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Ronaldo hogs the limelight, but he is worth it

Arsene Wenger

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Cristiano Ronaldo's behaviour recently has affected the atmosphere in the Real Madrid changing room.

All great players at great clubs like the limelight and when it is occupied by one man alone, that does not make the others happy.

The media decides who gets that limelight, and it loves a star. In this case, however, Ronaldo's ability makes him worth it.

I do not know if Ronaldo needs to be told often that he is loved, but he is a superb player. Great players are often people who aspire to be the best and possess a very strong ego because they are not satisfied with being average. They want to be the best in the world.

There is a price to pay for that. They often dictate to those around them, which sometimes takes away from the roles of others in the team. But Ronaldo is so effective - at the end of one season he scored 50 goals. I would like him in my team!

It has been said in Spain that Jose Mourinho has a different rule for the other players, with Sergio Ramos reportedly finding himself on the bench [in the Champions League game against Manchester City] for criticising the coach. You would have to ask Mourinho if this is the case.

Yet it is possible that Ramos did not deserve to play due to recent performances - and do not forget that his replacement Raphael Varane is an exceptional talent.

Plus, sometimes a coach drops a player in order to re-motivate him because there is nothing worse for a player than not to play.

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