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Colombian top-flight side forced to play match in £3.50 fake kits

Early Doors

Omar Perez of Independiente Santa Fe (independientesantafe.co)

A top flight football side in Colombia played in fake versions of their own football kit after an amazing sequence of events before their match on Monday.

Independiente Santa Fe turned up for their away match at Boyaca Chicos this weekend only to make a shocking discovery: they'd completely forgotten the away shirts they needed for the clash.

There was no time to nip home and get them: Boyaca is nearly four hours on the road from the suburb of Bogota where Santa Fe play.

But their kit man - no doubt desperately racking his brains for a way to save his job - came up with a bright idea. We'll just buy new ones!

The only problem? The only Santa Fe away shirts for sale in Boyaca were dodgy knock-offs being peddled by a street vendor outside the stadium for £3.50 apiece.

With no choice, Santa Fe's staff coughed up for some shirts, wrote numbers on the back in black marker pens, and sent their men out to play.

The kits themselves aren't exactly great fakes. The photo below shows one of defender Francisco Mez in a fake shirt next to goalkeeper Juan Manuel Leyton in a real one, and you can see the decidedly inferior stitching on the badge and the lack of sponsors' names make the difference fairly obvious.

Not that playing in fake kit bothered the players - in fact if anything it inspired them, as they picked up their first away victory since August with a nice 2-0 victory!

Defender Francisco Meza (right) in a fake shirt next goalkeeper Juan Manuel Leyton in a real one (independient …

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