the hardest one for me ever," said the Serbian after beating Israeli Shahar Peer 6-2 6-2.

"To come back here this year and play better and go through to the third round, it means a lot. I really hope I can even go further."

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  1. Victoria Azarenka to win the french open as the­ williams sisters are out.

    From Dan, on Thu 31 May 12:15
  2. Noor, Serena's most recent and least notable­ achievement is losing in the 1st round of RG; beaten by­ the No 111 player in the world. I can't remember­ when she won the 1st GS or the last (as it was a long,­ long time ago) but everyone knows what happened in RG 2­ days ago.

    From Peter, on Thu 31 May 12:14
  3. p.s. correction Mr Federer

    From Honey, on Thu 31 May 11:34
  4. Stop­ PRETENDING and trying to convince everyone that­ you are­ still a dedicated professional tennis player.­ And by­ all means, do leave the FED CUP and the­ OLYMPICS to­ those that are sincerely PATRIOTIC and­ really want to­ represent and give their ALL for their­ country. All­ for now, From Con, on Thu 31 May 7:38 ­ --------------------------------------------- So­ Sharapova,Azarenka,Wozniacki,Stosur....have been beaten­ this year by someone who isn't a dedicated­ professional tennis player-well isn't that an­ insult to those girls and their ability and talent­ rather than to Serena? And how dare you say they­ aren't sincerely patriotic? How do you measure­ that? They have won Fed Cup,Venus has Olympic gold in­ singles and Williams sisters are the only double team­ in history to win two gold medals! If they aren't­ playing in every Fed Cup match than that is surely due­ to the fact they play very little anyway and we all­ know that many top players including your favorite­ player of all time Mrs Federer and your darling Miss­ Sharapova hardly put playing for Davis Cup and Fed Cup­ as their main goals for the year-they play it when they­ feel like it.

    From Honey, on Thu 31 May 11:33
  5. Peter, it's just no use communicating with you.­ Whatever anyone has to say and whatever the evidence to­ the contrary regarding Serena's recent achievements­ on the tennis court, you will still persist with your­ cruel persecution of the Williams. Further , you are so­ dumb and childish you indulge in idiotic name calling­ against those of us who defend them. Yes, I was one­ of thousands of tennis watchers who expected Serena to­ win against Razzano. That expectation was based on the­ fact that she had been unbeaten in the last 17 matches­ that she had played on clay. Yes, she lost in the first­ round of a GS for the first time in her career. I­ congratulate Razzano and hope this win will reignite­ her career. But it is not the end of the world for­ Serena. Why should she retire after losing one match ?­ If eventually, she decides to call it a day, it may be­ because she can no longer win any tournaments . But­ that decision is hers and hers alone. As for sambal­ belacan and ikan bilis, they happen to be my favourite­ food. What is all these nonsense about forgetting ones­ roots. In the first place, it has nothing to do with­ tennis which is what we are discussing here. If it is­ supposed to be an insult against me it is not working.­ Yes, I happen to have had a good Western education up­ to tertiary level in the UK but that does not make­ British. I have the greatest respect for these people­ but I am proud to be Asian. I don't happen to­ suffer from an identity crisis. Perhaps that is your­ problem ? That would explain a lot about you,­ especially your nastiness, bigotry and distorted sense­ of values.

    From Noor Farida, on Thu 31 May 10:46
  6. PETER LOVES SAMBAL BELACAN WEH!!!! dimwit peter is a­ dimwit

    From Taufik H, on Thu 31 May 10:35
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Noor I thought Serena was touted to win the French­ Open. Simon Reed and many other idolators said so. ­ She was the person to beat so to­ speak.......................and who beat the reeel No­ 1; the real No 111 in the 1st round of the French­ Open. Plenty of ones isn't there? Everyone,­ including you thought that Razzano was going to be a­ cake walk but a 31 year old, mourning for her dead­ fiancee, playing against the 13 GS winner on one leg­ and a biased umpire pulled through. If the same­ decisions by the umpire had gone against Serena you and­ your kind would be shouting RACISM from the rafters. ­ What I enjoyed the most was the look on the faces in­ her supporter's box and the thought of her­ idolators throwing their TVs through the windows. ­ Gloating is so sweet The 13 and 7 time GS champions­ should leave the scene gracefully with head held high­ instead of losing to the No 111 ranked player in the­ 1st round of a GS. I heard they'll also be­ changing the medical rules to allow oxygen masks,­ intravenuous drips and defribillators at courtside,­ just in case Venus has a sudden attack of her syndrome.­ Her fishing for sympathy has got pretty boring and­ tedious. Is Venus gunning for a place in the Olympics­ or the PARALYMPICS? Taking into consideration her­ ailment the latter should be more apt.

    From Peter, on Thu 31 May 9:52
  8. Noor, At their ages there is only one way their­ career is going..........................down. Hey;­ don't you like ikan bilis, blacan and nasi­ kuning?.............I do. Forgot your roots did you?

    From Peter, on Thu 31 May 9:37
  9. I have not read here about retirement advice for­ Date-Krumm. For those that spend their lives reading­ comments on tennis blogs, go be useful to your lives­ and families if you have any.

    From CeeJay, on Thu 31 May 9:33
  10. Peter, I 'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry­ at some of your posts. What has sambal belacan or ikan­ bilis got to do with tennis ? By the way, are you and­ Con one and the same person? You two sound alike in­ your diatribe against the Williams sisters. I used to­ respect Con for his in-depth knowledge of tennis. Even­ though it was obvious that he is not a fan of the­ Williams sisters ( to each his own ) his criticism was­ at least more subtle and not as crude as Peter's­ irrational rants. But now I am not so sure. Why is he­ pointing his knife at poor Courtney and Homer who are­ posting perfectly reasonable comments. Peter and Con,­ those of us who are defending the Williams sisters­ against your unreasonable attacks which have become so­ personal and ugly, are doing so out of a sense of­ justice. I, for one, am not a blind and slavish fan of­ any individual sports person. I admire them for their­ talents and their good character. But I would never for­ a moment, malign and denigrate other tennis players­ even when they beat my favorite players. All these­ professional players are to be admired for their hard­ work and dedication to their chosen sport. This is only­ a game, for goodness sake. Let us not get riled up over­ who is winning or who is losing. This is the nature of­ sport. Both Serena and Venus are taking their premature­ defeats at RG in their stride. Con, I think it is too­ early to be writing Serena's obituary in this sport­ . Why don't we wait and see how she fares at­ Wimbledon, the US Open and the other WTA tournaments­ that she will be playing in before we write her off. ­ At the end of the day, what is important is to show­ kindness and compassion towards our fellow human beings­ whether they are brown, black , yellow or red.

    From Noor Farida, on Thu 31 May 9:32
  11. Michael, Business; what business? Their only­ income is from prize money. Take that away and­ they're finished. No wonder Venus has to keep on­ playing .................syndrome and all.

    From Peter, on Thu 31 May 8:19
  12. Homer, Promises,­ promises.........................what's this about­ time zones. Proving to us you at least know how to­ read the time. Now go take your ­ hemlock.........................Kempai!!!!!!!

    From Peter, on Thu 31 May 8:17
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    They only got into business by being at the top in­ tennis for a few years,now they should just concentrate­ on their business as tennis is no longer the best thing­ for them.

    From Michael, on Thu 31 May 8:09
  14. Peter Khor you are here 24/7 and your time zone is­ either in America or in Asia isn't it and unhealthy­ obsession? You are displaying the classic signs of an­ obsessed stalker (one who actually harms their victims)­ the ladies can't hear you and if you have a problem­ with them go and contact their agent or something? You­ REALLY need to get a life and this is not an insult.­ This will be the last communication between us once­ again DIGEST what i just said it will be for your own­ benefit

    From Mr Burns, on Thu 31 May 8:03
  15. Homer, Is it your obsession or mine? If­ you're not obsessed why do you say they're not­ ugly. Ooops I forgot Homer was blind. My apologies­ and don't forget your hemlock this time.

    From Peter, on Thu 31 May 7:47
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    @ 170 From Homer, on Thu 31 May 7:39 hey Homer, what­ happened to your Avatar? Listen mate, hate to break­ the news to you but anything you post here Cannot­ Possibly be digested, It is most likely going to be­ spat out or induce vomiting!

    From Con, on Thu 31 May 7:46
  17. Peter Khor you really need to get a life as your­ obsession with these ladies is unhealthy and worrying.­ Please don't fore back at me but digest what i have­ just written

    From Mr Burns, on Thu 31 May 7:39
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    @ 158 MARCUS, listen Marcus, in case you didn't­ know, half the girls on the tour have their own­ clothing lines and earn big Dollars from endorsements­ etc. Your PRECIOUS girls there are the close to being­ the GRANDMOTHERS of the tour with the exception of a­ couple of DIE-HARDS who refuse to believe they are past­ it. The longer you are on the tour, the more money one­ stands to make it's that simple. Sharapova earns­ far more than both your IDOLS put together so what is­ your point exactly? Your argument that Razzano will­ not win Roland Garros and you are prepared to bet your­ house on it. Don't bother she won't but she­ will always be remembered for whom she disposed of in­ the 1st round of the 2012 French Open. Look it up in­ 30 years from now, the stat will be there. As a last­ point I would like to make, Razzano may not win RG but­ neither will Serena. The SELF PROCLAIMED Queen of WTA­ lost to a player who you consider to have NO-CHANCE of­ winning the event. Even if Razzano loses in the 2nd­ round, she and the FRENCH will be smiling and talking­ about it well after the event is finished. YOU and­ your fellow worshipers will still be crying about it 2­ years from now. If these IDOLS of yours don't have­ anything to prove, if their BELLIES are Full and they­ have other interests outside the sport, then do­ everyone a favour and make one last wave goodbye. Stop­ PRETENDING and trying to convince everyone that you are­ still a dedicated professional tennis player. And by­ all means, do leave the FED CUP and the OLYMPICS to­ those that are sincerely PATRIOTIC and really want to­ represent and give their ALL for their country. All­ for now,

    From Con, on Thu 31 May 7:38
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    @ 138 From courtney, on Thu 31 May 1:43 well, well,­ posting under your real name now, GOOD! The TRUTH to­ you is like a Knife Stab Courtney. It cuts you deep­ and and you are constantly paranoid and bleeding to­ death. These are just comments we all post here, we­ try to convey our own thoughts and ideas and just­ because there is ANIMOSITY and HATRED among certain­ bloggers here it does not make anyone a Psychotic­ Killer even though you have your own preconceived ideas­ about it. You slander people, you clone them your­ accuse them of crimes and Racism. Never mind , live in­ your fantasy land and keep saving all those LOVE notes­ you type up to Serena. Do you keep copies of the­ tweeter comments too, LOL! I bet you've sent her­ Roses many time via DHL or UPS LMAO! Ahhhhhhhh, if­ only she did have the time to read your devoted Love­ Letters......Keep trying though. One day you might­ just be elected the No1 Serena fan and get to meet your­ Idol in person. The THORN you speak of is what you are­ feeling every time I post here. You make everything­ PERSONAL and a DEFENSE of your LOVED ONE! But we all­ know LOVE can be BLIND and you Courtney, desperately­ need a very good pair of glasses. Serena may be able­ to afford the Wembley Stadium but she will never be­ able to possess a good dose of Manners or Dignity! And­ if she could, that is the ONLY way she would ever­ acquire those 2 Human qualities. Now go play with­ your Serena Dolls.

    From Con, on Thu 31 May 7:24
  20. Party time! Aga won!

    From Stephen, on Thu 31 May 7:07
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