Premier League - Johnson, Dempsey eye Fulham exits

Wed, 30 May 16:40:00 2012

Fulham could lose two of their big-name players this summer with striker Andy Johnson and midfielder Clint Dempsey suggesting their respective futures may lie elsewhere.

FOOTBALL Clint Dempsey (left) and Andy Johnson of Fulham celebrate the former's equaliser in a 2-2 Premier League draw at Aston Villa - 0

Johnson is out of contract at Craven Cottage at the end of June while Dempsey has again expressed his desire to play Champions League football as soon as possible.

Johnsone's agent Anthony McFarlane has suggested a move to the lucrative United Arab Emirates league could now be on the cards for his client. "He is now 31, and he has never been in this situation in his career where he is available on a Bosman," McFarlane told UAE sports daily Sport360.

"His mind is open and he's looking at all his options, both here in England and abroad. He is keen on a new challenge and very interested in a move to the UAE provided the offer is right."

Despite not receiving any offers for Johnson's services, McFarlane claimed his client has attracted lot of interest and would consider his family in any move he makes.

"He's married, he's got two kids and a move to the UAE would provide a nice lifestyle and a new experience for AJ and his family," he said.

"There have been no concrete offers as such at this moment in time, but there has been strong interest from a number of clubs in the gulf area, including a couple from the UAE."

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Dempsey, who scored 17 Premier League goals last season, has been linked with a move to the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United and he is now aiming to play in Europe's elite club competition.

"The transfer window is open until August 31 - its no secret that I would like to play Champions League one day in my career," he said.

"If it's meant to be, it will be."

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  1. Is Dempsey up to United's high standards? He could­ be just another wasted player, bought in order to­ deprive others from having him. Kept on the bench, to­ stand in for the injured. Be better staying at Fulham­ and enjoying modest success, rather than going to a big­ club and becoming a forgotten player. Man Utd. stuffed­ Saha. Great player at Fulham, but a nobody at Man Utd. ­ Sorry to be a pessimist, but seen it before once or­ twice haven't we................

    From STEVE, on Fri 8 Jun 20:23
  2. If Dempsey goes to Man U, the Texan goes from hero to­ goat. If he wants to show loyalty, have him stay if­ guaranteed by Jol and Al-Fayed that some money will be­ spent and Fulham will have a crack at the Champions­ League, just once.

    From deathplagueblues, on Sun 3 Jun 19:25
  3. As a Fulham supporter all this really worries me. ­ Dempsey, Demebele, Johnson & Murphy we'll have­ no flaming team left. Have we come into mega money I­ don't know about or is Martin Jol doing an AVB? I­ know we need to bring the age of the team down but­ surely not lose some of our best players. Danny has­ been great but we know the clock is ticking & Andy­ is now very injury prone. Been a Fulham fan for nearly­ 60yrs & it's never been easy. Ho hum

    From Binky C, on Sat 2 Jun 9:43
  4. Fulham aren't a selling club anymore. They might­ just keep hold of itchy feet players until their­ contracts run out. Just like AJ. In the interim,­ Dempsey just might achieve his wish for playing in the­ Champions League with Fulham. So don't build your­ hopes up Arsenal fans, and remember, Fulham took 4­ points off you last season.

    From TruthRaider, on Thu 31 May 14:46
  5. I'd have Dempsey at Old Trafford. Quality player.

    From Exustrek, on Thu 31 May 8:49
  6. i hope dempsey comes to us ... quite talented­ midfielder

    From , on Thu 31 May 7:25
  7. ~Fulham will be fighting for relegation next season if­ they get rid of to many top players.

    From stewart, on Wed 30 May 20:53
  8. Demps, come to Arsenal. we will welcome you with open­ arms.

    From tharr, on Wed 30 May 19:43
  9. take a bench cushion with you and learn to be a­ spectator

    From JIMIBILL, on Wed 30 May 19:32
  10. go to arsenal you might get a game you go to untd you­ might get 1 or 2 spurs your best bet

    From Amber, on Wed 30 May 19:23
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    to old

    From chiefgunner, on Wed 30 May 19:22
  12. man utd not a bad choice u will fit in .

    From Meeren, on Wed 30 May 19:10
  13. I think dempsey would fit in great at manchester­ united, i have been saying it all season, i dont think­ it matters that we have already got kagawa because we­ needed 2 more at least for the midfield anyway......he­ is at his peak now, but not for long, he would be great­ value for money and will not want a ridiculous wage,­ perfect!

    From me, on Wed 30 May 19:00
  14. Go to Liverpool Clint Dempsey....

    From Gildo, on Wed 30 May 18:53
  15. Now that man united have kagawa a aresenal move makes­ more sense. They have injuries in the midfield.

    From Jordon, on Wed 30 May 17:49
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