Kuyt has options across Europe

Wed, 30 May 14:04:49 2012

Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt admits a number of clubs from Europe's major leagues are interested in signing him.

The Holland international, 32 this summer, has a year to run on his Anfield contract, but seems destined to leave after a season in which he found first-team starts limited.

"There are many clubs who are interested," he told NUsport in Holland. "Not only from England, also from Germany, Spain and Italy."

One club he has ruled out, however, are former side Feyenoord who would not be able to afford his wages.

"I have had several conversations with Feyenoord but we were unable to agree," he added. "I did not want on my conscience that Feyenoord would have financial problems because of my salary.

"There were too many doubts on both sides. I've thought about it, but it is not the time to return."


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  1. Being an Arsenal Fan, I must admit, I like Dirk Kuyt,­ he may not score but he is a key part of the Liverpool­ squad. I wouldn't mind if he signed for Arsenal but­ I must say, he's something Brendan Rodgers has got­ to keep in mind before he starts signing any players. ­ He has made plenty of key passes and assists.

    From King, on Thu 31 May 17:19
  2. I think he's good player he shoos stay

    From nezir, on Thu 31 May 17:12
  3. Dirk if you get the chance take it .

    From Tom Folder, on Thu 31 May 16:44
  4. Dirk can not only score but assists too and he is not­ greedy , someone got a better chance they get the pass­ , he also fals back to defence and when he goes forward­ because of hie pace the opposition are drawn out of­ position and he never stops running at them . But we­ dont know what this Rodgers character will do

    From Iain, on Thu 31 May 8:40
  5. i like kuyt and would want him 2 stay but he has 2 look­ after himself,i want to c maxi stay better player than­ some on the pitch who get more games,get rid of­ henderson tell downing to improve, and carrol to stop­ being a prima dona he isnt good enough for that,and­ give pepe a rest with the other goalie at times

    From gillian, on Thu 31 May 7:07
  6. "I did not want on my conscience that Feyenoord­ would have financial problems because of my­ salary"?? I like Kuyt but that's ridiculous.­ Take a pay cut then!

    From Jess, on Thu 31 May 2:04
  7. Leave Dirk alone! He's run his heart into the­ ground for Liverpool. Ok he's not the sort of­ player who set anything alight but he's genuine,­ hard working and passionate. Most fans would give­ there right arm to see there players produce those­ credentials as opposed to the cheating, diving, money­ grabbing drab they currently pay to see! Viva La Dirk­ , good luck to you where ever you play next season. PS­ Have you seen his teeth?

    From Philip, on Wed 30 May 23:39
  8. He Played in 34 Games last Season and Scored 2 Goals !­ ! ! ! !

    From COLIN, on Wed 30 May 21:55
  9. With his pace, Man Utd should take him to replace that­ "show pony" Nanni - his performance against­ Man City was just pathetic, but then, why on earth was­ Ferguson playing him anyway ?

    From J, on Wed 30 May 21:38
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    one of the worst liverpool players of all time,i told­ my mates 6 year ago most you will ever win is league­ cup not near good enough for team that wants to­ progress,and turned out to be true,i kept saying give­ him another chance,but he could not hit a barn­ door,never in my life have i seen a player get in acres­ of space and passes it back,he has energy to burn,and­ when he gets it,must take on a player about once every­ game,he scores 5 goals in six games then cant score for­ 6 month,guy is a joke,stinking...hollond wont win euros­ either,they will have him playing,oh hes no bad at­ penalty kicks,only plus side..

    From craig d, on Wed 30 May 15:12
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