Premier League - Rodgers to take Liverpool job

Wed, 30 May 16:38:00 2012

Swansea have confirmed that Brendan Rodgers has told the club he wants to leave to become the new manager of Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers - 0

The 39-year-old Northern Irishman rejected an initial approach from Fenway Sports Group (FSG) due to the large number of candidates reportedly being considered for the role.

But FSG, who had already held talks with Wigan boss Roberto Martinez, made a renewed approach to Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins on Tuesday night, with Rodgers on this occasion keen to hold discussions with Anfield chiefs.

Those talks were held on Wednesday afternoon and Rodgers has asked to leave so he can become Kenny Dalglish's successor, with the two clubs now holding discussions over compensation.

Jenkins said in a statement: "I was contacted by Liverpool and they expressed their wish to speak to Brendan regarding their vacancy.

"I had a discussion with Brendan to talk about their interest and his views on whether he wanted to speak to Liverpool.

"He expressed his wish with me to do that and he has spoken to Liverpool.

"Following on from discussions with Liverpool's owners Brendan has informed us that he would like to take up their offer to manage Liverpool.

"At the moment we are currently in talks with the owners to agree compensation.

"We hope to finalise that within the next 24 hours."

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  1. What is all this cobblers about the English Premiership­ being the best League in the world? Who are we­ kidding? The ENGLISH Premiership???? It is run by­ foreign owners and foreign managers, who bring in­ armies of overpaid foreign mercenaries to play for­ them, many of whom are of seriosly average ability (but­ that doesn't stop them getting into sides in place­ of better British players). Even the academies these­ days look abroad for their young recruits. And every­ single one of them would dump us like greased lightning­ if the chance came to take the whole sick circus to be­ based in Dubai in front of crowds of 3000. After all,­ who needs fans when global TV rights are up for grabs? ­ You can keep the Premiership - it may take place on­ English soil, but it's not the an English game. ­ Good on Liverpool for choosing a down-to-earth British­ guy over all the over-hyped foreign "names"­ they could have had. I wish them well for the next few­ years.

    From Steve, on Fri 1 Jun 11:46
  2. hope that he will bring good strikers as well..

    From najib, on Fri 1 Jun 7:45
  3. Mic, seems a total over reaction. Being a fan is hard,­ but you have said in one word you do not like the­ players who come for money and in another you wanted­ Kenny to stay. He did get to two cup finals, but he­ also brought in over paid players who simply seem not­ to want to play for the club. Give the new man a chance­ and the new owners and see if they stick with it for a­ few years... I hope you come back to the club.

    From paul l, on Fri 1 Jun 6:55
  4. Kenny Dalglish was without doubt Liverpool through and­ through and only ever had the best interest of the club­ at hart. He brought them up from the depth of despare­ to and disorganisation to win one cup, almost a second­ and gain a place in a european competition. He was­ close to tears when they failed to lift the FA cup.­ perhaps some of his signings have been disappointing­ but others have not. He has shown his loyalty to his­ players and defended them wholeheartedly. I hope­ Brendan Rogers can unify the players and make e real­ challenge for a top four place next season but I think­ it is a step too far. I long for a return to the­ heydays of the 70's/80's when Liverpool were­ invinsible. I can't wait for the season when­ Liverpool win the premiership for the first time and­ start to claim back their rightful position as the team­ who have been champions of England the most times. I­ feel however that now the owners have installed a­ manager of their choice (apparently Kenny was not their­ choice) that they should fully financially back him to­ enable Liverpool to move forward. The new manager has a­ lot to prove and the Kop will soon let him know if he­ is not doing so. I for one hope the Kop will praise­ Kenny for what he did achieve and still hold him in­ their hearts as King Kenny.

    From A, on Thu 31 May 23:38
  5. If he wins the Prem by Halloween I'll give him a­ chance. Seriously, this could be the start of a new era­ for the club. We have to forget the past for a while­ and move forward.

    From LarryMac, on Thu 31 May 21:41
  6. I've supported Liverpool for 49 years have been all­ over europe with them, been up and down the country at­ good and bad teams grounds, i've seen the highs and­ the lows, heisal and hillsborough being just 2, we had­ 2 of the best managers in football history Shanks and­ Sir Bob, rest their souls, and the only thing they ever­ asked of their players was that they gave 110% every­ match for Liverpool in repayment to the fans (like me)­ who spend every penny they had on getting to the match­ to watch their heros play. Since the 'sell out'­ by the Moors family and the influx of players and­ managers from abroad Liverpool tried to match them by­ appointing a french man with NO football knowledge to­ manage them, well since then we have had other­ incompetent managers who have spent more money (fans­ money) on people who have no reason to play for­ Liverpool apart from the money nor love for the club.­ When great players such as Kenny ask to play for­ Liverpool you know that the club is the most important­ thing in the world for them and when every player feels­ the same way the trophys just keep piling up. Now Kenny­ has gone despite winning the Carling Cup and only just­ failing in the FA Cup Final, most clubs would be giving­ managers long term contracts but not Liverpools­ American owners, sacking Kenny is a slap in the face­ for all Liverpool fans, to those that dont know about­ Kenny He Is Liverpool and those of us who watched him­ grace the field then become manager the first time know­ that to be true. Now we are told to accept another­ manager who has very little football knowledge , is he­ french! Sorry but I cant, Liverpool will go on and­ hopefully start to be back at the top where they belong­ but i will not be amongst the croud. To everyone who­ knows me they will know that i do this with a lump in­ my throat and tears in my eyes but from now on I will­ NEVER EVER go to watch Liverpool play again. Loyalty,­ the owners dont understand the word, i hope others­ follow my lead bu

    From Mic, on Thu 31 May 20:36
  7. Paul Stop going on about the past.The game is in the­ present and only a fool would believe Liverpool had a­ better season than United last season.Top 4 is­ important because it attracts top players to the club­ and brings phenomenal wealth to the club.Liverpool have­ never won the Premier and that is incredible and not­ acceptable.You should be proud of the past but it is­ the present that counts.Privately Rodgers will know­ they are miles behind United and I expect he will try­ to build a team for the future.Liverpool are where they­ are because of poor management.United are where they­ are because of brilliant Management.

    From Harry, on Thu 31 May 19:41
  8. Notice how even Dalglish is the target of vitriol now­ from Liverpool fans? Suddenly, Kenny was never right­ from the start now. How fickle can these idiots get?­ And I can't help chuckle at the hate for Man Utd.­ Why are Man Utd even being mentioned?

    From Kearney Zzyzwicz, on Thu 31 May 19:41
  9. Stewart I wish him well but dont be fooled by his love­ of Liverpool.Every new Manager says that about his new­ club.Think of this ,In the seventies he was only a­ young child.In the early eighties he would be about­ ten.He was influenced by Mourinho and Guardiola.Also he­ has said he has been influenced by Man Uniteds great­ success.Not a bad trio Pep,Jose and Fergie.Anyone­ wanting success will have studied these 3 great­ Managers unless they are stupid and I dont think­ Brendan is that

    From Harry, on Thu 31 May 19:33
  10. I for one hope brendan rodgers proves all his doughters­ wrong,every liverpool fan needs to give him their­ backing,this mans whole football philosophy was formed­ by watching liverpool in the late seventys early­ eighties the two touch pass and move fluid play that­ has long died at lfc,i dont think for one minute he­ would of taken this job on if he didnt think he could­ bring back some glory and some much needed pride back­ to this great club,if he manages to impliment the­ vision that he has over the next two or three seasons­ we will be right back challenging for the top four and­ a force in europe once again,and hopefully a title­ challenge along the way but that might be asking a bit­ too much right now lets just give the man our support

    From Stewart, on Thu 31 May 19:09
  11. Will he succeed ? I dont know.In truth Liverpool could­ not attract thye likes of Mourinho or Guardiola and I­ suspect others turned them down.Brendan is obviously a­ risk Manager because he has never Managed a Big club.He­ has never Managed the likes of Gerrard Suarez etc.The­ expectations at Liverpool are very high and he has­ never faced this before.He will know singing You ll­ Never Walk Alone will not win any Trophies only better­ players will do that.He will need to buy wisely and­ build a much more successful youth policy.He has done a­ great job at Swansea but Liverpool is different.As I­ said he could be the next big thing or he may be out of­ his depth.Liverpool will soon find out

    From Harry, on Thu 31 May 19:05
  12. the guy will do OK at Liverpool just give him time to­ sort the team out and get rid of the rubbish we­ don't need

    From Kenneth welford, on Thu 31 May 18:06
  13. It is only a game guys,god sake calm down

    From Welsh Cat Called Owen, on Thu 31 May 17:07
  14. I don't know anything about Brendan Rodgers, so­ therefore will make no judgement on his appointment as­ LFC manager. But what i will say is lets all get behind­ him & give him a chance, if no change by Xmas then­ we can then express our views.

    From Dylan, on Thu 31 May 15:06
  15. worrying time ahead! hope he gets lucky and do well for­ LFC. If he gets fund then should go for one class­ player unlike last year spent far too much for decent­ players which led King to leave.

    From Bel, on Thu 31 May 15:02
  16. Liverpool are not Swansea, they will regret this big­ time with someone who will be struggling with a really­ big time club.

    From Devilinred, on Thu 31 May 14:49
  17. i think this move is disgusting, rogers has left a club­ on the up for a once famous club on the slide to­ mediocraty managers say they want loyalty and respect­ and they say play for the fans,they should practice­ what they preach football in this country is just about­ money these days the fans pay their money the owners­ just laugh at them and dont understand the heritage of­ the game, the formation of the premier league and­ bosman ruling is killing off the game at lower levels i­ am not a swansea fan but i do feel sorry for them

    From John, on Thu 31 May 13:56
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Paul you're a mug Liverpool will just about avoid­ relegation next year and Kenny did anything but steady­ the ship. You didn't win more than United because­ any mug would take top four as opposed to the Carling­ cup. Baring in mind united plays their third team and­ youth players in this cup. Not to mention the fact that­ you just about won it on a penalty shoot out versus a­ Championship side.

    From Benny, on Thu 31 May 13:29
  19. It doesnt matter how much negativity you post, and how­ creative you get in trying to mask insults with­ constructive criticism. Nothing you post will affect­ Liverpools oncoming season. Pressure is always on at­ Liverpool, because we have an illustrious history, and­ fans expecting more success. Hodgson wasnt wanted by­ anyone in the face of better candidates available at­ the time. And unlike some spineless supporters at­ other clubs who try to shine a turd, LFC's­ supporters openly called for Kenny, knowing after the­ near administration nonsense of the previous owners,­ and the appointment of their choice Hodgson, that kenny­ would steady the ship. He did that and was rewarded­ with a contract and money to spend. FSG said Kenny was­ never their choice, but they listened to the fans. CC­ success didnt hide our league woes, and FSG invested­ their own money into the club, and have a right to seek­ the means to protect it, even if that means Kenny­ leaving. The manner in which they conducted a search­ for a replacement was refreshing. The easy option is­ chuck vast sums at a proven manager in another league,­ another country, then chuck more money at top class­ players. Chelsea and City have done this, and have had­ success, but that took time, and they have billions­ available to waste on follies, just to claim­ they've gained success. The Liverpool mentality­ used to be, to recruit from within. But there­ aren't any managers in waiting inside LFC, there­ hasnt been since Evans left, and their policy was to do­ things in moderation, for tact and decency's sake. ­ They interviewd various candidates and settled on­ Rodgers. His style of play is just what Our current­ players will thrive on, and his youth and drive, just­ what we need to maintain focus. Add to that the owners­ giving him money to spend, next season looks a lot more­ positive than the start of last season. And we won­ more than United last season.

    From Paul, on Thu 31 May 13:19
  20. I'm excited by the Rodgers appointment. After all,­ young managers are the future of football, he's­ young with fresh ideas, he will do well, Mouriniho­ taught him , he's the next best thing to the man­ himself.

    From whocaresanyway, on Thu 31 May 13:01
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