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  • "On Friday and Saturday night everybody who wobbles home from the town after a few sherberts seems to gravitate towards that finger, with knickers, brassieres, condoms, whatever." – Sculptor Graham Ibbeson.

    A statue of legendary cricket umpire Dickie Bird is to be raised to stop pranksters putting rude items on its finger.

    The life-size piece by sculptor Graham Ibbeson was unveiled in 2009 and visited by Prince Charles in Bird's hometown of Barnsley last year.

    It shows Bird in his trademark pose – with his raised finger sending a batsman back to the pavilion.

    However, it has become a target

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  • Will the real Mitchell Johnson please stand up?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and faced with the prospect of a fourth straight Ashes defeat it looks like Australia will once again roll the dice on Mitchell Johnson.

    The news that Johnson, ICC Cricketer of the Year in 2009, had been recalled from India to get some red ball practice ahead of this month's first Ashes Test will undoubtedly have been met with broad smiles, not to say guffaws, from England fans.

    Whether that schadenfreude is pricked in Brisbane depends very much on which Mitchell Johnson turns up at the Gabba on November 21.

    If it is the man with the golden left

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  • Dreams of greatness inspire ambitious Afghans

    Surrounded by thousands of makeshift tents in the dusty refugee camp he called home, not even in his wildest dreams could Mohammad Nabi have believed that his decision to while away the hours with a miniature cricket bat would lead him to play in the 2015 World Cup.

    Like most of his team mates, Nabi got the first taste of the sport while living in a refugee camp in Peshawar, after his parents had fled Afghanistan while the country was ravaged by the Soviet war.

    With no access to television or other forms of entertainment in the camps, a simple game involving a bat and a ball seemed to be the

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  • Australia media already ill at ease as England land Down Under

    As England arrived in Perth on Friday confident of winning a fourth consecutive Ashes series, Australian media were already nominating scapegoats in the event of another crushing defeat.

    Australia lost the first of back-to-back series 3-0 away, but failing to turn around the result on home soil would be infinitely more galling for the cricket-loving nation.

    The hosts' 3-1 loss in the 2010-11 series which ended England's 24-year winning drought Down Under remains the lowest point in Australia's recent cricketing history and triggered root-and-branch reviews in a bid to ensure no repeat.


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  • Vatican to take on the Anglican Church…in cricket

    The Vatican officially declared its intention to defeat the Church of England on Tuesday - not in a theological re-match nearly 500 years after they split, but on the cricket pitch.

    The challenge was launched at the baptism of the St. Peter's Cricket Club.

    Vatican officials said the league will be composed of teams of priests and seminarians from Catholic colleges and seminaries in Rome.

    The seminaries and religious colleges will play each other in a "Twenty20" tournament, where games last about three hours.

    After that, the best players will form a Vatican team, which will be called the

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  • Alastair Cook and Michael Clarke

    In exactly one month's time, England and Australia are to lock horns once more for an Ashes series, but sadly on this occasion the series could be spoiled.

    Cricket's authorities continuously find themselves having to defend their scheduling choices against charges of 'overkill' and 'money-chasing', and now the Ashes has fallen victim of other priorities.

    The two old enemies are set to stage the second instalment of their 1970s revival of Ashes-to-Ashes, with back-to-back series for the first time in 38 years.

    Is the historic rivalry - one of sport's greatest and most popular head-to-head

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  • ‘Batsman’ suffers hilarious village cricket fail

    The hilarious video above comes from a Twenty20 match between Eastwood CC v Bradfield CC played last month.

    Opening for Essex side Eastwood were the Armitage brothers Nigel and Mark and after a couple of fours and single from Nigel that put Mark on strike.

    He faced two balls and let's just say things did not go to plan.

    On the first ball he tries a pull shot, despite the ball being far too full, but all he managed to do was fall to the ground.

    That brought cries of laughter from the spectators but the real comedy was still to come.

    After dusting himself off, Mark sets he sights on a slog over

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  • Sachin Tendulkar has finally made that call. After 24 years at the very top of international cricket, the 'Little Master' will bring an end to his magnificent career.

    True geniuses do not come around very often, and it is not in the least bit hyperbolic to recognise the India batsman as a hero of an entire nation.

    Tendulkar's influence always transcended the sport and cricket simply could not contain his presence as he became a global and social icon to millions.

    His powers may have waned slightly over the past few years of his glittering international career, but he will bow out in fitting

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  • In the four years since it was officially made part of Test cricket, the Decision Review System has gone through all sorts of identities in the minds of the cricket lovers.

    When it started out it was hailed as a brave and forward-thinking move by the ICC to get more decisions right. Since then it has progressed to vital-but-occasionally-flawed, then to lesser-of-the-evils-despite-its-shortcomings, and finally, during the Ashes this summer, to absolute-farce-that-makes-complete-mockery-of-the-game.

    Put simply, DRS became a farce and a joke - quite literally, in the case of one of Cow Corner's

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  • Bad boy Dernbach might just be worth the effort

    When Northants batsman David Willey defied interviewee convention during T20 finals day and baldly stated his dislike of Jade Dernbach, there did not seem to be too much disagreement.

    In a radio interview after his 60 from 35 balls during the T20 final against Surrey, BBC Test Match Special’s Charles Dagnall suggested that he had taken a shine to Dernbach’s bowling.

    "Good," Willey grunted. "I don't particularly like the bloke."

    There were no supportive tweets from England team-mates, no outcry from supporters. Most people probably thought it was a fair assessment.

    With his body art, his

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