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  • Were the Windies the greatest of all time?

    Cowers usually only gets away from its field to look up obscure cricket statistics (to check, for instance, that Gerrie Snyman did indeed once score 230 in a Namibia innings of 282 all out).

    So it was a rare treat when it had a chance to talk to West Indies legend-turned-commentator Michael Holding about the great Caribbean team of the 1970s and 80s.

    Their feats are celebrated in a film, Fire in Babylon, which looks at the success of the team and the remarkable role they played in galvanising a region, and triumphing at a time when sport, politics and race were colliding across the

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  • IPL looms large over county season

    There's barely been time for half the captains in international cricket to fall on their swords, and scarcely enough for India's collective post-World Cup victory hangover to ease - but we're all set for another seven-week tournament in India.

    Players will therefore do their best to pretend that they are not suffering from burnout and rouse themselves for the prospect of travelling to India to play a string of Twenty20 matches for rupees aplenty.

    After much wrangling, the IPL organisers have got rid of chairman Lalit Modi, brought in two new teams (Kochi and Pune), excluded two more (Rajastan

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  • Was it a good World Cup?

    So after six weeks and 49 matches, India have been crowned World Cup winners for a second time.

    Some would say it was fate for Sachin Tendulkar — the best batsman of his win in his home city - and some would say it was a measure of the new world order in international cricket with India leading the way both on and off the field with over a billion fans backing them all the way.

    India now join the elite pantheon of multiple winners of the premiere tournament in one-day cricket — joining the 1970s West Indies and the modern day Australian team.

    But has the 10th World Cup been a good

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  • The script has been written for Sachin

    The script has been written: Sachin Tendulkar will score his 100th
    international century on his home ground in Mumbai to clinch the World Cup for

    Would you bet against that happening?

    After all, the Little Master ensured that he did not reach the historic landmark against Pakistan, albeit after having to give his wicket away on four occasions before he was finally dismissed thanks to plenty of fielding ineptitude.

    As the old saying goes, 'no side that drops the great Tendulkar four times deserves to win a cricket match' - and Pakistan's display in the field did not warrant a place in

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  • Cricket needs honest incompetence

    If any match in the history of cricket was guaranteed not to involve any spot-fixing or other associated funny business, it was this one.

    No bookie or player would be brazen enough to try it on in the full glare of the cricket world. This match, more than any other, was definitely clean.

    Which makes it rather a shame that, every time something unusual happened during England's five-wicket win at Sophia Gardens, it was impossible not to wonder if anything underhand was going on.

    And that is the real curse of this spot-fixing scandal. Not that three carefully-placed no-balls would affect the

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  • Snarling Siddle plays England like a fiddle

    Many people spend their 26th birthday running
    through racks of shots and playing the role of the tipsy fool on the dance
    floor; Peter Siddle, however, spent his running through England and playing the
    tourists like the proverbial fiddle

    The snarling Victorian became the 11th
    Australian to take a Test match hat-trick
    , and ended with galling (insert
    'ripping' if you are of a Baggy Green persuasion) figures of six for 54 which effectively
    broke the back of England's paltry first-innings offering.

    After Andrew Strauss's third-ball 'epic
    fail', it was up to Jonathan Trott to 'go to the trenches'

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  • The 2010/11 Ashes player ratings

    After England's historic 3-1 Ashes series victory was sealed in Sydney, we take a look at the key statistics of the players involved from either side.

    Australia fielded 17 players in a miserable and chaotic series, while the tourists only required 13 as Andrew Strauss's side clinched the first England win Down Under for 24 years.


    Andrew Strauss (Captain)


    Shane Watson  

    Age: 33  Role: Opening batsman

    Runs: 307  Top score: 110  Av: 43.85

    Bottom line: Lead his side in typically commanding fashion with class and conviction, batted solidly. 7/10

    Age: 29  Role: Opening

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  • Prepare for the greatest rivalry in cricket

    A packed and vociferous crowd will witness the fiercest rivalry in cricket tomorrow as India host Pakistan at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali, Chandigarh, and it will be unlike anything seen anywhere else in the world.

    England's Ashes rivalry with Australia is, without doubt, the most historic and established, but it has nothing of the intensity, ferocity, magnitude and sheer cultural significance of India-Pakistan.

    Tomorrow's clash is set to be frankly monstrous as both sides chase a place in the World Cup final in the subcontinent, and a great deal of national identity,

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  • Import Tahir could stop SA choking

    tournaments and a tag of being 'amongst the favourites' has not been a happy union for South Africa in recent years.

    But the
    marriage of Imran Tahir to his (Cow Corner presumes) lovely wife could be the
    very thing which helps South Africa banish those ghosts.

    If it had
    been England who were on the receiving end of the '22 runs from one ball' incident of 1992, we'd still be grumbling about it now.

    The South
    Africans bore that on their shoulders, and then were saddled with the additional World Cup heartache
    of losing the 1999 semi-final to Australia from a position of needing one run

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  • The paceman who could’ve been a Test great

    Shaun Tait, a Test great? It may sound like an absurd statement given that the Radox bath-loving, Elastoplast-sponsored paceman had already nearly hung up his boots and shoulder brace three times by the age of 25, but his potential has always been staggering.

    The South Australian, nicknamed 'The Sloon', will go down as one of cricket's great enigmas, one of this generation's lost stars: a cricketer with incredible talent and dazzling attributes, yet without the career stats to back up his ability.

    Tait is now 28-years-old, and only now has he found his market: bowling three-over maximum

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