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New Zealand arrived at Heathrow yesterday afternoon for their tour of England and would have opened their morning papers to read the words of Marcus Trescothick.

"He's ready to go. That's as good as he'll bowl - I don't think he'll get into a Test match against New Zealand in a couple of weeks time and bowl any differently. Bowling-wise, he's ready," said Trescothick of Andrew Flintoff.

As the former England opener was nowhere near an airport at the time, we can only assume he was of sound mind and judgement.

Freddie has not got through 42 overs without further damage his ankle so when we get to May 15 he might as well be throwing the cherry down from 22 yards at Lord's against the Kiwis than doing exactly the same for Lancashire at Trent Bridge.

With England's top six all averaging over 40 - even though the captain is accumulating first-class runs in binary numbers this season - surely it will be his county colleague and English cricket's very own Lee Majors, Jimmy Anderson, who makes way in the XI.

There was once a time when Flintoff would get a gig purely as a batsman but too many of those flat footed fences outside off-stump mean he has now gone 31 Test innings without a century and let's not forget his 15 ducks - that's more zeroes than you'll find at a Star Wars Convention.

But he shouldn't get too disheartened by a demotion - as one IT Botham batted at seven or lower in 47 of his 161 Test innings.

Sir Beefy managed three of his 14 Test centuries despite having to bat behind an international cricket no mark who averaged only 25 in 34 Tests.

Who was that you cry - none other than current chairman of selectors Geoff Miller.

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Have you noticed how many England players are doing a good impression of the Cuba Gooding Jr character in Jerry Maguire recently.

"As long as it doesn't interfere with me playing for England, then I'm all for the IPL," Kevin Pietersen.

"I've heard so many people say that all the best players are in the world are there and you want to go and play in it. I think  there is going to be a lot of passion from the players who play and those watching in the stands," Michael Vaughan.

"If there is a window for the IPL then I would love to play in it, of course." Ryan Sidebottom.

"Issues will be sorted out as to when England players could play in it and if the opportunity arrives to play in it I'm sure people will play," Alastair Cook.

This means one thing and one thing only and to quote the fictitious Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell - "SHOW ME THE MONEY"

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THE INAUGURAL 100% FEEDBACK AWARD GOES TO: nikhilreturns who contributed all of yesterday's dismal three responses. Really has no-one seen Danny Foster?

THE INAUGURAL IRONIC ATTACK AWARD GOES TO: Kent, who on St George's Day, fielded a seam attack comprising of two men who were born in Rawalpindi whilst the others hail from Antigua and Kimberley. (Not to mention the South African coach, captain and opener plus the keeper who was born in Papua New Guinea).

TALKING POINT: Should Flintoff play against New Zealand? Perhaps at six with one of the batsmen to make way or lower down the order or not at all.

COMING UP: Eight games in the Championship are scheduled - click here - to find out if the rain has relented as Freddie is due for a bat today.

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