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Boruc takes blunder on the chin with hilarious, self-deprecating photo

Early Doors

When you think of Premier League footballers, you tend to think of snarling prima donnas without any sort of moral compass, or self-deluding morons who refuse to accept the blame for anything.

So it was with some delight that Early Doors came across this story, which suggests that humility and self-deprecating humour is indeed alive and well in the English top flight.

Southampton goalkeeper Artur Boruc - one of the game's most colourful characters - produced an epic blunder on Saturday when he made a bafflingly inept attempt to dribble past Arsenal's Olivier Giroud [follow that link to see what he did].

The result was a goal which broke the deadlock in a previously tight game, and set Arsenal on the road to a 2-0 victory.

Boruc's blunder was the kind of mistake which makes you wonder for the thousandth time why it's always the goalies who are the certifiable lunatics. So it was all too predictable that Boruc was deluged with messages of scorn and derision on social media.

Yet rather than lash out at the haters he decided to defuse the situation by taking the mickey out of himself: he posted a picture of his moment of 'glory' alongside an image of Dutch legend Johan Cruyff pulling off the trademark 'Cruyff turn', and provided the caption: "Close enough... f****** hell..."

Brilliant stuff, Artur. Early Doors tips its imaginary hat in your direction, and hopes that, one day, other sports stars will learn from your example.

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