Saints chief angered by Gers court fight

Wed, 30 May 14:02:34 2012

St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour has hit out at Rangers for taking their fight against a transfer ban to court.

Lord Glennie ruled on Tuesday that a 12-month transfer embargo imposed on Rangers was unlawful as the punishment was not contained in the Scottish Football Association rules.

Gilmour, speaking at Hampden after a Scottish Premier League meeting on financial fair play issues, said: "The law is an ass. I think that sums it up.

"What's a court getting involved in football for? The decision had been made.

"Are we going to take every single sending-off to court? Is that what we are going to end up with? Sport should stay within sport."

Lord Glennie's decision overturned an SFA appeal tribunal, which was chaired by his fellow Court of Session judge Lord Carloway.

The judge proposed the matter be sent back to the SFA appeal stage, although the SFA had 21 days to appeal against the court decision.

Rangers could now face more extreme sanctions as the explicit punishments stated in the SFA's rule 66 are a maximum £100,000 fine, suspension or expulsion from participation in the game, ejection from the Scottish Cup or termination of membership.

Rangers, who owe the tax authorities more than £21million, were fined £100,000 for bringing the game into disrepute over their non-payment and an SFA appeal panel might now have the task of deciding which if any of the additional punishments Rangers face.

FIFA have also urged the SFA to take "direct action" against Rangers for taking the matter to court, which is expressly prohibited in both associations' rules.


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  1. Some have said that some Rangers club personell act­ like "legends in thier own minds" in this­ situation and I agree with this.The analogy I would­ give in the punishment just offered is like being asked­ if you would like a slap in the face now or a bullet in­ the head later?Maybe by showing some humility and just­ accepting the embargo would have been best rather than­ now losing sleep and staring at a powder keg with FIFA­ and SFA stamped on the side of it waiting to explode in­ your face –Gers fan

    From Thumbs Down=Thumbs Up, on Sat 2 Jun 20:16
  2. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Gilmore sounds like a clown, we're talking big­ business here, if he thinks he can do what he likes­ against big business then he is wrong, he should have­ thrown rangers out the league but he bottled it, he­ imposed a sanction he never had the authority to­ impose, by pussyfooting around rangers the SFA are­ looking like incompetent cheats.

    From kenneth, on Thu 31 May 12:35
  3. At least Gilmour and his counterpart Petrie at­ Hibernian have courage and dignity to speak out against­ the underhand thieving,double dealing et al of this­ lot.a club that put Airdrieonians FC out of the game­ for a paltry by comparison unpaid debt while they­ themselves at the very same time were engaged in fraud­ and cheating on a grand scale. Gilmour and Petrie have­ more decency and dignity than the Judas boards of­ Celtic,Aberdeen and Kilmarnock who so far have pleaded­ the case for Rangers leniency better than anyone at­ Ibrox,I hope Celtic remember that when they get their­ £0.6 in the pound on the debts owing to them by the­ self same fraudsters,Dundee Utd and Dunfermline should­ demand that FIFA ban them from competing in any­ football league within thier auspices if the cronies at­ the SPL ,SFA don`t do THE RIGHT THING and ban them­ until they are pay ALL monies due from these thieves to­ both teams.

    From James, on Thu 31 May 6:54
  4. Happy Gilmour more like......

    From Gordon, on Thu 31 May 1:56
  5. Mark give your brain cell a rest its being overworked

    From Gordon, on Thu 31 May 1:54
  6. i see some people are saying it was right to take the­ sfa to court .if thats the case and rangers go for a­ newco is it not right that they do the same as airdrie­ ie start again in the third division as a new team .one­ minute you want things done by the law .well has it not­ been in the sfa rules that if a new team wants to join­ the league they start in the third division .so which­ way would you like it done bye the rules whether they­ be the rules of law or the rules off the league or­ would you just prefer that any thing goes any time­ which seem to be happening with the spl then you have­ to settle for the transfer ban

    From Mark, on Wed 30 May 23:40
  7. awwwwww Poor Gilmour the Celtic man is upset,

    From Gaz75, on Wed 30 May 21:29
  8. point 29 i would urge you to note that SDM was­ owner of most of rangers as in theory was whyte. so if­ they abuse their power in the name of the club, then of­ course, the club must suffer. dundee were docked 25­ points well after the bad men at the top were gone but­ i heard no one saying 'thats a shame for dundee cos­ it wasnt them thhat done wrong' livi too. these­ clubs were just run very badly. rangers are different.­ they have broken laws and siphoned away money from­ the public that could have contributed­ to schools, hospitals and of course our troops abroad.­ another quick point. i doubt very much that­ administrators didnt realise there may be fifa fallout­ after this. the threat of our european hopefuls­ getting barred from europe if rangers dont accept­ transfer ban may be a bargaining tool used by rfc at­ a later date ie chairmen voting on newcos?????

    From John F, on Wed 30 May 19:26
  9. OH the rangers are shyte.OH the rangers are shyte.

    From Chazza, on Wed 30 May 18:45
  10. #20 "REMENBER MY FELLOW BEARS NO VISITS TO NEW­ LOVE STREET­ FROM HERE ON IN..." Where the hell is­ New Love Street????

    From MARTIN, on Wed 30 May 18:43
  11. Thomas, Whyte, and SDM for that matter, will get­ what's coming to them, but, how the hell could­ anyone have known that Whyte was a thief?? Where was­ the SFA's fit and proper programme then? It was­ "oh, he's said he is so he must be" and­ SDM knew exactly what he was doing when he did what­ Lloyds told him to do, which was sell the club to­ Whyte. But you don't seem able to grasp the point­ that the only thing RFC as a club are guilty of is ­ having a conman as a chairman/owner who did whatever he­ wanted, and when other directors started to question­ what he was up to they were either forced to resign or­ sacked. Rangers Football Club didn't withhold the­ tax, vat and the other taxes, Craig Whyte did. ­ Before you start on EBT's and all that garbage,­ wait until the hearing finishes and they decide whether­ we owe any money please

    From alan, on Wed 30 May 18:39
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    OH the rangers are sheeite. OH the rangers are sheeite.

    From Chazza, on Wed 30 May 18:30
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Is DT short for Delirium Tremens, aka The Horrors / The­ Shakes, sounds about right for a Rangers Fan at­ present.

    From THOMAS, on Wed 30 May 18:05
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Is DT short for Delirium Tremens, aka The Horrors / The­ Shakes, sounds about right for a Rangers Fan at­ present.

    From THOMAS, on Wed 30 May 18:05
  15. Alan, Stewart Gilmour has been able to do what Sir­ Moonbeams and Graigy Bhoy Whyte failed to do, i.e. Run­ a Premier League Football Club in budget, within the­ rules, pay HMRC and avoid Administration, also building­ a nice neat little stadium, yes well done Mr Gilmour,­ an Honest Man and a credit to Paisley Saints.

    From THOMAS, on Wed 30 May 18:01
  16. alistair you cant even spell the mans name so who gives­ hoot what you think.

    From Tom, on Wed 30 May 17:13
  17. gilmour they cant keep moving the goal posts,they can­ only use the punishments in place at the time of the­ event.i take it your another anti ranger.

    From Tom, on Wed 30 May 17:09
  18. Gilmour? St Mirren? Does anybody actually care what he­ thinks? I think not

    From alan, on Wed 30 May 16:58
  19. Mr Gilmore is quite right football should stay in­ football-what the **** has MNRC got to do with­ football-they do not play football! If Whyte if not­ fit tun a football club how come Duff & Phelps are­ fit to administate one? Hurray up and decide which­ way they jump and get this sorted out or we will be in­ next season still be told that a decision is­ forthcoming-so the coming of the next great one-no not­ Walter Smith although he is!

    From Alistair, on Wed 30 May 16:45
  20. REMENBER MY FELLOW BEARS NO VISITS TO NEW LOVE STREET­ FROM HERE ON IN gilmour,s just a puppet for the great­ unwashed.... FIFA is bent

    From Muz, on Wed 30 May 16:39
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