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Cocky fan’s attempted trick goes very badly wrong

Early Doors

Talking on the phone while attempting to do just about anything else is usually not recommended and this case is no different.

It is particularly unhelpful when you are attempting an audacious and impressive trick from the stands to impress your friends, as this man discovered to his cost.

During a Danish Superliga match between Nordsjælland and Randers FC, a shot that sailed over the goal and into the standing section of the crowd, where a man stood talking on his phone with a drinks holder in his other hand.

Since he had no hands free, he casually attempted to stop the ball with a flick, but that just sent it smashing into his drinks holder, destroying an entire round of stadium beverages.

It was utterly humiliating for him, but then he could have quite easily cut his phone call short, or even not attempted the cocky skill at all.

Though it did appear one of his drinks survived the blast, this proves that like talking on the phone while driving, talking on the phone while backheeling only leads to terrible things.

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By Brooks Peck

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