Arsene Wenger

  • First of all, Cesc Fabregas is a huge personality. Secondly, he is an extremely intelligent player. And I’d also say that he is a sweet person, but, on the field, he sees everything before anyone.

    The greatest strength of Fabregas is his vision. He sees. The players who see are the ones making your team win and he sees before the others. It’s a telescopic head on a football field.

    I think it would be interesting to film his head during a match once. He is always looking around him to see what’s going on. When he gets the ball, he has already seen everything that was going on around.

    He has a

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  • Bayern Munich's players celebrate after their Bundesliga match against Hertha Berlin in Berlin March 25, 2014. Bayern Munich clinched the Bundesliga title in record time after easing past Hertha Berlin 3-1 on Tuesday with seven games left in the campaign. Last season's treble winners secured their 23rd Bundesliga crown since its 1963 creation with a record 10th straight away victory, stretching their winning streak to a staggering 19 consecutive games and their unbeaten run to 52 league matches.

    Manchester United drew with them in the Champions League, but Bayern Munich are far ahead of the

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  • Hazard the big danger man for counter-attacking Chelsea

    This is the match everybody is talking about in France although there has not been as much hype about it here in England.

    Thinking about the clash, I wouldn’t say that either side is favourite.

    Chelsea have a lot of experience with some of their players having played, and won, the final of the Champions League. Guys like Terry, Cech or Eto’o ... there is a lot of experience there.

    But their young players are extremely talented too. Hazard, Oscar, Schuerrle and Willian are all dangerous and very fast.

    This team is built on a strong defence and counter attacks. Paris will have to decide whether

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  • Real still hold edge over Dortmund despite recent slump

    Dortmund may have knocked out Real Madrid last season but don't expect the same thing to happen this time.

    In football, you can play against the same team every day and you will never see the same match twice.

    When I looked at the draw initially I thought it would be pretty comfortable for Real because Dortmund were struggling and had a lot of injured players while Real hadn't lost in 30 games.

    Then everything changed in a week. Dortmund look steady again while Real lost two times in three days. The psychological context has changed and the tie looks more balanced. I would still put Madrid as

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  • This is a tight one on paper. Atletico are a typically strong team in defence, extremely well organized. The ball will belong to Barcelona, and the Atlético will counter attack.

    Will Barcelona be defeated on the counter attack? Or will their fluidity help them overcome Atletico’s defence? It’s a very tight game, as can be observed in La Liga, where they are very close.

    It is very strange that two of their matches this season have been goalless, because normally you get a lot of goals when a counter-attacking team faces a possession team.

    But they have been able to cancel each other out. Even

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  • At this stage of the Champions League, it’s very rare that you can say a team will win easily. Yet today, when you compare Bayern to United, people say that Bayern will qualify.

    But Manchester United still have a lot of great players. And when they have nothing to lose, they can be psychologically much freer.

    Yes, Bayern will be favourites, which is never easy for United to accept. It may be the only time of the season when all the fans fully will support United, because it has been quite a difficult season for them.

    Bayern have more than a 60% chance of qualifying. But no, it won’t be that

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  • Manchester United can still get past Olympiacos and progress

    Manchester United v Olympiacos

    United crashed to a surprise 2-0 defeat in Athens, leaving David Moyes' team with it all to do at Old Trafford. However, Wenger believes it isn't all over just yet for the three-times European champions, and that they can still make it through.

    Chelsea v Galatasaray

    Chelsea scored an all-important away goal during the first leg in Istanbul which for Wenger puts Jose Mourinho's side firmly in the driving seat ahead of the second leg at Stamford Bridge. The tie is currently weighted 70-30 in favour of Chelsea, Wenger says.

    Schalke v Real Madrid

    Real's 6-1 win in

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  • City can still pose a threat to Barcelona

    Manchester City were cautious from the start during their first leg defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League last 16, and Manuel Pellegrini's side let Barca have the ball too much at the Etihad.

    But when City did have possession, it felt like they could be a real danger to the Spanish side. Had they remained with 11 players, they could maybe have won the match in the second half.

    Still, Barcelona have exceptional technical skills, with Cesc Fabregas, Xavi, Abres Iniesta, and Sergio Busquets in midfield. They played safe, and were very smart technically.

    Lionel Messi still hasn’t recovered

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  • Not over for Arsenal yet – but away goals rule must change

    Last year Arsenal were 3-1 down to Bayern Munich in the last 16 of the Champions League after the first leg at the Emirates and those away goals proved fatal for us.

    We are facing a similar two-goal deficit this year, but the tie with Bayern Munich is still not over.

    Six teams won away from home over the course of this year's last-16 first legs and I think there is a real problem with the away goals rule.

    You are encouraged to attack away, and defend at home. I have already asked the UEFA about it. Originally, the rule was implemented to encourage teams to attack at home but today it’s the

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  • English clubs not failing, Premier League stronger than ever

    In the last round of Champions League fixtures, there was a lot of disappointment in England after three of their teams lost 2-0.

    Different conclusions will have to be drawn for Arsenal and Manchester City, because they lost against two great teams, and with 10 players against 11.

    I think Arsenal turned up on the night in terms of the quality of their performance. As for the circumstances of the game, it was quite frustrating because we lost with 10 players. Manchester City too. And, of course, when you play against very big teams going a man down makes things more difficult.


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