Bunker Mentality

  • Phil Mickelson, practicing Tuesday at Muirfield, is excited about his new putting stroke. (AP Photo)

    GULLANE, Scotland – Over the years, links golf and Phil Mickelson have gone together like haggis and jalapenos. They have been a perfectly dreadful combination.

    But now, Phil says he's come around. Like, all the way around. If you listen to him, it's now like haggis and … uh, whatever goes splendidly with sheep innards.

    "It's hate-love," Mickelson said Tuesday from Muirfield, site of this year's Open Championship. "I used to hate it and now I love it."

    What next, Rick Pitino and John Calipari playing member-member? Bubba Watson taking the driver out of his bag? Tiger and Sergio laughing it up

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  • Arnold Palmer: Tiger could still catch Jack

    The best golfer of his generation has been asked about the best golfer of this generation a thousand times. But even Arnold Palmer isn't quite sure what to make of Tiger Woods these days when it comes to closing the deal on major weekends.

    "The psychology of getting in position and then being able to carry it forward [to a win] ... when he was younger, that was pretty easy to do," Palmer says. "Now that he's older, it will be more difficult. He'll have to really struggle. I think he'll find it, I think he's still about as good as you can get, but it'll be difficult."

    Palmer is in his Latrobe

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  • Extra club gaffe costs Irish golfer Open spot

    There are plenty of crazy rules in the game of golf that makes one question why in the world it's in the rulebook to begin with, but one of those rare black and white requirements is how many clubs you're allowed to play with in a tournament.

    Fourteen is the number, with absolutely no exception the rule. Bring an extra club and you receive a two-stroke penalty per hole you've played with the additional stick, and David Higgins found that out the hardest of ways.

    Higgins, a 41-year-old professional golfer from Waterville, Ireland, was attempting to qualify for his third Open championship.

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  • Harrington thinks McIlroy is more Phil than Tiger

    It has been a pretty forgettable 2013 for Rory McIlroy, the No. 2 golfer in the world. After switching gear to start the season, Rory struggled to get going, and after a second place finish at the Valero Texas Open it seemed that things would start turning for the better, but that wasn't the case.

    Rory struggled at the Masters, finished T-57 at the Memorial and was never in the equation at the US Open. His play across the pond hasn't been much better, missing the cut at the BMW PGA Championship in late May and again missing the cut last week at the Irish Open.

    What's the deal

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  • A lot of people think the only job of a caddie is to carry the bag. That couldn't be more wrong. A caddie is a swing coach, a mental coach, a voice of reason and persuasion and the person who makes sure, if you go on tilt, that things can smooth over so you can finish your round and not post some absurdly high number.

    Jessica Korda obviously was not thinking about all those things during her third round at the U.S. Open. According to the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman, the 20-year-old LPGA player fired her caddie mid-round at Sebonack Golf Club, pulling her boyfriend in to loop for the

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  • Rory McIlroy takes on wise-cracking robot

    Rory McIlroy has beaten the best golfers in the world but how did he get on when he faced a cheeky robot?

    As part of a European Tour challenge, Rory was constantly ribbed by 'Jeff the Robot' during a chipping competition.

    The showdown looked to replicate the now famous clip of Rory McIlory on television as a child firing golf balls into a washing machine.

    It was a close fought contest right until the end but we won't spoil the outcome for you.

    Instead enjoy the tussle above with Jeff's banter proving to be even better than his golf skills.

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  • Faldo: Woods finding out he’s ‘a mere mortal’

    The Open is next on the Major slate, and that means legends of European golf like Nick Faldo are returning to the stage not as commentators, but as players. And as such, Sir Nick has levelled his gaze on a fellow player: one Tiger Woods.

    Speaking of Woods' persistent troubles in Majors, Faldo told the Daily Mail, 'I think Tiger's woken up and realized this is a hard sport and he is a mere mortal after all."

    That would track with the general perception that Woods has the talent to win majors, but fails in the mental aspect of an Open or Masters Sunday. "He's not in a good mental

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  • It can be frustrating reading about crazy hole-in-one stories when you have never got one yourself.

    But it's stories this make you forget your angst towards people in the Ace Club and just appreciate the extraordinary measures that some go to enjoy this incredible game of golf.

    Ben Crocker is a 63-year-old man that lost his right arm in an accident at a railroad station some 40 years ago.

    If you think that stopped him from hitting the links you're wrong, because Crocker still plays a couple of times a week in St. Louis.

    Crocker made a hole-in-one at Glen Echo Country Club in St. Louis,

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  • Meet the five-year-old golf rapper

    Meet Caleb C, he's five, he's a rapper, and he really, really loves golf.

    His song 'I Love Golf' contains lyrical gems such as: "Some people say golf is really hard, so I practice every day in my backyard" and also the "I Love Golf Dance."

    He originally released a unfinished version of the song earlier this month but has now revealed the final version.

    The song already has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube page and five different sponsors.

    You've sold out Caleb – it used to be about the music.

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  • If we're going to be deprived of the visceral thrill of a Phil Mickelson US Open triumph; if we're going to be baffled silly by the ongoing Major championship disappearance of former Majordomo Tiger Woods; if we're going to watch Merion bludgeon the world's best players into a bloody, pulpy mess, then we will happily, enthusiastically embrace the only storyline remaining:

    A classy, touching and fully fitting win for Justin Rose, a first-time Major champ about whom people wonder which is better – his golf swing, or the way he handles life and those he encounters.

    Throw in similar sentiments

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