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Chelsea overpaid for Torres

Arsene Wenger

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With the arrival of
Fernando Torres at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea could become even more dangerous
for their opponents. The trio of Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka and Torres
represents a real danger.

Chelsea have improved
their attacking power which was already significant but, in order to be a real
success for the club, Torres needs to settle in with the squad.

Moreover, the three
strikers have to learn how to live together; there isn't any reason why they
should fail.

The interests of the
team must be put first. When you are playing for Chelsea or any other top
European club you have to realise you are in competition with highly-skilled
players. Competition is part of football.

Torres's integration
may require some readjustments at the club. Today, Chelsea has three of the
best centre-forwards in the world, and they may have to sacrifice one of these

The crucial point is
what the Chelsea board had in mind when they signed Torres. I would like to
know this, and Carlo Ancelotti will have to answer this question in the very near

Does the transfer
reveal their wish to get rid of Drogba or Anelka during the next transfer
period? I really don't know, because those players are still competitive and
important for the Chelsea squad.

Torres was a
last-minute transfer, and as a result Chelsea had to pay for it.

Consequently, we can
estimate that Chelsea paid an additional amount for Torres, equivalent to about
15 per cent. In this case emotion and a lack of time saw the market value
become inflated.

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