Blazin' Saddles

Cyclist celebrates win, actually finishes second

Blazin' Saddles

Filippo "Pippo" Pozzato was the figure of delight as he sprinted home to beat the peloton and win the Roma Maxima race – or so he thought.

The Lampre rider outstretched his arms in cycling's classic victory pose as he crossed the line but there was just one small problem – another rider had finished up the road over a half a minute before him.

Ag2r-La Mondiale's Blel Kadri was the actual winner of the 127km race. The Frenchman was part of a five-man attack early in the race before he left his fellow escapees to claim a solo win.

With ear-piece radios banned for the race, Pozzato was left in a state of confusion after being told he hadn't actually won at the finishing line.

"I'm gutted not to win but it happens" he said.

"I put my arms up because I thought I'd won. When I saw that my soigneur (assistant) was hiding instead of celebrating, I knew there was something wrong.

"Most sports are happy to accept the advantages of new technology, but cycling likes to ignore them. But this isn't the moment for a debate about radios. I made a mistake.

"The only consolation is that my form is good."

Pozzato is sure to get quite a slagging from some of the other riders on tour with Vincenzo Nibali having already tweeted him to say: "I wanted to tell you, but there wasn't time - hahaha."

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