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  • Three down, seven to go

    21:08: WI 143-3 (45 overs) Pietersen has a couple of expensive overs towards the close but runs are not a factor now. West Indies require another 360 runs and that's not going to happen, England need seven wickets and that might happen. Join us at 2pm tomorrow to find out - should be interesting. STUMPS!



    20:45: WI 119-3 (40 overs) Chanderpaul is trying to book in for bed and breakfast, he's the sort of guy who would be quite happy to bat for seven hours and make 30. Swann is probing and has an lbw appeal against Sarwan when he shoulders arms - but it's

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  • Memories of 1990

    The England cricket team arrived in Basseterre, St Kitts on Wednesday for a tour of the West Indies that will see them play four Tests, a Twenty20 International and five one-day internationals.

    Not too long ago England-West Indies matches were the pinnacle of international cricket but now with the hectic FTP and the advent of the IPL not to mention ECB squabbles, this series is little more than a pre-Ashes filler.

    Although it would be easy to blame the 'alphabet soup' of acronyms, the declining status of the Wisden Trophy is all about the West Indies and their slump from undisputed world

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  • One down, 19 to go for England

    21:20 — WI 92-1 (19 overs) - Nightwatchman Powell sees the hosts through to stumps. Sunday promises to be the key day of this Test. 


    21:15 — WI 90-1 (17 overs) - Gayle cuts Swann to the
    fence and then marks Monty Panesar's return to the Test bowling crease
    with a thumping cover drive to the fence. But then WICKET! Smith plays inside the line of the ball and watches Monty's ball beat the outside edge and clip off-stump. 

    21:00 — WI 72-0 (13 overs) — Swann replaces Broad and is
    greeted by two thumping sixes over long-on by Gayle. In between he is
    struck on the

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  • Sorry pair should both resign

    Cow Corner has returned from pasture to madness in the England ranks. According to conflicting reports, Peter Moores has either resigned as England coach or not resigned. Kevin Pietersen has either resigned as England captain, or not resigned.

    The truth will out, but Cow hopes both do the decent thing and the humiliated ECB accept their resignations with glee. If either man stays England's hopes of winning the 2009 Ashes are dead in the water.

    While Pietersen's credentials as a driven winner are not in question, his capacity to negotiate the choppy waters of cricketing diplomacy has been

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  • The Dull Monty

    Is anyone other than Cowers getting a bit tired of the whole Monty Panesar show?

    The Luton Bore took his own particular brand of crazed appealing to a new level in the first Test at Lord's, begging to the umpire like a four-year old desperate to go pee-pee.

    Now Monty claims his rabid-eyed, maniacal arm-flailing is down simply to his "love of the game". Nothing to do with a breath-taking ignorance of the basics of the LBW law, then?

    At this point, Cowers is prepared to admit to possessing a decent level of dislike for Panesar, stemming from an interview he did with him last winter.


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  • Cow Corner’s day off

    Well, when Cow Corner says 'day off', it doesn't mean it has bunked off work to indulge in some wacky Ferris Bueller-style antics.

    No. Just that it is taking a day off saying anything amusing or perceptive. For it is slim pickings on the news front, what with the mini fallow period between Tests and the number of cricket column inches severely curtailed by 32-page Champions League supplements.

    Which is Cow Corner's way of saying that today's edition is shorter than a Tim Ambrose visit to the crease and about as funny as Monty Panesar doing a set at Jongleurs.

    It is the equivalent of a

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  • Cow Corner: Beef Jerky

    Great players don't make great coaches, they certainly don't make great pundits.

    Clive Lloyd was a legend but his monosyllabic stints in the commentary box have seen him consigned to the home of the non orator, the ICC match referees room, while in my opinion Viv Richards should stop using 'in my opinion' before every sentence.

    While some pundits are just plain bias - Richard Hadlee, Sunil Gavaskar and Aamir Sohail being the second, third and fourth worst culprits.

    But who is the worst you cry. It must be Sir (as he is legally obliged to be referred to at least nine times a day) Ian Botham.

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  • Wisden Trophy hanging by a thread

    21:30 - Eng 80-3 (15 overs) - WICKET! Cook edges Hinds through to Ramdin and he refers but no let-off and England lose a third wicket. An express spell from Edwards has Pietersen hopping all over the place. KP edges the last delivery of the day to the leg-side boundary and England have it all to do on the last day of the series. See you tomorrow.


    21:15 - Eng 71-2 (13 overs) - Pietersen down on one knee and he
    sweeps Hinds into the crowd at mid-wicket for six. 27 off 20 balls,
    he's lapped and given England half a glimmer. The run rate is five and
    a half an hour. 

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  • Well batted Skip

    7pm: NZ 40-0 (15 overs) -  Ambrose is having a stinker of a day and puts down a tough-ish catch down the leg-side as Redmond tickles Broad off his pads. England's misery is compounded as Vaughan goes down in instalments at mid-on and allows a How shot to go for four.

    That's stumps and with NZ trailing by just two runs, we have in effect a one-day club match. terrysmith2104 please e-mail with your postal details as you are a lip salve champion. We're back at 10am tomorrow and I think I have a signed book to giveaway.


    6.45pm: NZ

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  • The Perennial Bridesmaid

    Aussie cricketers clearly don't do long, drawn-out retirements.

    Damien Martyn announced his intention to retire from international cricket mid-series, days before he was due to line up in an Ashes Test against England in Perth. 

    A couple of weeks later, Justin Langer said he would be calling it a day at the end of the Sydney Test...just one day before it started. Now Stuey Macgill takes it a step further and quits mid-way through a Test match.

    At least when Adam Gilchrist did something similar, his was the final match of a series. Macgill didn't even afford the selectors that luxury -

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