Premier League - Mancini denies Ibra interest

Wed, 30 May 13:10:00 2012

Manchester City are not looking to reinforce their attacking options this summer, according to manager Roberto Mancini.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Milan Roma 2012 - 0

Reports in Italy have suggested that AC Milan front man Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a target for the Premier League champions.

Napoli forward Ezequiel Lavezzi and Bologna striker Gaston Ramirez have also been linked with the Eastlands club.

"Ibrahimovic is a champion," Mancini told Gazzetta dello Sport. "But I already have four very strong strikers. I just need them to compete in the Champions League. We are okay up front."

City boast rich talent in attack with Sergio Aguero, who scored the dramtic injury-time title winning goal against QPR, Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko vying for places.

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  1. comment 13 WHAT THE HELL are you taking , you have not­ got a clue what your talking about how as Mancini­ cheated . dark room lie down springs to mind .

    From ninja, on Thu 31 May 12:40
  2. #18 like what? give me an example. .... 1) he said­ "tevez wont play for city again if i pick the­ team. ..... i dont pick the team" other than­ that what?

    From paul g, on Wed 30 May 18:23
  3. I don't believe a word that drops out of­ Mancini's mouth if I'm honest... Too many times­ he's said one thing done another... We'll wait­ and see who comes and goes at the CoM...

    From Spartan480BC, on Wed 30 May 17:21
  4. #12 thiago --- at 27 he is too old for city now and­ frankly we have the best defence in england. no need­ for him Hamsik - no room at the inn. we have 4 world­ class strikers Giovinco - as above but i would add --­ who? holding midfielder and creative midfielder is­ all we need Messi and schweinsteiger are perfect

    From paul g, on Wed 30 May 17:09
  5. So if he thinks city r ok up front, then im sure he­ wont need RVP or any1 else?

    From Stephan, on Wed 30 May 17:09
  6. the only realistic signings for city now are; messi­ & schweinsteiger all the rest are less than we­ have.

    From paul g, on Wed 30 May 17:05
  7. Ibra is an immensely talented footballer, one of the­ most gifted in modern football, his technique, his­ vision, he's got it all....except a grasp on­ reality. I'm a Milan fan and i've watched him a­ million times-if he feels he has something to prove he­ can be unplayable, against Arsenal for example, but if­ he's complacent or believes his team are going to­ lose he'll stand up with his hands on his hips­ yelling at his team mates for not passing it to him,­ when the opposition have the ball 5 feet from where he­ stands. incredibly talented but arrogant doesn't­ even begin to describe him.

    From MichealS, on Wed 30 May 16:56
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Mancini is not sincere he just tries to destabilize­ other clubs by always prodding on other players. Summer­ transfer has come and he is claiming he has enough­ attacking options. He has Agueru, Mario, Carlos and­ Dzeko then why was he prodding on Van Persie. You are a­ cheat you cheated to earn this trophy. You should­ concentrate on your team and win genuinely to be a good­ manager.

    From uche m, on Wed 30 May 16:39
  9. IF Adebayor and Tevez leave then a versatile striker­ capable of rotating in the front 4 would be a must.­ They have Dzeko who has recently committed himself to­ City for at least another season, so another tall­ striker is hardly a must. Would think Thiago Silva,­ Hamsik and Giovinco would be good signings as­ money's no object at the Etihad, not another­ forward.

    From James, on Wed 30 May 16:32
  10. MUFC Champions by 9 points - deluded to say the least!!­ Ever heard of Fergie time?!!

    From Adrian, on Wed 30 May 15:38
  11. #8 E'TO is close with 4 champs league medals at 3­ different clubs but thats only 2 countries and 4 league­ titles at 2 clubs in 2 countries. I think Ibra wins

    From paul g, on Wed 30 May 15:38
  12. #8 thats all well and good but his record of trophies­ and cups where he has gone is formidable. Name a­ player that has won the league in 3 different countries­ with 4 different clubs and the champs league the­ plethera of other domestic cups are voluminous. I­ dont think there is anyone with such a variety , EVER.

    From paul g, on Wed 30 May 15:34
  13. This guy has been so overrated throughout his career­ that Barcelona actually exchanged him for Eu40m +­ E'to who was by far a more valuable asset. He­ flopped at Barcelona and has not really been the­ prospect AC Milan expected. He needs to reassess his­ talent and try a lesser team or league.

    From frederick, on Wed 30 May 15:21
  14. "MUFC Champions by 9 points" .. your name­ shows how wrong you can be and are even now. We­ don't need more players, we've spent to get­ what we needed and now will reap the benefits. Maybe­ you should worry more about your own team rather than­ trying to be even more unpopular than you already are.

    From , on Wed 30 May 15:16
  15. i see the salford united supporters are still winging­ like the little kids they are YOUR DAYS OF BEING TOP­ DOG ARE OVER

    From STEPHEN, on Wed 30 May 15:00
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Ha ha ha ha ha so he is feeling the bite of the­ financial fair play rules and can only watch as Man Utd­ prepare to win the title by 15 points. he is short of­ strikers cos Balotelli and Tevez are so poor that­ nobody will buy them and he is stuck with the wage bill­ lol None of City's strikers will get into Man­ Utd's first team. In fact City do not have a single­ player capable of getting into our first team. The only­ hope City have is to again pay the officials to cheat­ and send players off and add time till they score. This­ is why City remain in our shadow and Mancini was put in­ his place by Fergie. City are a decent manager and 12­ players short of being a good team lol

    From MUFC Champions By 11 Points, on Wed 30 May 14:57
  17. Keep Tevez but yeah lose adebayor. Clones of Silva and­ Yaya would be good in case of injury.

    From , on Wed 30 May 14:45
  18. AC Milan must want to offload Zlatan. By all accounts­ he's a bit pricey for what he actually delivers.­ Barcelona were not that impressed by him. City still­ need to offload Tevez and Abedayor before any other big­ name striker comes in.

    From Richard Bold, on Wed 30 May 14:05
  19. I should think so as well.. Already have enough­ strikers, mids, defenders... It's just greed.

    From John, on Wed 30 May 13:52
  20. i wonder when asbodonney drunk will appear he­ love's it on city threads tick tock

    From traffordbuccaneers, on Wed 30 May 13:34
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