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Arsenal fans can relax now after hearing the news that striker Emmanuel Adebayor has signed a new contract.

The Togo forward will be keeping milliners in business all over Islington after revealing that all of a sudden he no longer wants that move to Milan (or was it Barcelona?) and is happy at the Emirates.

Hang on, didn't we hear all this weeks ago? Ah, no, that was the news that he was going to sign. This is the story that he has actually signed. Great

When you think about it, it's unbelievable how footballers announce they are going to do something, and then just 18 short days later they go ahead and do it.

What's even more incredible is that this is now the norm. Chelsea's Frank Lampard spent weeks flip-flopping over a move to Inter before penning his new deal, declaring he was always going to sign that five-year, £150,000-a-week meal ticket.

The same goes for transfers too, as we all know having suffered through the depressingly lengthy and ultimately fruitless C-Ron affair and are still witnessing with Dimitar Berbatov's proposed move from Spurs to Manchester United.

Now, ED understands that when such ridiculous amounts of money are involved, those holding the purse strings in any business will be understandably loath to relinquish that extra 10 large every week, just look at the Freddie Ljungberg kiss-off scandal at West Ham.

But seriously, how much time does it take for a player and his perma-tanned Mr 15% (didn't it used to be 10?) to sit down at a table and barter until they agree on a number between 50 and 70? It all contributes to the feeling that nothing ever really happens in football anymore.

It's all a far cry from the days when Tony Adams was offered a new deal at Arsenal. The Gunners' equine skipper was so grateful to still be playing after years of chronic alcoholism (but still being one of the best defenders in the country) that he walked into the room and put pen to paper without even looking at his new wage, no doubt while his  agent had a coronary in the corner.

Consequently he spent the final six years of his career playing for luncheon vouchers and discount theatre tickets.

Sadly, it also seems as though Andy Cole's move from Newcastle to Manchester United will be the last time we wake up to news that a genuine star player has sealed a move from one big club to another in an evening. Don't get too excited at ED's use of the term 'big' club, Toon fans. It was a long time ago.

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Sticking with the Gunners, did anyone else find the pictures of Fabio Capello having a chinwag with Arsene Wenger a bit disconcerting.

No doubt Signor Fab is his own man, but he wouldn't be the first England boss to be swayed by Wenger's influence when it came to selecting players.

The Arsenal boss has always been insistent that he is not interested in taking on the best-paid impossible job in football, but obviously enjoys trying to cast his shadow over whoever is actually daft enough to accept the role.

If the stern Italian had been wearing a wire, then there's every chance it would have picked up the Alsatian professor whispering: "You know, that Mark Randall's pretty tasty. Why don't you give him a go? I've been in England a lot longer than you, you should take my advice."

You are being warned now, don't be surprised if Kieran Gibbs and Gavin Hoyte are lining up in South Africa in 2010.

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TALKING POINT - Yesterday's talk about renewed expectations for the new season quickly veered off in the direction of a right royal slagging of all things Liverpool.

But then, that's nothing new. What was interesting was martha_forde unintentionally revealing why she's no good at fantasy football: "i dont have a fantasy team...tried it before..i wasn't great but if i did...well needless to say it would be full of world class chelsea players..."

There was also an interesting discussion in why Britons drive on the left-hand side of the road, with roxydgul chiming in with: "it's all down to the catholic church during the Spanish Inquisition time, the left was considered evil like me so they passed on the right, but Henry the 8th broke away and changed to the passing on the left, but to pass on the right now you have to sit on the evil side of the car, not footy related, but i had to drop my mine of useless info."

Today - What else about the modern game really gets your goat? And which young players do you think could become England regulars by the time SA 2010 rolls around?

COMING UP - Do we really need to tell you. It's GOLD galore in the Beijing Olympics people! Keep up to speed with all the action here.

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