Ligue 1 - Ranieri takes over as Monaco coach

Wed, 30 May 08:53:00 2012

Italian Claudio Ranieri has been named Monaco coach with immediate effect.

Claudio Ranieri Inter Milan - 0

The 60-year-old former Chelsea, Juventus, Roma and Internazionale coach has signed a two-year deal and takes over from compatriot Marco Simone.

He will be formally unveiled at a press conference on Thursday, the Monegasque team confirmed on their website.

"We are convinced," they said, "that under the direction of Ranieri the team will continue on their good run of form in the second half of last season, during which they improved considerably. We think above all that the training techniques of Ranieri will bring another level to the preparation of the team, and will allow for a new level of performance to satisfy the supporters."

Ranieri had been out of work since being fired by Inter in March.

He had been linked with a return to England with West Bromwich Albion, who are looking to replace Roy Hodgson.

Monaco, the runners-up in the 2004 Champions League final, slipped into France's second tier a year ago, and could only finish eighth in their first season in Ligue 2.


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  1. Very pleased with the decision to bring Ranieri. Ligue­ 1 here we come !

    From tudor, on Wed 30 May 16:15
  2. @dammy - Monaco is a "plum job." Okay they­ might not be in Ligue 1 and they might not be anywhere­ near the Champions League, but they were bought half­ way through last season by a Russian billionaire­ (ranked 79 on the Forbes Billionaires List). Because of­ this Ranieri is likely to be getting very well paid and­ will be given a big transfer kitty to get them back­ into Ligue 1. It's an attractive project for­ someone with ambition.

    From Jack, on Wed 30 May 13:08
  3. i'am shocked that he did not take ither the west­ brom or aston villa jobs. he was obviously craving a ­ new challenge in the premier league, but he has nstead­ opted for france. all the best to him. he was great­ at chelsea and became the original "tinker­ man" after he used to rotate his team every game,­ a moe managers are today credited for. it woud have­ been nice to see him back in england, and at 60 years­ of age his time may have now gone to manage in the­ league. apart from inter where they chop and change­ managers more times than chelsea (which is an­ incredible feat by the way) he has been a success­ everwhere he has been. i'm sure this will be no­ different.

    From james, on Wed 30 May 12:20
  4. Villa impressed then.......

    From Saalemnok, on Wed 30 May 12:19
  5. @Karl number 3....pls how can u say Monaco is a plum­ job when it currently is in the 2nd tier of French­ football. I actually dont know any very top manager who­ will want to take the i think it goes to show­ that Raineri has truly condescended. Summary...Stop The­ Hate bro!!!

    From Dammy, on Wed 30 May 12:10
  6. how does this bloke get these plum jobs when he has­ been a failure and got the chop everywhere he has been

    From KARL, on Wed 30 May 11:44
  7. he never last in any team , am average coach who thinks­ hes among the top coaches , drop your ego and you will­ be one of the best

    From Felix, on Wed 30 May 11:23
  8. Good luck, don't blame you for not wanting to come­ back into the snake pit the EPL is.

    From St George, on Wed 30 May 10:55
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