Premier League - Martinez pledges future to Wigan

Wed, 30 May 17:27:00 2012

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan insists manager Roberto Martinez is staying with the Premier League club.

2011 Wigan Roberto Martinez - 0

The Spaniard was linked with moves to Liverpool and Aston Villa but according to Whelan will stick with the Latics, having been given his chairman's word he will be backed in the transfer market.

Whelan told ESPN: "Roberto is staying with us and I've agreed to his request to up our spending on youth development and training facilities."

He added: "That's going to be pretty costly as I have agreed to a full-sized indoor pitch - and that will cost £1.5million.

"Roberto's very keen on that aspect of the club. I have also agreed with him to bring in three or four new players."

Martinez, linked to Villa despite rejecting an offer to manage the midlands club at the start of last season, met Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group in America last week to discuss the current vacancy at Anfield.

However, Whelan told ESPN: "They set down their rules on how they saw the role and the way they wanted the team run and that was not the way Roberto would do it.

"Roberto has his own way of doing things but they are American owners who have their own ideas of how it should be done. They are entitled to want to do it their way and Liverpool are a big club so I can see why Brendan Rodgers has opted to go there - and good luck to him he's a fine coach."

Rodgers was reported to be on the brink of leaving Swansea for Anfield.

"But I don't think Swansea are going to be too pleased," Whelan said. "They lost Roberto to us and they were none too happy about that and now they have lost Brendan so I imagine they will be even more unhappy right now."

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  1. Good on you Martinez, at last we see someone ­ that is not interested in money and puts love­ of the job first, stick with WIGAN Dave ­ Whelan and all the WIGAN SUPPORTERS have great ­ faith in you and when the time to move on ­ comes you will do better than end up in ­ Liverpool, I will give Rodgers 12months and he­ will be gone the yanks will see to that, ­ LOOK AT THEIR PAST RECORD

    From bambisboots, on Fri 1 Jun 17:11
  2. As well as being the most attractive Manager in the­ Premiership, it looks like he is also one of the­ brightest and someone who learns from experience, a­ rare combination in a human never mind football,well­ done Wigan, you and he deserve relegation not to be an­ issue next season

    From Alison, on Fri 1 Jun 14:26
  3. Steve H (No 78) - it's,"'a *anker" -­ come on, get the grammer correct at least if you're­ going to slag someone off LOL

    From ROB, on Thu 31 May 22:48
  4. Poor old Brendan Rogers, must be potty. He's short­ of 8 decent players to turn Liverpool into a pass and­ move side.His policy will be diametrically opposed to­ the "dinosaur" tactics of King Kenny. No­ doubt he'll have to sell before he can bring in­ quality players.Dalglish wouldn't recognise­ criticism of his buys even going to the point of saying­ that "net spend was only £17mm"--, yes Kenny­ that might be what the balance sheet says, but there­ wasn't one single signing who could be classed as­ "value for money".Rogers will have to hope he­ doesn't come in for the same treatment as Roy­ Hodgson whilst he was there. The Koppites had better­ learn to get real and get behind the manager because­ he's got the football equivalent of "mucking­ out the Augean stables". Good luck BR---football­ needs a competitive Liverpool to stop PL developing­ along lines of La Liga ie a 2 horse race!!

    From Patrick, on Thu 31 May 21:47
  5. good on you roberto,got to say i think rodgers has made­ a mistake going in the inbreds. He should ov stayed­ with the swans but hopefully we can both finish above­ the scousers and really rub there noses in it. WIGANA

    From , on Thu 31 May 17:51
  6. As a Villa fan I'm disappointed he's going to­ stick with Wigan, as a football fan I'm delighted­ that there is some loyalty left in the game. I wish­ both Wigan and Martinez well.

    From Jeff Bridges, on Thu 31 May 15:33
  7. Gareth you are an *anker.

    From Steve H, on Thu 31 May 14:34
  8. Well never mind Liverpool you will soon have a team­ full of ex Swansea players just like Wigan did when­ Martinez took over.....................and you will be­ lucky not to be relegated my 3 for relegation West­ ham, Swansea,Liverpool.

    From Steve H, on Thu 31 May 14:05
  9. He couldn't get total charge of Liverpool..

    From whocaresanyway, on Thu 31 May 13:04
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Pledges his future to Wigan? Only because theres no­ where else to go!!!

    From KEVIN, on Thu 31 May 12:06
  11. Theirs no chance this over rated bunch of glamour girls­ will play for an up and coming manager. What happend­ to the big name manager, big chunk of reality landed­ hay.................Sit back and read a good history­ book as it's all you have...................

    From kevin, on Thu 31 May 11:44
  12. Loyalty and Brendan Rogers do not go together, only the­ other day he was preaching to his players that­ "the grass is not greener at other clubs" Two­ faced or what?

    From PAULIE, on Thu 31 May 11:43
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Martinez loyal - ask the Swansea fans re: answer to­ loyalty. Martinez is not loyal at all,he wanted to talk­ to Liverpool to become their manager and failed. Now­ Wigan has a manager who doesn't want to be there -­ result relegation. Rodgers loyal - again ask the­ Swansea fans for the answer. Rodgers will last 18­ months tops, I reckon he'll be on the scrapheap by­ Christmas, not because he's a bad coach, he's a­ very good coach, but Liverpool are not a good team­ anymore. They have been living off their reputation for­ too long. American and Russian owners mean plenty of­ money splashing about, too many managerial changes­ therefore resulting in mediocre teams. I hope the­ manager most wanted by Liverpool fans, Rafa Benitez,­ sticks his CV Swansea's way and then we'll see­ Swansea finishing above Liverpool and the scousers­ really pissed off.

    From GARETH, on Thu 31 May 11:06
  14. Thers a rumour gong round that when Roberto was in­ Miami they never even discussed football, he was­ picking a plot for his new house when the Yanks build­ houses on Anfield,

    From pie-eater, on Thu 31 May 10:52
  15. Did RM reject the job, or did Liverrpool decide to end­ the talks? I have not seen any confirmation on what­ actually happened. If anyone knows the facts, please­ share.

    From El-Tony., on Thu 31 May 10:43
  16. what a breath of fresh air!! a manutd­ fan but a great admirer of wigan and the type of­ football they play,great coach and awsome­ chairman..good luck for the coming season wigan!!!

    From gary, on Thu 31 May 10:32
  17. Got a suggestion why not appoint Hansen or Lawrenson­ and lets see how good they are they certainly like to­ criticise other rookie Managers. That would achieve 2­ things 1 you would be relegated 2 it would get them­ of MOTD on Saturdays

    From pie-eater, on Thu 31 May 10:04
  18. To all those Liverpool fans who are getting a bit­ bitter because Roberto rejected your club devote your­ bitterness towards the yanks who are playing about with­ your emotions not Dave Whelan, he has more football­ nowse in his little to than all your Boardroom and hes­ a WIGANER nuf said.

    From pie-eater, on Thu 31 May 9:58
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    missed his chance to go to thepool, trying to jack up­ his pay,

    From parasite person watcher, on Thu 31 May 9:38
  20. not sure but is our manager younger than your latest­ signing? He looks it lol

    From , on Thu 31 May 9:09
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