Serie A - Mancini denies Ibra interest

Wed, 30 May 13:27:00 2012

Manchester City are not looking to reinforce their attacking options this summer, according to manager Roberto Mancini.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Milan Roma 2012 - 0

Reports in Italy have suggested that AC Milan front man Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a target for the Premier League champions.

Napoli forward Ezequiel Lavezzi and Bologna striker Gaston Ramirez have also been linked with the Eastlands club.

"Ibrahimovic is a champion," Mancini told Gazzetta dello Sport. "But I already have four very strong strikers. I just need them to compete in the Champions League. We are okay up front."

City boast rich talent in attack with Sergio Aguero, who scored the dramtic injury-time title winning goal against QPR, Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko vying for places.

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  1. @ Paul G (# 18), what I wrote was in response to the­ stuck up coments of #17 & not yours, my apologies.­ Yes we won the FA last year, the league this year,­ maybe the CL next year. Amen.

    From Sudip, on Thu 7 Jun 3:48
  2. Graham it seems like you never learn.From the last two­ seasons already counting to nothing counts until­ 2014,which is it.The simple truth is City have already­ spoken to UEFA regarding what is allowable.If the deal­ with Etihad was outlawed Uefa would have said so­ already.Keep on dreaming Graham Uefa will not ban­ anyone,because they cant afford to.Several clubs­ including United have held talks about a breakaway­ european league if UEFA try to expel anyone,this why­ that threat will not materialise.Again excessive­ payments who are UEFA to decide what a club is­ worth.Methinks the lawyers would tie that one up in­ court for years.Sadly Graham your sour grapes spew out­ from every post you make.Now thats the last i am saying­ to you for a few weeks,as i am going on holiday for 3­ weeks tomorrow.c.t.i.d.

    From Andy V, on Tue 5 Jun 16:44
  3. Andy, The new rules come into effect in the season­ begining 2014 so who plays in the champions league this­ year is of no consequence. However in 2014 they will­ take into account the profit loss of all clubs under­ the UEFA banner for the previous 3 seasons it is as­ simple as that. Even the commentators are asking the­ question will or could City be banned from european­ football as this is one of the options UEFA would have.­ Stop wearing your blue tinted glasses and look at­ things realistically. How can you run a club when­ your players wages exceed your income Another clause­ Im sure slipped past you is having a company or group­ paying excessive money to sponser a club so Im sure­ they will have something to say about etihad airlines­ who themselves have never made a profit who are­ sponsoring you to the tune of 100 million a year mmmm. ­ You are not the only club in the spotlight Real­ Madrid, Barcelona, St Et

    From Dr Graham J Smith DD, on Tue 5 Jun 15:56
  4. Wrong Graham,FPR starts with the season just gone and­ no action will be taken against any team until the end­ of 2013/14.If you are correct then City,Real Madrid and­ Barcelona will not be allowed in to the Champs league­ this year.The timing is why City spent so much in the­ season before last,it will not count towards FPR.Still­ i will accept your apology when the teams for the group­ stages of champs league are announced.Debt is what­ United has,losses City have made.We owe nothing to­ anyone a much healthier position than at OT.Falling­ profits,ageing squad and manager,no share issue to­ solve your debt problem.We will spend if we need to,we­ will just sell a box to one of the sheiks relatives for­ a couple of hundred million.c.t.i.d.

    From Andy V, on Mon 4 Jun 23:09
  5. Andy Im afraid your wrong my friend Next season and­ the previous two seasons are the ones which will be­ taken into consideration. Not starting when you would­ like them to start You spout on about others reading­ the rules and regulations of the UEFA level playing­ field I suggest you actually read them instead of­ interpreting them as you see fit. Even with your­ revenues increased not by very much and the selling of­ one or two fringe players as you put it and saving 9­ million on Tevezes wages your operating loss will­ still exceed 100million in the coming financial year.­ that coupled with the previous two years losses will­ put you into direct confrontation with UEFA. Yep we­ do have a massive debt but even with that we still show­ an operating profit year on year out . It seems to me­ that you believe debt is the same as Losses well think­ again because you are wrong. You didn't make­ very much profit from the CL as you got knocked out at­ the same stage we did so nothing to write home about­ there Just face the facts City can't afford to­ buy another class player unless you sell. What a­ position to be in Officially broke. Afford it or not­ Mancini will buy another expensive player to keep his­ ego afloat and push you even deeper into loss. We­ will see wose right come April when the figures for­ last season will be public knowledge and your total­ losses will be very close to 500million

    From Dr Graham J Smith DD, on Mon 4 Jun 22:37
  6. graham,you obviously did not read the rules,else you­ would not have posted such twaddle.the posted loss was­ for the season before last.Last seasons figures are not­ yet available.But with some 70 million less spent on­ player transfers,several fringe players loaned out and­ 9 million saved on tevez's wages.Couple this with­ increased revenue from Champs league and increased­ turnover for last season, i fully expect the deficit to­ be about halved.We then have 3 seasons further to fully­ comply.your doctorate cant be in business you take no­ account of increased turnover.and are basing your­ assumptions on already out of date figures.Enjoy­ repaying your £250,000 a day interest.Can the last one­ out of OT please turn the lights out.c.t.i.d.

    From Andy V, on Mon 4 Jun 22:15
  7. Hi Andy V Lets take your maximum figure of loss now­ divide it by 3 which is what UEFA will do and Im afraid­ you have already broken UEFA rules the maximum of loss­ over the 3 year period allowed by UEFA is 38.5 million.­ Then there is still another loss to take into account­ when April 2013 see's the end of this financial­ year. I shudder to think how much your losses in total­ will be then closer to my 500 million which I predict. ­ Be prepared to be banned from europe one of the­ punishment options open to UEFA. Still I might be­ suprised and you might make a profit hahahaha the same­ as United do year in and year out and that after paying­ off the Glazier debt. Our profit this year was small­ only 12 million but that still gives us 50 million in­ buying power perhaps more depending on the previous 2­ years Well my friend you like to play with figures­ so play with those ps Hope you have had a good bank­ holiday

    From Dr Graham J Smith DD, on Mon 4 Jun 18:32
  8. Level playing field rules?Do you by any chance mean­ Financial Fair Play rules,which will give all clubs­ running at a loss,3 more seasons to show UEFA that they­ are balancing the books.If you have no idea of what i­ am talking about,try reading them,they are available to­ look at online.c.t.i.d.

    From Andy V, on Mon 4 Jun 12:47
  9. 600 million on this post,500 million on another,never­ let it be said Graham is consistent with his­ opinions.Lesson in maths dr.If City posted a record­ loss last season of 193 million,then the total loss­ could only be 385 million at its worst.A long way short­ of your figures,and not as much by any account as the­ Glazers owe to the banks.c.t.i.d.

    From Andy V, on Mon 4 Jun 12:42
  10. He'll fit in very well with Dzeko - they're­ both queeer. I wouldn't be bending over for soap in­ that shower.

    From Reg, on Mon 4 Jun 12:08
  11. How can you believe anything Mancini says Tevez will­ never play for City again I don't need to buy­ another striker. Mmm well yesterday he was saying he­ wanted to buy Van Persie but then stated he would have­ to sell before he could do so. The fact is Man City­ don't have money to spend over the past two seasons­ you have registered nearly 600 million pounds of­ Losses. How can you run a club like that? You­ don't have the income to support the lavish­ spending. Small Club and a small fan base. Now­ because of the introduction this coming season of the­ level playing field rules you are entering a period of­ austerity. City were naive when splashing out so­ much money on players and offering ridiculous wages. ­ What player will want to leave whilst earning a fortune­ and what other club would be prepared to pay for his­ demands if that were to happen. The answer is plain­ and simple no one I wonder who will be picking the­ team this year Tevez and Ballotelli or mancini because­ quite frankly he lost all credibility over the handling­ of Tevez and Ballotelli. Oh well good luck and enjoy­ being poor yet again for you the hey day is over just­ like Blackburn who bought the championship and where­ are they now ?

    From Dr Graham J Smith DD, on Sun 3 Jun 15:42
  12. #19 eh? who is this 'we'. we won the league­ 2012 and fa cup 2011. I think you are mis-reading­ the situation

    From paul g, on Sat 2 Jun 20:15
  13. # 18. Buzz off, show some respect to the club that­ drubbed you with a tennis at home and went on to win­ the league.

    From Sudip, on Sat 2 Jun 8:37
  14. #18 stick your respect up your arse

    From paul g, on Sat 2 Jun 8:26
  15. OH and one more thing, you only won the league on GD­ not points so get over yourselves. you beat us twice­ and still ended on the same points.......omg you're­ so much better than us!!!! NOT! the sun shines on a­ dogs arse sometimes!!! win it a few more times then you­ might get the respect you're looking for.

    From Dav, on Sat 2 Jun 3:26
  16. lol @ spastic malcom ragagaagag

    From Captain Blue!,, on Fri 1 Jun 22:31
  17. i fire blanks,ask my girlfriend when she lost the baby­ raagagaggagaga

    From Captain Blue!,, on Fri 1 Jun 22:30
  18. i am privileged, clearly

    From paul g, on Fri 1 Jun 19:57
  19. hey manchesterborn-inbred , not like yoonited will be­ doing eh, massive signing from crewe and old scholesy ­ ahahahahahaha , you must be gutted to the likes of ibra­ wanting to come to city whilst furgie trawls the lower­ leagues looking for the next phil jones wahahhaha

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Fri 1 Jun 19:56
  20. #11 lol . why do we need to? the refs screwed us out of­ champs league and we won the prem league. Trouncing you­ 2wice 6-1 and 1 nil at your cup final. the only 2­ signings i would like to see are schweinsteiger and­ messi

    From paul g, on Fri 1 Jun 17:49
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