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Eric Cantona’s Kronenbourg 1664 advert banned for one good reason

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That Eric Cantona - he just can't catch a break, can he?

The Manchester United legend thought he had taken his brand to a new level with a brooding performance for a Kronenbourg 1664 advert, only to see his world come crashing down once more.

In the ad, a heavily-bearded Cantona declared in confident fashion that "If you find a better tasting French beer, we'll eat our berets."

A cracking line, no question. But the snag? Well, whisper it, but Kronenbourg is actually brewed in a little known French city called Manchester. Oh, isn't that in England? Ah.

Yes, the advert has now been banned for misleading customers. His performance may have been unforgettable, but it will no longer be aired on TV.

It's the fans who again suffer as a result of a Cantona ban.

These immortal words will, at least, remain in advertising folklore: "Here in Alsace, things are a little bit different. The hop farmers are treated like the footballers of Britain.

"They are idolised and adored. And why not? They are living legends. They are the men that grow the noble hops that make Kronenbourg the taste supreme..."

[You can watch Cantona's Kronenbourg advert here]

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Well, the problem is that the Advertising Standards Authority certainly did not idolise or adore the commercial, so it has officially banned for misleading drinkers about the true origins of the lager.

To be fair, the advert was about as misleading as Cantona telling a young lady in the advert that he was indeed a noble farmer.

An accompanying print advertisement was adamant that the beer was brewed with Streisselspalt hop to produce "a taste supreme" - only an investigation found that not to be the case.

Parent company Heineken said there was no danger of viewers being misled and explained that the commercial carried extra-extra-smallprint stating that the beer was 'Brewed in the UK'. But no, that did not wash with the ASA.

It is, of course, not the first time that the United legend has faced censorship after he was banned for eight months for attacking a Crystal Palace fan in January 1995. No more noble, sadly.

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